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8 Things You Can Lift From Your Summer Job’s Office



Office jobs are boring and tedious. Imagine about a hundred people arranged into their little cubicles, typing feverishly to finish a report, but are secretly on Facebook. These lackluster jobs, however, can have a real flare if you pay attention to some of the details are your swivel chair.


1) Dividers With Tabs

Divider Tab

These tabs that come in the divider packages make a perfect crutch (filter) for your joints. I personally prefer something a little less stiff but I have been using these lately with great success. They measure each at approximately 2 inches across and a 1/2 inch wide. You can print custom designs straight onto the paper, so if you roll with clear papers, then you can personalize and beautify any joint.


2) Pencils

Packing Pencil

I bet that the last time you grabbed a #2 pencil you were either just about to start a state exam or you needed something to pack your joint. They have a perfect diameter to pack all of your tobacco or herb. Absolutely fantastic tool. And for my stoners who are also a bit artsy, combine this with number 4.


3) Food

Most people make the mistake of not labeling the food they put in the office refrigerator. My theory – if it’s not labelled or bolted down, it’s mine. I adopted this idea from a great friend of mine from Brooklyn. So anyways, wait until the end of the day and then raid the fridge. Usually, one will find half a burger, salad, yogurt, soda…It’s not gross because 1) it got there that day (hopefully), and 2) you know that it once belonged to a fellow employee. You can trust the hygiene of your coworkers (most of the time) and take their food accordingly. Also, most offices have containers of water bottles, so grab a bottle on your way out and you now have a convenient way to fill your bong later that night.


4) Moleskine notebooks


Nearly every office has some sort of storage closet. If you are lucky, it will be stocked with Moleskines, the most hipster and amazing notebook known to artists and poets alike. Snatch one and hope that there’s no one checking inventory.


5) School Shopping

Just walk into the supply closet on your last day with your backpack/briefcase and stock up. Don’t be too aggressive, just take a pack of pencils, some post-its, and maybe a binder with folders. Hell, maybe even grab a stapler.


6) Access to free printing

Printing Rules

Print your homework, research, or miscellaneous paper needs on the office printer. Odds are good that it’s huge, industrial, and can handle any print job.


7) Books

Free Books

Interested in a bit of light reading? Well, offices are full of great books! Most of them will help you learn about leadership, business, social media, and selling. But don’t worry, there are often magazines too.


8) Projector


Look in the conference room for this fun find. I would also advise that you ask permission to borrow it (unless you really wanna go out like that). Your coworkers will use this for slideshow presentations and PR, but this is your chance to open a temporary at-home theater. Just take a white bed sheet and nail it to a large wall. Set up your projector with some chair or pillows, and voila! Movie Theater!

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MyBlock NYC: A Video Map of New York City

MyBlockNYC is a new media platform of video mapping that fits right in with Facebook and YouTube. Launched nearly 2 weeks ago, MyBlock has already generated quite a fan base.  It provides a way to connect more than to just people; it allows you to connect to a group or a place.  To learn more about this incredible media map, click here.

The idea was created by Alex Kalman and developed by himself and Alex Rickard.  Both are filmmakers and Bard College graduates.  Straight from Alex and Alex, “The goal of MyBlock NYC is to unify and harness the creative potential of our city’s occupants and visitors to give a better understanding of their own environment and then share this knowledge with others around the world.”  I suppose the best way to describe MyBlock is as a mix of YouTube and MapQuest.

My Block Logo

Today, more people have access to the tools necessary for video recording.  They have Flip cameras and iPhones, and an interest in filmmaking or going viral.  The makers of MyBlock have given the map a new perspective by using integrating videos continuously from New Yorkers.  The site creates a platform for an intimate NYC.  Every search is an adventure, through filtering by filmmaker age and location.  I think that what is most exciting for a first-time user, is the unique experience of contribution.  There’s also a lack of commercialism which lends to a more intimate experience.

Check out this hilarious example below:

MyBlock is NYC- it is an adventure or exploration, it is unique, spontaneous, and has something great to offer everyone.  The map is uniquely defined by the culture of the community.  When asked how many user MyBlock can expect by the end of the year, Kalman responded that, “All we can do is continue to provide a service to people.”  Uploading your videos adds voice to the map and defines the city.   Media, news, and film can only go so far.

New Yorkers have a responsibility to represent their cities.  And once you’ve left the city, you can always reconnect back to MyBlockNYC.  Each block is a creative adventure through NYC from the perspective of true New Yorkers.  Currently, 1,000 of NYC’s 90,000 blocks have been explored and have a clip attached to it.  I’m sure that number is about to explode.  I would not even be surprised to see a MyBlock Paris, ShangHai, or Los Angeles soon.

You can also look for an upcoming exhibit in MoMA’s upcoming show “Talk to Me: Design and Communication Between People and Objects,” opened July 24.  Senior design curator, Paola Antonelli, created an exhibit displaying MyBlock’s videos on a 40-inch touch-screen kiosk. If you’re a true New Yorker, MyBlock is a must.

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Music Festival Catastrophes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Music festivals are amazing events where diverse artists come together to put on an exhilarating show.  Sometimes reaching 180,000 attendees, music festivals have become an entirely new wave of entertainment featuring thousand-person yoga classes, carnival rides, entrancing visuals, and fire effects aside from the incredible performances. As awesome as music festivals are, there have been many that haven’t ran as smoothly as planned. Check out some funny accidents and awful catastrophes throughout the history of music festivals.   

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How I Got My Medical Marijuana Club Card



I did it! I got my Legal Marijuana Club Card, and it amounted to just a normal, routine trip to the doctor’s office. Totally legit, yet totally sketch at the same time. The doctor wore a lab coat and scrubs like any normal doctor. I told him my symptoms, filled out some paperwork, and was on my way. Hear the full story, and a look inside a California Dispensary, right after the jump.

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