The 8 Dumbest Car Names Ever




Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time is back at again with fun car facts. This time they all relate to the worst car names in history. Harley goes through the top 8 worst car names, and along the way he gets some historical help from the Car And Driver team of editors, and life-long automotive enthusiasts.

There are definitely too many bad car names to give justice to a list of the top 8, but nevertheless, I did laugh a bunch during the video, and it did remind me of my days where I was a huge car enthusiast.

Check out more cool videos from the Car and Driver channel, especially the one where Ed Bassmaster gives driving lessons to horrible drivers. Check them out for some good laughs and some very strange interactions between Ed and some random drivers.

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The Real Story Behind The Movie 21


Most people have no clue the move “21” is actually a fact based story about six MIT students who set up at the casinos in Las Vegas to cheat the system. The students are referred to as the “Black Jack Team” and use a Hi-Lo card counting system to make money. Card counting is illegal in Las Vegas and that is where the plot begins.

The team headed by a MIT professor attracts attention from the casino owner and tries to earn as much money as they can before getting caught. The professor and the casino owner have a past, and this plays into the professor creating a team to do his dirty work.  With the ever revolving technology, viewers cannot help but question if this could be done better in an online casino.

What About the Team?

The real team consisted of mostly Asian American students. The main character was an Asian American but was played in the movie by Jim Sturgess, a Londoner. Much controversy came out of the minimal Asian casting.

The Asian community felt that the cast was heavy on whites and did not portray the actual race of the team accurately. This was just one of the many criticisms of the movie. There were other complaints from casinos and movie critics as well.

Were Their Concerns?

Writers worried the idea of the movie focusing on how easy it would be to use the card counting system to cheat the casino. Others explained that the movie did not include an important piece of information that explained how the card counting strategy actually worked. The movie also displayed the strategy as being a lot simpler than it really is.

There was also an additional feature on the DVD that explained the process of card counting.  In a twist, the casinos actually approved of the movie and felt that it helped attract visitors. Casinos understood that the card counting strategy was not an easy way to bring in money and was not worried about people trying it. With the high level of security in most casinos, card counting issues were on the bottom of their list.

More on Jim Sturgess

The whole basis of the Jim Sturgess joining the team is that he could pay off the medical school fees. Getting caught up in the luxurious lifestyle of Vegas and the money causes him to forget about his priorities back at home.

He starts getting greedy and is forced to quit the whole team in the end. Not left with nothing, the team works behind the scenes to make some money in one night so every member can walk away with a portion of the profits. The professor is left dealing with his old enemy and receives nothing.

Jeff Ma, the real life Ben Campbell owns the company, Protrade. Although he thought about attending medical school, he decided Black Jack was a better moneymaker for him. The team was never led by a professor.

Instead it was led by three individual investors. They began working together in 1980 and started going to work in the casino card counting in the early 1990s. The entire interview process for the scholarship never happened and was only used to tell a story. Parts of the movie were made up to entice watchers, but much of the movie is based on factual events.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Obama AMA on Reddit


As political candidates struggle to get in front of potential voters, they begin to reach out in different ways. Most everyone is familiar with both the President Obama’s  Facebook and Twitter account, but most recently, the Commander –in-Chief made a huge splash by announcing “I am Barack Obama, President of the United States — AMA” (AMA means “ask me anything” in Reddit-speak). This prompted a flurry of Tweets, Facebook posts, and internet pandemonium for the duration of the AMA, during which President Obama answered questions on everything between beer and the economy, which promptly crashed Reddit and gave pop culture web sites like Uproxx content for days, if not weeks. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the Obama AMA on Reddit.

  1. Money is a Huge Concern For Everyone

During the half hour AMA on Reddit, the President covered many monetary issues, including campaign finance reform and a possible constitutional amendment, to repayment of student loans. Included in this was money given to candidates from lobbyists, to tax rates for both the rich and the middle class. The President was specific in some responses, such as an 18% tax decrease for small business and more access to loans from the SBA (Small Business Administration) but less responsive in others.

  1. President Obama Loves Basketball

Perhaps more important than any money issue, is President Barack Obama’s personal life. During the Reddit discussion he mentioned basketball as being an important factor in maintaining work/life balance as President of the United States, as well as the fact that his favorite basketball team is the Bulls, and Michael Jordan is his favorite player. The real question that wasn’t asked in regards to his response: IS Michael Jordan a Democrat or Republican?

  1. People Care More About Internet Memes than the Presidency

The word “meme” comes up just as many times as “PresidentObama” during the 30 minute session, including a reference to the President Obama “Not Bad” meme by the President himself, winning President Barack Obama “cool points” which, no doubt, he plans to redeem for votes. Included in this meme-athon is two images, one of which linked to presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

  1. NASA Rules!

While only addressed once by the President (and indirectly answered as one observer noted) NASA is high on the list of those who attended the Reddit session, as it was talked about several times in the comment thread. Mars and Curiosity figured highly during the AMA, more so than the war in Afghanistan, also indirectly answered by the President as one of the toughest things he had to confront during his current administration.

While this is no means an exhaustive list of the sniping and jokes that usually pop up during any political gathering, this should be enough to allow anyone to talk intelligently about the President’s AMA on Reddit, and even some memes that are bound to follow. Also, beer – a link to the President’s private recipe is also discussed.

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Gangsta Lyrics: What DO they MEAN?


The world of music is one that overlays nearly every aspect of our lives. Everything we watch has a musical soundtrack of some kind. Every place we shop pipes in something for our listening pleasure. The technology that allows us to own music and take it wherever we go is utterly pervasive, and the genres of music to choose from has diversified into realms that  even fifty years ago would have been unimaginable.

In 1962, the modern rock era was in its infancy. The British invasion was still up and coming, and Ray Charles, The Four Seasons, and Booker T and the MGs were the most recognized names in R&B. There was a jazz scene, and classical music has always had an audience, but the level of musical diversity we have today was beyond limited in those bygone times; by today’s standard’s, one might almost consider it stunted.

Today, we have satellite radio and iPods. Pandora lets us program our own stations. On-demand cable offers music channels for our high definition flat screens. And the choices in the on-demand queue range from classical to death metal, and from old-school blues to one of the top-ten most popular current styles: Rap/Hip Hop.

Rap music is more than just a derivation of the R&B genre. It’s an art form that speaks to a lifestyle full of glamor and fame, full turmoil and danger, and a culture in its own right. And, like all other musical art forms, rap imitates the lives of the artists who create it. Also like most other musical art forms, for those outside of the culture to which it speaks, it can be very difficult to understand.

By “understand,” some might take the broader meaning. Maybe like the art of Picasso, or the offerings of free-form jazz musicians, the meaning is abstract and elusive to average perceptions. So it is with rap, but it’s often a much more obvious matter as well: Rappers’ lyrics often flow faster than an auctioneer’s spiel at The World’s Fair, and their word choices have been imbued with definitions so obscure and specific to the world rappers are representing that the rest of us are mystified . . . and with ever-increasing popularity, enthralled. The fan base probably knows what these musicians are talking about without any help. The rest of us must sheepishly admit, if we want to know what these people are really rapping about, we need the lyrics translated.

So has arisen the popularity of RapGenius. Started in 2009 by a trio of friends and Yale undergrads, RapGenius doesn’t merely corner the market on rap lyric translation … it IS the market. And the website isn’t just a resource for moms who want a clue about what their kids are listening to and why. Fully rounded out with a blog, song/video playback with lyric selections, a discussion forum, and a “Rap Map,” ( purpose: “mapping the gangsta terrain of the planet”) RapGenius is arguably the Wikipedia of Rap/Hip Hop, exactly as its founders intended it to be. For those who want to know, RapGenius is the place to go. One might wonder, however: Will there be bunches of angry kids when their moms discover the meanings of some rappers’ lyrics and then exercise parental censorship rights?

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LineRocket Revolutionizes The Concert Experience

Line Rocket Logo

LineRocket Entertainment, the premier nightlife and ticketing service based out of Los Angeles, has officially launched its live-streaming platform called LineRocket Live. This will give you the ability to see some of the biggest, baddest live events without leaving the comfort of your dorm or having to find your friend Molly. In collaboration with Committee Entertainment, the people who brought you DayGlow, LineRocket will be dropping this revolutionary technology TONIGHT, June 29th at the Miami Beach Convention Center at 8pm sharp, with their own concert series called “State-Of-The-Art.” The headliner of this monstrous event is Alesso, one of the biggest DJs in the world. I bet your wondering “OMGGG HOW DO I GET TO SEE ALESSO??!??” just take a deep breath and count to 10, we hyper-linked the LineRocket player below, so all you need is to click to rage.

Here is more information about the event.

Watch Alesso Live Here.

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A Shot of Yager: Podcast Interview w/ Cash Cab Host BEN BAILEY!

cash cab

True or False: You have spent more time watching Cash Cab over the years than Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy combined. This might be due to the fact that Cash Cab often runs in blocks of four or five episodes and appears throughout the day in various spots during the week; OR… it could be because Cash Cab is the defining game show of the last ten years and the most beloved Q&A style television show for a whole new generation of couch potatoes. Ben Bailey, the man who asks the questions and drives the cab, started as a standup comedian, a craft he still holds close to his heart even today. Ben joins me to talk about how he got started in comedy, how that turned into hosting game shows like Cash Cab and Who’s Still Standing on NBC and how he balances the two. Ben also shares some of the ins and outs of everybody’s favorite mobile game show, an incredible behind the scenes look at how the show works and funny stories that may or may not have made the air! A great podcast you do NOT want to miss!

Ben will be performing at Treehouse Comedy at Mohegan Sun in CT on April 28th and you can get tickets HERE!

Follow me on twitter @SHOTOFYAGER and head over to Shot of Yager to hear ALL my interviews with other comedians like Martin Short, Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Breuer and MORE!

CLICK HERE to listen on a mobile phone!

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Starz Sneak Peak: Magic City

magic city


The Starz drama titled, Magic City officially premieres Friday night at 10:00 pm. The show looks legit centering around Miami mobsters and crime life in the late 1950’s. The owner of one of Miami’s most luxurious hotels has to make a deal with a crime boss he shortly will regret. Magic City sounds like a cross between Scarface and The Sopranos wrapped up into one television series. Starz isn’t necessary known for its original programming although it has had recent success. Spartacus has been highly popular while Boss has been a critic’s favorite earning lead actor Kelsey Grammar a Golden Globe for his performance. Check out the trailer below and find time to catch the event that we give the socialite stamp of approval.

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First Anchorman Sequel Now Dumb and Dumber 2


Dumb and Dumber 2 staring Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels has been confirmed to start shooting in the beginning of September. An attempt at a sequel was made back in 2003 titled, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry met Lloyd. Co-director Peter Farrelly purposefully emphasized, “We did not do Dumb and Dumberer, that was a studio thing.” What he should have added was that was a stupid thing. Trying to remake a sequel without its two main actors was absurd. Now we get to see Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels together again in their pimped out orange and blue suits. Jim Carey back in the 90’s was pure comic genus and Dumb and Dumber was one of the reasons why we fell in love with him. Hopefully this sequel is as sick as Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

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the rock vs john cena

Last time our good friend Sam Roberts was on the show we talked about a variety of topics including how he got into radio, O&A, our experience studying film together at Syracuse University, comedy and a whole lot more! We briefly touched on our mutual love for pro wrestling but time constraints prevented us from really diving into a subject that the two of us could talk about for hours. The two of us vowed that one day we would dedicate an ENTIRE podcast to the world of Pro Rasslin’. You can hear Sam’s first appearance on the show HERE @Shot of Yager 

With Wrestlemania just a few days away Sam and I thought it would be a good time to hook up for a nice lengthy chat about wrestling and the WWE’s biggest show of the year and decade. We break down the entire card from start to finish and even go over some of the betting odds you can get for each match. Thats right, you can BET on PRO WRESTLING now. Oh how the world has changed. Head over to notSam for info on all of Sam’s radio shows and listen to his podcast The Sam Roberts Show on iTunes. You can follow Sam where he will be tweeting the show live this sunday @NotSam as well!

To hear ALL episodes of A Shot of Yager head over to the archive over at

To listen on a mobile phone CLICK HERE 

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Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy Will Be Back On The Big Screen

Ron Burgundy


The legend of Ron Burgundy continues. Will Ferrell playing a hell of a jazz flute announced on Conan O’Brien that the Anchorman sequel is underway. Totally unexpected, Ron Burgundy turned the late night show into an amazing highlight you can see for yourself. In anticipation to the next chapter of the comic masterpiece there’re a couple things you can do. First proceed to poor some, “scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes, down into my belly.” Tell Baxter that he’s “so wise, like a miniature Buddha covered in hair.” Proceed to ask where Baxter is. “Hello? Who’s there, I’m talking? Hello? Who is this? Baxter… is that you? Baxter! Bark twice if your in Milwaukee… Is this Wilt Chamberlain? Have the courage to say something! Hello?” “Son of a bee-sting.” And last but not least, “Stay classy, San Diego. I’m Ron Burgundy?”



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