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Blitz & Beatz Wisconsin was all anyone hoped it would be, attracting thousands of students and bringing the storm to Madison, Wisconsin. The next stop on the tour is University of Michigan, and along for the ride is, helping make the party happen and dishing out gift cards to every student who attends. In honor of their contribution, we’re bringing you our guide to the best Campus Food affiliated restaurants and bars in Ann Arbor, Michigan, all of which can be ordered with a click of a mouse. We just hope they’re all fully-stocked, because Blitz & Beatz is coming.


Potbelly Sandwich Shop


Potbelly is a relatively small chain restaurant that began in Chicago in 1977. They started out selling furniture and serving the occasional sandwich to keep their customers happy, but more and more customers started coming for the food and leaving the couches and cabinets alone. Today Potbelly has over 200 shops nationwide, but we won’t hold it against them, because in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Potbelly is part of the family. If you need a late night, normal sized sandwich or a “Bigs” sandwich ($1 more, 30% more stuff), Potbelly is the place to go. They even have “Skinny” sandwiches with 20% less fat, so bring your girlfriend without fear.


Panchero’s Mexican Grill


If you’re not too drunk to handle it, Mexican food is cheap, hand-held, and chock full of everything good (and edible) in this world. When University of Michigan students get the urge to go south of the border, they hit up Panchero’s Mexican Grill. I’ve never had Panchero’s myself, but those like me who have a Chipotle and a Moe’s within a mile of their house, can relate to the need for high-quality Mexican fast food. With Burritos, Burrito Bowls, Tacos, and Quesadillas with your choice of meat, how can a broke college student looking for some good grub go wrong?


Blimpy Burger

blimpy burger

Ann Arbor’s favorite burger since 1953, self-proclaimed and true. Blimpy makes their own ground beef in house, and won’t do anything less than a double patty burger for a post-pubescent adult. They call it the “Starter-Size.” The restaurant is setup like a cafeteria, but get this: there’s a “right” way to order and a “wrong” way to order. Blimpy’s site provides detailed instructions, and frankly, it seems a little stressful, but for 5 patties worth of Ann Arbor’s favorite burger (with cheese) for $5.70 might be worth it. Their menu has everything you could want in a burger and college students love them. I for one can’t wait to pick up a “Quint,” Nazi ordering procedure aside.


Mister Spots

mister spots

Every town needs a city hall, a post office and a Philadelphia-style steak sandwich shop. Mister Spots is Michigan’s and it serves them well. They are open until midnight during the week and 1 AM on the weekends, so they might not be there after closing the bar, but if you wanna take a walk down the block for some meat and cheese while you’re sober enough to taste it, they’ll be waiting. If you want some selection, they have Chicken Phillies and Burgers too. Everything you need to soothe those munchies and make your Heart beg for mercy as hard as your Liver.


NYPD Pizza

nypd pizza

I’m from New York, and I’ve been around the country, and nobody does Pizza like the city I call home. That’s why the place to go for some authentic cheesy tomato bread in Michigan is called New York Pizza Depot. NYPD has everything you could possibly want in a pizza place, including some of the most amazing toppings you can imagine (Pesto, Pineapple, Shrimp). Using the words “New York” in your non-New York based pizza shop makes a big statement, but from what I hear, NYPD backs it up big. If only you could grab a Subway and catch a Broadway Show afterwards.

Mr. Greek’s Coney Island

mr greeks

Ann Arbor, Michigan must have a giant ex-New Yorker population. Either that or they’re just very envious of our cuisine skills. Who could blame them? Either way, Greek food is cheap, messy, and all the rage, and Mr. Greek’s is the place to get it. Complete with Greek-sounding music and a picture of a Greek-looking mystery structure (is Mount Olympus a real thing?) on their website, Mr. Greek’s has all your Mediterranean favorites. Awesome sliders apparently too. I never really associated Coney Island with Greek food (Nathan’s if anything), but I hear Mr. Greek’s does it like the best of them, whether it be a Gyro or some fries with mozzarella cheese. Don’t forget the gravy.

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Taggable on Campus: University of Michigan

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Hidden stories surround you wherever you go. TagWhat tells them all in channels like Music, Sports, Movies, Liquor and Food. Download it now for iPhone or Google Android and explore your campus.

When you went on your college admissions tour, sure they gave you cool facts about the campus, historic stories and tales about students who graduated long ago, but there’s more. Believe it or not, your campus and the surrounding community has a lot more hidden gems then you think. Campus Socialite and TagWhat have joined forces to bring you the information you should have, places you should know to go and the fun facts about the town you’re living in or visiting. Michigan is the second stop on the 2nd Annual Blitz & Beatz Tour, and with the tour comes new tagged knowledge with the TagWhat App.


1. Filmed: Scream 4

Scream 4 – who else was surprised it was even made? – was filmed in a house right off of the University of Michigan campus (4401 Varsity Drive, Ann Arbor, for the curious ones). Who knew? The house isn’t under any special surveillance, so feel free to scope it out…just make sure Ghostface doesn’t get you. In the fourth installment of the trilogy (because that makes sense), Sidney Prescott returns back to Woodsboro and local high schoolers start dying again. So what does she do? Reunite with her old pals to fight Ghostface. Does she win? I don’t know I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m sure she does. Suggestion: this house could make for a fun Halloween excursion next month.


2. Food: Zingerman’s Delicatessen

Now, I’ve never been to Michigan before, but after researching Zingerman’s Deli, seeing videos of how they make their sandwiches and homemade raspberry candy bars, I just might make a trip there. Call me a foodie or a fatty, whatever. Open your TagWhat App and see what I saw, and I promise you’ll feel the same way. The one-shop small business turned eight branches of deliciousness has a clean environment, all natural and homemade food, and a line out the door and around the corner before Saturday football games. If your hangover egg sandwich pregame for the football game is vital to your being, get your ass in line early.


3. Featured: The Diag

Obviously students at Michigan know what I’m talking out. Let’s give a nice shout out to the boys in Theta Xi for protecting the Brass M prior to the Michigan – MSU rivalry football game. We wouldn’t want that graffiti’d. Anyway, for all others confused, the Diag is the quad of U Michigan. It’s where students demonstrate, participate in activities, tan, you know…usual everyday collegiate activities. There’s the Brass M on the ground of the Diag, and rumor has it if a freshman steps on it before their first blue book exam, they’ll fail it. Knowledge is key here, kids. Watch your step.


4. Football: Michigan Stadium

The heart and soul of the Wolverines. Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in America and every college football player’s dream. Last year, the stadium underwent massive renovations and is bigger and better than ever, and this weekend, they’ll be playing their first night game under the new lights. So exciting I hope they win. Every Saturday during football season in Michigan is a recurring holiday, fully decked out in school spirit, rivalry competition and increased traffic for the university and surrounding community. Again, I’ve never been to Michigan but I would totally love to see a game at this stadium.


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Denard Robinson Heisman Hype Video is Epic


 denard robinson

Denard Robinson obviously knows a thing or two about self-promotion. In his quest to win the Heisman Trophy this year, Denard released this epic video, set to music, and showing some of his greatest moments in Michigan gear. Not too humble but you have to give the dude props, especially seeing that he single-handedly carries one of the greatest college sports franchises in history. Check out the video right below. If I had a vote, he’d have it.

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Electric Forest Hits Rothbury, Michigan Today!



After a year on hiatus, Rothbury Festival is back with a new name and more ridiculous acts than ever. What used to be Rothbury is now Electric Forest, a 4 day music festival, still held in Rothbury, Michigan. So this is to any Michigan socialites out there: how are you celebrating your July 4th?


So everyone knows that Electric Forest has a crazy eclectic mix of music: dubstep, bluegrass, jam, rock, trance, reggae, indie, funk, hip-hop, world, electro, downtempo, and everything in between. Three days of String Cheese Incident headlining! Tiesto! Bassnectar! Pretty Lights! Edward Sharpe! Stephen Marley! Kaskade! Hell, even REO Speedwagon is gonna be there. But the music isn’t the only reason to go…


Enter the Sherwood Forest, located in the heart of the festival grounds; the pulse of Electric Forest. By day, the Sherwood Forest is a place to relax in one of the many hammocks that swing between the trees, explore the art installations sprinkled throughout the woods and meander down paths to discover plenty of surprises. At night, the Sherwood Forest comes alive! Witness the extravagant light display, stumble into surprise performances and parties in the depths of the woods, and gather with friends to enjoy the party.


If you want to take a well-deserved break from dirt, dancing, and music there’s Gold Rush Water Park, a 60,000 square foot permanent fixture of the Double JJ Resort: just a short shuttle ride from the festival. The water park is open 11 AM – 7 PM, Thursday, June 30th through Sunday, July 3. Tickets to the Water Park are $20 per visit, and include the shuttle to and from the Water Park, a towel and a shower. That’s a steal. Catch the Water Park Shuttle throughout each day at the corner of Clay and Water Roads.


If you don’t want to leave the festival grounds to take a dip in the water, then head over to Big Wildcat Lake for beachfront music, BBQ and other festivities. Lounge on the warm sand, partake in a game of beach volleyball, or swing on the old-school swing set and enjoy the view.

There’s horse riding, a glow in the dark golf course, and even a giant game of mouse trap. So if you aren’t going to Electric Forest this weekend, maybe you should be. The gates open at 5:30 PM today, so get a move on already!

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Most Badass American Ever Parachutes into Michigan Stadium (Video)

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I know this isn’t the first time a guy has parachuted into a stadium, but it’s definitely the sickest. Sergeant Adam Sniffen of the 101st Airborne Division jumps out of a plane with a camera and a parachute and we get to ride along with him all the way to the bottom as he lands smack dab in the middle of the Big House. The best part of it all? When Sniffen finally gets close enough for us to hear all 110,000 people cheering him on. It seriously gave me the chills. At the end you get to see the perfect landing from another perspective as the parachute releases a cloud of maize smoke before touchdown (no pun intended). So it isn’t football season yet, and this might be from a few months ago, but it just hit the net and it’s too awesome to sit on until the right time. Enjoy the whole mindblowing video after the jump.

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Ann Arbor Hash Bash 2011: 40th Anniversary Edition

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Last weekend was the 40th anniversary of Ann Arbor’s Hash Bash Festival. For those of you who don’t know, Hash Bash is a gathering of Michigan’s finest medical marijuana activists, proponents, and smokers. The day consists of speakers, live music, vendors (usually, but this year the Ann Arbor City Administrator banned all vending…the dick), rallying, and of course, lots of delicious buds – all conveniently centered around University of Michigan’s Diag. The event takes place at noon on the first Saturday in April every year. But for what reason, exactly? You’re about to find out.

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University of Michigan’s “Fab 5”: The ESPN Documentary

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With March Madness soon to be in full swing, college basketball is on everyone’s mind. The talk about conference tournaments, bracketology, bubble watch, and whether or not teams will make the “Big Dance” is about to dominate the sports news world, and all of this will lead to Selection Sunday on March 13. Once this year’s bracket is set, Selection Sunday will be capped off with ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary about the Fab Five.

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