Campus Socialite Presents: Hottest Month Of The Year FINAL Leaderboard

This is the last leaderboard of the Hottest Month of the Year, and like the temperature, the competition is heating up. Here is a the leader board as of August 26th. The competition will be ending on August 30 and the winner will be announced on September 1.

Haven’t voted yet? It’s four simple steps:

  1. Like The Campus Socialite on Facebook.
  2. Click the Photo tab.
  3. Next click the Album Named “Hottest Month of The Year.
  4. Then click “Like” On Your Favorite Girls Photo.

Check out the current leaders and all the hotness right below:

Brooke R. University of Arizona- 128 Likes

Mindy G. Nassau Community College- 71 Likes

Amy H. University of Northern Iowa- 70 Likes

Julia P. University of Philadelphia- 58 Likes

Devin M. SUNY New Paltz- 51 Likes

Regina A. Arizona State University- 48 Likes

Stacey P. University of Arizona- 44 Likes

Alyssa R. University of Rhode Island- 28 Likes

Mar H. Arizona State University- 27 Likes

Marie R-Sanford-Brown Institute- 27 Likes

May S. SUNY Albany- 17 Likes

Nikki N- University of Miami- 16 Likes

Rachael M. Indiana University- 16 Likes

Sylvana and Gabi G. SUNY Albany- 13 Likes

Kylie K. University of Miami- 13 Likes

Mariela D. SUNY Buffalo- 11 Likes

Nicki A. University of Miami- 11 Likes

Chaz L. University of Massachusetts (Amherst)- 9 Likes

Jordan H. SUNY Buffalo- 7 Likes

Christina D. Stony Brook University- 5 Likes

Karli M. College of Mount St Vincent- 5 Likes

Lianne B. Tulane University- 5 Likes

Alexa G. Marymount Manhattan College- 5 Likes

Mahtab F. University of Miami- 5 Likes



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