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By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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School is back in full swing and with that comes plenty of partying. College parties can be out of control and there can be plenty you will talk well after your college days are over. With that in mind here are 5 parties you need to go to this year.

5. Jersey Shore Party

Eveyone’s favorite television show has become a nationwide phenomenon. People are always looking for an excuse to look like Paulie D or put their hair in a poof like Snooki. Heading to a party where everyone is dressed like them will be sure to bring a ton of laughs.

4. White Trash Party

Be honest, you say stuff about people who you think are white trash, so why not go to a party where everyone is dressed up like white trash? Break out your wife beaters and your jorts and get ready for a good time.

3. Celebrity Party

Everyone wants to say their slept with a celebrity. If you meet one at a party, it counts as the same thing, right?

2. Around the World Party

Every country is famous a specific type of alcohol; Russia with vodka, Mexico with tequila, etc. Going to a party where they have everything in a different room is epic. This party will be one for the ages and the odds of you remembering it the next day is very unlikely.

1. Highlighter Party

Wear a plain t-shirt and get people to write all over you while you’re drinking. Having a bunch of new friends write all over you can be a good time and it may lead to an even better time after the party.

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