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Minimum Effort New Year’s Resolutions


As the New Year approaches, you may find yourself thinking guiltily, “I should make some resolutions.” The problem is your packed schedule of perpetual drinking, sleeping, and occasionally showing up for class leaves little time for self-improvement. Problem solved: here are 5 resolutions that require the absolute minimum amount of effort.

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LikeALittle: Anonymous College Flirting


What do you get when you combine the stalker tendencies of Facebook, the brevity of Twitter, and the anonymity of Craigslist? An anonymous college “flirting site” called Started by a Stanford alum in October, Like a Little has already spread to over 50 campuses across the country. And while it might be entertaining, here’s why even a ‘Little’ creepiness is bad for you.

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10 College Relationship Dealbreakers

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Fact: everyone lowers their standards in college a little bit. It’s okay. The pool of people interested in relationships is small, so you might put up with a few of your girlfriend’s annoying habits or accept the fact that your boyfriend is a Cubs fan–nobody’s perfect. But there are still a few dating dealbreakers so obnoxious they demand you draw the line somewhere.

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