By: The Campus Investor

Gotta Ride Big Cuz I Am Like A Captain

You Know I’m A Boss

Chillin Relaxin

Probably In My Office Doin My Taxes

–       Lil Wayne, Brand New

Three months into 2010 and its already that time of year, even Lil Wayne is rappin’ about his taxes. If you had a full or part time job this year and are on your own you may be entitled to a tax refund! Money back in your pocket that you can spend on anything from beer to taking the girlfriend out for dinner. How does one get started you might ask? I’ll walk you through the first few easy steps to give you a head start so your not cramming stuff in before the April 15 deadline.

First of all, you should have received from your employer the “Form W-2” which basically states how much money you made in 2009. This is the most vital piece of information you will need when filing your tax return.

Now for filing purposes I recommend using Turbo Tax, it’s easy to understand and takes you through the process step-by-step. It can be purchased at the following website:  Once you file your return, Turbo Tax can set you up with direct deposit for your refund check so you won’t even have to move off of your couch.

Remember tax time shouldn’t be too hard for us younger people since we don’t have that much income and/or deductions. Although don’t forget we are allowed to deduct charity donations (did you give $5 to Haiti, cause you can deduct it!) and interest on student loan payments are two big ones. Also, if you purchased a new car this year you can also write off the taxes.

Again, I’m not an accountant or a genius but I filed my taxes on my own and got a nice enough return to bring with me to Vegas next month. Only time will tell if this is money well spent or not, either ways, I earned it!

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