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Campus Diva’s 5 Back To School Essentials

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Although I still mourn the summer every Labor Day weekend, back to school is a lot more exciting in college than it was as a little kid. Instead of school supply shopping and memorizing your locker combo, we get to think of back to school parties and freedom once again. I’ve compiled my list of the five essentials every Diva needs to get back into the swing of things.

Party in style

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Every Diva needs to start school with confidence, and nothing helps that like a shopping spree, especially if it is for party clothes. I love when I get some extra spending money that I can blow on some new sexy tops and cute dresses to wear out for the semester. Getting all dressed up and going out with my friends always puts me in a good mood, whether we’re planning to slum it at a frat party or stay classy at a cocktail bar.

Spice up your love life

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If doesn’t matter if you’ve been with your man since age three or you’re currently on the prowl, nothing kick starts a new semester like adding a little spice to your love life. For those of you single girls, find a new crush you can flirt with in class or be bold and talk up the cute guy you’ve been eyeing all night from across the bar. As for you committed ladies, try something new and a little dirty in the bedroom would be fun. The point is be daring and do something out of the ordinary, and I promise it will be worth it.

Fund your fun

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After six semesters of college, I have learned that an alcohol fund is an absolute must. My roommates and I started a change jar in our house last semester where we throw all our lose change and singles at the end of the day. After only a few weeks, we were able to start stocking our house pretty well and even threw one major party with it. Buying alcohol is expensive and the bars are just a complete rip-off, so make sure you budget your money right and remember alcohol can be considered a life necessity.

Organize your life

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Alright so this one is a little boring, but seriously I would be no where if it was not for my life planner. Between all of my social fun (priority), work, papers, meetings and class, life gets pretty damn hectic after a while. I’m definitely not one of those over-organized, neat people – I am your typical cluttered, scatterbrained, procrastinator that needs a kick in the ass sometimes to get shit down. If it weren’t for my calendar and planner, I can’t tell you how many quizzes and little assignments I would have totally missed out on. You can even use your phone’s calendar as a mini-planner to keep track of stuff.

Harness your “get shit done” attitude

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Seriously, after a lazy summer filled with sun and waves, it takes a lot of motivation to get back into the semester routine. No one’s going to be pushing us to get our shit done, so it’s vital that we start every semester with that kick-ass attitude. The best way to do it is set some actual goals, whether it is getting over a 3.5 for the semester or finding part-time work to fund your social life. If you’re anything like me, you know you are going to start seriously slacking mid-way through the semester, so make sure you start out on the top of your game so you can cut yourself a little slack later on.

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After months of preparation and anticipation, Bonnaroo ’11 finally happened this past weekend and was everything I imagined it would be and more. The best way I can describe it is a weekend of drugs, dirt, and destruction. My friends and I anxiously left our house in New Jersey, Tuesday night around 11 and drove through the night for a 13-hour painkiller induced haze of a ride to Atlanta. We decided to spend the night with my parents, who hooked us up with mad food and supplies, which were clutch all weekend. Thursday morning, we finally left for Bonnaroo and made it there by 1. Our next mission was to set up the tent, scope out the neighbors to make sure they were chill, and smoke a fat blunt. Thank god we got awesome neighbors from Manhattan that we chilled with the entire weekend because everyone else around us were complete toolbags. Suffice to say, Bonnarroo was fucking amazing.

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10 Adventures Every Rutgers Student Must Have

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People say that college is the best four years of your life and so far I definitely have to agree. However, it comes and goes at such a shockingly fast rate that we sometimes don’t get the chance to do everything we want before we graduate. In the spirit of Bucket Lists, I’ve made my own top 10 things you must do before you graduate Rutgers. Now be prepared, this is not your typical list with visit the historic section of campus, go to a football game, blah blah blah. Instead this list reflects the actual nature of college and the things we are actually dying to try.

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