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Campus Of The Week: University Of San Francisco

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By Tyler R. Spaulding

Huge week for me here at The Campus Socialite, I have officially become part of the team, the Campus Of The Week Tour kicked off with a bang (numerous times actually), the new Fan Page Tyler R. Spaulding’s Campus Of The Week launched and I won $15 on a holiday scratch off, now tell me that’s not what dreams are made of. Now this time of year can be tough to travel to college campuses and expect big things; everyone will tell you all the PBR kegs are tapped, finals are done, and most students have packed it up for some quality time back home…AKA that should not mean shit to you. Not only is this week’s Campus Of The Week one of the biggest party towns in the country, but there will more college kids partying this weekend than ever before. I have been in the northeast all week and am freezing my ass off, time to pack the bags and head west towards some warm weather, bowl games, and pure debauchery. Ho ho ho it’s time to hit up the University Of San Francisco.

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