How Titanfall Will Change Online Gaming Forever


Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella recently told his audience via Twitter that Titanfall is going to have a maximum of twelve players during online multiplayer. This decision by Redspawn Entertainment makes each match of the much-anticipated game a six versus sex scenario, which left some gamers disappointed and others glad they weren’t a part of preorder sales.

Numbers Matter… Most of the Time

Whether it’s player count, RAM, processor speed, number of cores, controller buttons or data transfer rates, the video game community is naturally predisposed to look for the highest numbers possible, and that’s the problem at the heart of Zampella’s announcement. Especially in the case of a game like Titanfall where there’s an emphasis on online gaming, limiting the number of players to six per team seems like a bad decision when compared to the likes of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 where matches are 24- to 64-player slugfests. Nevertheless, Zampella and Redspawn Entertainment are vehemently defending the multiplayer cap. That being said, Titanfall is going to change the face of online gaming forever, and the max six versus six will play a huge factor in this idea.

Less People, More Fun

One thing many game developers seem to have forgotten is the notion that not everyone has seven, eleven or thirty-one friends to call on to get a premade team going. On the other hand, Titanfall will allow gamers with a small, tightknit group of friends easily fill a full team. Gathering four people to cover your back is notably less cumbersome than attempting to fill a twelve-man team to run around shooting people in the face.

Currently, the most-played video game in the world is League of Legends and it is only five versus five, at most. However, people still flock to, play and enjoy LoL thoroughly, even with the player cap set at ten total. With this in mind, it might be better for those who’re accustomed to LoL to think of the AI-controlled soldiers in Titanfall as minions rather than other players as their presence is only to push objectives.
Still, as the overall majority of online gaming now takes place over consoles rather than computers, Titanfall’s presence in the gaming world will have a notably more substantial impact than a PC- and Mac-only game like League.

The Titans are Insane

As seen through Titanfall multiplayer gameplay demos, the game –and the titans– look absolutely insane. They are going to be one of the most impactful additions to online first person shooters since the original Modern Warfare added changeable perks. Unlike CoD’s now-common perks, titans introduce an element to the traditional FPS formula that is brilliantly and completely genre changing –on-the-fly gameplay modifiers that don’t render any specific player overpowered.

This doesn’t mean every FPS coming out after Titanfall will have mech suits for every player to harness, but game competing game developers will be forced to deliver a much more dynamic online experience than they’re used to building, and that’s something every online gamer should be applauding.

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7 Nostalgic SNES Games for any College Party


Released in the early 1990s and discontinued in 2003, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System had an amazing run of games ranging from forgettable shovelware to classics that find remakes on handheld systems today. Its long run of production means that finding a working system even today, two decades later, is cheap and easy. The console is also very well understood, and games can be emulated even if the system can’t be found. This makes it an excellent choice for retro entertainment at any college party. What games should you hunt down before planning retro game night? Here are seven ideas.

Star Fox SNES Game
#1: Star Fox

Perhaps not as widely known as Star Fox 64, the originator of the barrel roll meme and home of some ridiculous voice acting, Star Fox for the SNES is a solid all-around game. The game is easy to pick up and hand over each time a life ends, allowing everyone their turn to play.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Super Nintendo
#2: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Who doesn’t love a good fighting game? Mortal Kombat is fast, brutal and intense, but short-lived enough to be a hit at parties. It also has one of the largest rosters of the old-school MK games, giving your guests plenty of choice when it comes to who they want to see torn apart.

Donkey Kong Country SNES Game
#3: Donkey Kong Country

Another game with not much to offer in terms of multiplayer, but a classic gameplay and oozing charm that no one can resist. It’s also incredibly easy to rack up extra lives, so you’ll be able to keep going all night long.

Earthworm Jim SNES Game
#4: Earthworm Jim

This game doesn’t have a co-op mode, but what it does have is an astounding sense of humor. If you played it as a kid but haven’t picked it up as an adult, you definitely need to. Most of the jokes it runs with are funny for a kid, but absolutely hilarious for an adult. It’s game writing at its finest.

Super Smash TV Super Nintendo
#5: Super Smash TV

One order of TV game show setting, one helping of frantic Contra-like action, a constant spray of bullets, rockets and lasers from all sides and hordes of enemies to mow down, combine well and you have Super Smash TV. Two players compete to rack up the highest score while avoiding death in this frantic bullet storm.

Super Mario Kart Super Nintendo Game
#6: Super Mario Kart

While there are other racers for the system — F-Zero among them — nothing beats the charm of old school Mario Kart. Kart racing got its start more or less through this game, and very few games have been as popular in the genre before or since.

Super Bomberman Super Nintendo Game
#7: Super Bomberman

Bomberman is a simple concept. Drop bombs, try to trap the enemy players in the explosion and be the last one standing. What makes it unique, and an excellent part game, is the fact that it’s one of the first four-player competitive games to appear on the SNES. If you have plenty of friends coming over and a few extra controllers, you can’t go wrong with Bomberman.

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