Can’t Open Your Beer? Don’t Worry, This Watch Doubles As A Bottle Opener

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That’s right, more gear with a built-in bottle opener. A few months ago we showed you Brewsees, the shades that open bottles, but this one is on a whole different level. Happy Hour Timepieces makes watches that pop open your beer in a snap. Not only that, but they’re nice too. Interested? We’ll give you the skinny.

I got my hands on one of these bad boys, the new design they call “Bottoms Up,” and was instantly blown away by the quality and fresh look. Honestly, I was sold when someone told me it was a watch that was also bottle opener, so I didn’t even bother to check out what it looked like beforehand. Definitely a pleasant surprise. It comes in three variants (green dial with black strap, brown dial with brown strap, and gold dial with black strap), all with a smooth leather strap, and as a bonus the face is marked by two hands that tell you when it’s Happy Hour. Time to drink up.

So how did this fine timepiece/drinking apparatus come to be? Its inventor Dominic Chenelia was on a very long road trip down the east coast back in 2007 when he thought to himself “what on Earth could make it easier to have a cold beer?” He looked down at his watch and the idea popped into his head. Countless 12 packs later, hours of design & research, and many meetings with drinkers, lawyers and friends, he had come up with a product unlike any other.

The patented bottle opener is admittedly a little confusing to figure out at first. Luckily, Happy Hour has a video (below) that makes it easier to learn the ways of the wrist flick. Seriously, all it really takes is a little bit of leverage and a twist of your hand and you’re off drinking in no time (pun not intended).


The “Bottoms Up” model will run you $99.95 (for a limited time only, so better get on that), and their original model “Dark ‘N’ Stormy” costs $69.95. Remember, these aren’t just novelty products, they’re legit watches that just so happen to double as a bottle opener. Or if you have a watch of your own you can pick up the patented band and buckle for just $24.95. Bonus: it’s also a conversation piece.

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