E3 2014: Top 10 Games on the Show Floor


E3 is the chance for every major video game developer to showcase their upcoming projects to the world. If a game excites and surprises attendees, then it’s well on its way to becoming a success once it’s released. While there were dozens of great games on the E3 floor this year, these were the 10 most impressive.


Nearly everyone in attendance can agree that “Evolve” was the most visually impressive game at E3. “Evolve” is a co-operative first-person shooter from the creators of the “Left 4 Dead” series. The game pits four human players against a giant monster controlled by another player, and it will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One this October.


“Destiny” has been exciting fans since its reveal at E3 last year. “Destiny” is Bungie’s follow up to the “Halo” series, and it is already the most expensive video game ever made. The mixture of a single-player campaign and a massive multiplayer online world make this one of the most unique games on the E3 floor.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady knows how to create amazing Batman games, and “Batman: Arkham Knight” looks like it will be the best in the series. The ability to drive the Batmobile should excite any fan.

Sunset Overdrive

This Xbox One exclusive looks like a strange mixture of “Dead Rising,” “Ratchet & Clank,” and “Tony Hawk Pro Skater,” but it was easily one of the most fun games found at the convention. Insomniac Games is known for absurd and over-the-top games, and “Sunset Overdrive” looks no different.

Ori and the Blind Forest

This game came out of nowhere at E3 this year, and it was easily one of the most stylish games on the floor. This Xbox One downloadable exclusive is a challenging platformer in a vibrant and beautiful world.

The Witcher 3

“The Witcher 3” was the best role-playing game at E3 this year. “The Witcher 2” was one of the most underrated games of the last few years, so hopefully the amazing show at E3 will allow this game to get more attention.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Anyone that loves online multiplayer shooting games, is going to have to get their hands on “Rainbow Six: Siege.” The game features five-on-five matches that force the players to work together in order to succeed. The tension, fun and beautiful graphics delivered by “Rainbow Six: Siege” will be hard to top for any other game in the genre.


“Bloodborne” is the spiritual successor to “Demon Souls,” but set in a completely different world. While you may have a gun and in an old gothic city, the trademark difficulty is still in place.

Mario Maker

“Mario Maker” has answers the dreams of millions of fans by allowing them to create and play their own levels in a “Mario” game. The game will also let the player switch between 8-bit and HD graphics.

Forza Horizon 2

“Forza Horizon 2” continues the series’ dominance as the best racing game on any console. In addition to the beautiful graphics, “Forza Horizon 2” features an enhanced A.I. system that learns your behavior for more competitive races.

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E3 2014: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U First Impressions


With the arrival of E3 2014, Nintendo has finally unveiled their first substantial glimpse of the legendary fighting title. The long awaited fourth installment will debut on the Wii U. As fans of the series will agree, the wait for a sequel has been too long. The console has already been on the market for over two years, so this release is meant to give the system a boost at a critical time when the Wii U is being threatened to fall into obscurity while Xbox One and Playstation 4 march on. This overview explores what was unearthed about the upcoming brawler.

Stunning Graphics

The visual beauty of the title swept convention attendees off their feet. Mario’s league of battling buddies has been reunited in beautiful detail. At 60 frames per second, these combatants have never been rendered so smoothly. The stages still make the most viscerally powerful impact at this interval of promotion. Sparkly levels include trips to the “Super Mario Galaxy” and “The Legend of Zelda.” Over 30 characters from Nintendo’s various franchises will be presented in high definition. Considering the game’s rough-and-tumble demeanor, it’s surprising to see such magnificent fluidity. Crystalline clarity was the key takeaway from the game’s showfloor display at E3.

Pac-Man Joins the Cast

Nintendo is still being incredibly secretive about the complete cast, but they used E3 to announce the inclusion of a major new fighter: Pac-Man. As the demonstration revealed, his swift attacks consist of eating pellets to gain strength and throwing colorful fruits. The infamously nimble-footed gobbler fits perfectly into the already established balance on the roster. Pac-Man’s inclusion could attract a wide demographic of arcade gamers that have remained unacquainted with Nintendo’s furious fighting franchise.

Universal Controller Compatibility

The game functions remain faithful to the same basic format that launched on the Nintendo 64 in the late 1990s. Every Nintendo console controller can be directly integrated with the game ranging all the way back to the Gamecube. E3 featured gameplay using the GameCube controller, and it’s yet to be seen how the Wii U’s secondary video screen will be accommodated. It may enable unique approaches and strategies for players with different hardware. The simplicity of design has not been tampered with, so faithful followers of the series won’t miss a beat. People that have not played in over a decade will be able to pick up where they left off.


Overall, the game is one of the stand-outs of E3, and one we can’t wait to get our hands on. One thing we can ascertain is that Nintendo still truly knows how to build hype. Smash Bros. for Wii U will be the most anticipated release of the season for many gamers. E3 has shown Nintendo’s fans that the wait will be worth it.

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E3 2014: Top 10 Most Surprising Games on the Show Floor


This year’s E3 show floor was full of pleasant surprises that will put a smile on the faces of gamers across the globe. The next generation consoles are poised to sell record numbers of games in the upcoming years thanks to the strong gaming lineup that is on its way. Let’s take a look at the most surprising games from the 2014 E3 show floor.

White Knight

This game absolutely came out of nowhere. It looks like an Alfred Hithcock movie put into a video game. Few details about the game are available at the moment besides the fact that an independent studio called Osome is responsible for the game. Players will solve puzzles while navigating through an centuries old mansion. The visuals are predominantly black and white and the game makes excellent use of lighting. White Knight should be released at some point in 2014 for Mac, PC and consoles.

Little Big Planet 3

While Little Big Planet has been a raging success, nobody expected the third version of this game to look so good. Its graphics are superior to the previous two editions of the game and that is largely thanks to the skilled developers from Sumo Digital who have been burning the midnight oil on this masterpiece. Little Big Planet will be available this November.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

The fact that the newest version of Assassin’s Creed looks so good is a bit surprising considering that the franchise has stumbled in the recent past. Players have complained about the combat controls for half a decade now. After testing out the new game, Unity, at E3, it appears that the problems have been fixed, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this game.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown is returning. It will be available strictly for the Xbox One. The trailer looks fantastic. Part of the trailer shows the game player taking down a building to put an end to a notorious drug runner. This is perfect for co-op action.

Dead Island 2

The Dead Island 2 trailer looks fantastic; it was my favorite trailer from the show. The new version of the game is being developed by an entirely new team and they are focusing on making the game far more humorous than the first version.


Nintendo’s Splatoon was one of the coolest looking games at E3. It is a third person shooter but with a paintball element. The visuals were outstanding. It looks like an incredibly fun shooter instead of the typical dead serious shoot’em up games that litter the gaming landscape.

Grim Fandango

Plenty of people on the floor were shocked to learn that Grim Fandango is coming back. LucasArts new version of the game looks similar to the previous version in terms of style and characters but the graphics have been significantly boosted. The game looks to have a humorous edge to it and its visuals are quite impressive. The new Grim Fandango will be available for PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is bringing back the Rainbow Six franchise with this new title, called Siege. This is a bit shocking considering that most expected the company to provide gamers with a new Prince of Persia or a new Beyond Good Evil. Siege looks excellent with plenty of action filled missions that can be tackled with the help of teammates. This first person shooter should be a huge hit.

Batman: Arkham Knight

The graphics on the new Batman game absolutely wowed E3 attendees. Rocksteady really stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with Arkham Knight. Batman jumps around the city on rooftops and battles urban goons just like in the movies. The new Batmobile looks unbelievable.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This medieval fantasy oriented role playing game looks enormous. This mammoth project taken on by BioWare was one of the coolest looking games at E3. The game’s course of play revolves around the player’s decisions. The audience especially enjoyed the tactical camera mode and the game’s wildly hectic combat.

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E3 2014: Dead Island 2 First Impressions


Among the big reveals at this year’s E3 conference was the return of the Dead Island franchise in the form of Dead Island 2. This installation serves as a sequel to the original Dead Island—a role playing-style first person game where players controlled characters stuck on an island that is the epicenter of a zombie apocalypse.

In the first game, players had to hack, slash, and shoot their way through missions to survive the zombie hordes. Alone or in cooperative mode, they explored the island for gear and weapons and met colorful characters along the way. With a limited amount of ammunition and firearms available on the island, an emphasis was placed on crafting creative and deadly melee weapons for hand-to-hand combat.

Following an intriguing and controversial trailer, the original game was released with a lot of hype. Players loved many aspects of the innovating new gameplay, from the plot to the combat to the loot and crafting system. The game sold well enough overall to merit the development of Dead Island 2.

Gaming fans were treated to a sneak peak at this year’s E3 conference, which has become an annual opportunity to major and minor players in the video games space to show their wares and create anticipation for upcoming products.

Dead Island 2: What We Know

First, it’s being created by a new game studio. The development company Yager is taking the reins from Techland, who created the first Dead Island. Yager has created several games of critical claim, including Spec Ops: The Line. A fresh look on the franchise promises to add even more spice to the heralded series.

The game’s new setting seems to offer more options for innovate gameplay and compelling plot points. In Dead Island 2, the zombie infection has spread to California (which, it’s worth noting, is certainly not an Island). Players will start at a coastal city in Southern California. From here, there’s really no limit to where the game could take you: sprawling suburbs, jagged mountains, the Hollywood Hills, or a surf soaked beach teeming with undead.

In stark contrast to the first Dead Island’s violent, somber trailer, this new one is lighthearted and cartoonish. In fact, it was my favorite trailer of E3. Here’s a look at it:

It’s probably safe to assume that its plot and characters will follow suit with bizarre situations, crazy personalities and a fair amount of joking around. The game’s developers promise a swath of crazy new weapons to build and wield against all-new enemies.

According to the development team, Dead Island 2 was developed with the goal of building an “awesome and kickass” zombie game rather than a somber or scary game.

More about Dead Island 2 is set to be revealed at this year’s PAX, beginning at the end of August, and we’re excited to see more of this hit from E3.

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E3 2014: Assassin’s Creed Unity First Impressions


Few franchises have added to the historical fiction genre as much as Assassin’s Creed, and many avid fans were excited to see that the 2014 E3 would happen to bring another title to this world-renowned series of games. While the most recent releases have had players fighting in the American Revolution and sailing off into the Caribbean aboard their own pirate ship, Assassin’s Creed: Unity will transport fans to one of the bloodiest clashes in modern history, the French Revolution. Here is a closer look at the first few glimpses of Assassin’s Creed as it is headed to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.

The Story of the French Revolution

In this installment, players are going to find themselves surfing through the memory of the gritty hero Arno Dorian as he carefully picks his way through the beginnings of the French Revolution. Ubisoft has released this title with the statement that they would like to “tell the thousands of stories of Paris” through this game, and it shows as there are now countless organizations, aggressors, and factions that Arno will encounter throughout his travels. In the end, the game revolves around the idea that it is up to Arno Dorian to not only uncover the mysteries of the French Revolution, but potentially affect the outcome.

The Game World Comes Alive

The previous two installments of Assassin’s Creed did help to prove how massive of a game world Ubisoft is capable of making, but the landscapes tend to open up into large forests and vast seas. Unity, on the other hand, revolves around the gritty streets of Paris, the catacombs, and the outlying areas. The population is tightly packed and gameplay has shown just how bloody the French Revolution truly was. The stark contrast between Paris’s iconic architecture and the haggard civilians stumbling around the city is apparent right from the start of the game, and players will be astounded to see just how much of this world they are able to explore. Ubisoft stated that the explorable city of Paris is larger than all the landmasses from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag combined.

Gameplay and Controls

For those that have played any previous installments in the Assassin’s Creed series, the gameplay and controls will be second nature. Players can choose between running along the rooftops of the town or blending into the crowd down below. They have options to carry out some of their quests in the darkest shadows or spill blood on the streets and use their weaponry to keep enemies at bay. Outside of minor changes to the HUD and mini map, very little has seemed to change in this regard, except one major feature that fans of the series have asked for: the ability to quickly and easily climb down buildings. Previously, players were forced to find a haystack or pile of leaves in which to jump in order to get down from high buildings. Now, Ubisoft will allow players to press a button to climb down a building, causing Arno to find the quickest and easiest path down, automatically.

New Features in Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Multiplayer is now fully integrated into the game with a variety of primary campaign missions and side quests. This is the single biggest change to the franchise and one that has required quite a few advancements only available to the next-gen consoles. Players can simply scale the tallest buildings, at which point they will be able to “see” missions and available players off in the distance as beacons of light. This allows them to quickly bring in backup and create an entire new dynamic to AC: Unity.

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How Will Halo 5 Measure Up to its Predecessors?


The next Halo game was announced at Microsoft’s 2013 E3 press conference. Very little has been revealed about the game’s plot or gameplay. All that is known, so far, is that it will has a tentative release date for some time in 2014. It will be the very first Halo game to be released on the XBOX One. While almost nothing is known about the game, there are still many ways to speculate how the game is going to hold up to its predecessors.


Being that this is the first Halo game on the XBOX One, we can expect the game to have much better graphics than that of previous Halo games. Halo 4 pushed the XBOX 360 to its graphical limits and looked excellent. There’s no limit on what can be done on the XBOX One. The graphics are likely to be much better, there is the possibility for having a lot more enemies on the screen at once, and the game has been confirmed to run at a solid and steady 60 frames-per-second.


The teaser trailer for the next Halo game gives virtually no information as to what the game is supposed to be about. However, it’s very likely that the game is going to be quite different from all Halo games of the past. For one, Cortana dies at the end of Halo 4. This is a huge loss for Master Chief. She was the closest thing to a love interest that Master Chief had. In the next Halo game, it’s very likely that we’ll see an even more hardened and stoic Master Chief. The loss of Cortana is going to be a burden in the next game. It’s also possible that another AI will be introduced.


Halo multiplayer hasn’t changed much over the years. It is a fact that the next Halo game will have multiplayer game modes. Halo multiplayer, for a lot of gamers, is the sole reason they even buy the game. When it comes to multiplayer, it’s likely that there will just be a few incremental upgrades that everyone has seen already. There will be new weapons from the main campaign, new maps, and new vehicles. It’s also very likely that there will be DLC map packs. These include maps made specifically for the DLC and also maps from previous Halo games. All in all, it’s very unlikely that the multiplayer modes are going to change much. 343 Industries probably won’t attempt to fix something that isn’t broken. What gamers can expect are better graphics and possibly some more creative game modes. However, the overall gameplay will probably be the same.


Now that the XBOX One come stock with Kinect, there is a possibility that the next Halo game will launch with some Kinect functionality. This is a functionality that all of the other Halo games lacked. Mass Effect 3 used the Kinect in order to make the main characters switch weapons, use powers, and choose dialogue options. It’s possible that the next Halo game will give players a similar amount of functionality.

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7 Ways to Prepare for the Launch of Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls Online promised to be one of the biggest MMOs in history, and release day is drawing near. Betas are larger than ever, with increasingly complete content. With the game on the horizon, what should a dedicated gamer do to prepare?

1. Pre-Order the Game

Pre-ordering the game comes with numerous benefits. There’s the mudcrab pet, the Imperial race, the warhorse mount and the bonus treasure maps. More importantly, the Imperial edition allows the player to play any race in any faction. Normal users will be limited to the faction assigned to each race.

2. Register for the Beta

The beta season may be drawing to a close, but there’s still time for a couple more sessions. Any gamer looking to experience the game before release should register for the beta as soon as possible. Recent betas have accepted nearly everyone, in an effort to stress test the servers. That means there’s an excellent chance of getting in for the next wave.

3. Set up a Gaming Computer

What good is the game without a computer to run it? Sure, it will come out for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, but nothing quite compares to a powerful gaming PC. ESO is positively beautiful with the settings cranked to ultra, something the next-gen systems aren’t likely to handle. Now’s the time to upgrade hardware, invest in a larger monitor, grab some quality surround speakers an clean up the hard drive for the massive game installation.

4. Select a Weapon Preference

Like other Elder Scrolls games, ESO allows players to choose their own style. There are four classes to choose from, but each class can wield any weapon. Now is a perfect time to decide between the big three:

  • Bows, with their ranged capabilities and powerful rapid-fire skills
  • Melee weapons, with the possibility of using large two-handers, the traditional sword’n’board or dual-wielding one-handed weapons for a flurry of attack
  • Magic, with powerful elemental and AoE skills, plus plenty of support and healing magic

5. Choose a Race

Without the Imperial edition, gamers must choose their faction according to their race. Each race has a few perks, many carried over thematically from previous Elder Scrolls titles. Orcs, for example, tend to excel with physical combat, while high elves specialize in magic.

6. Learn the Lore, Learn the Map

ESO takes place across all of Tamriel, in an unprecedentedly large game map. The provinces from Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are all available in game, as well as some others not seen in past Elder Scrolls titles. Learning the lore and the map will help ease the shock of such a massive world.

7. Gather Friends

Playing with a friend, playing with a guild and playing with someone connected via the Ritual of Mara all earn bonus experience. Having a group of friends to start on day one — or five days early with the early access pre-order — will give a great boost to starting off. Experience all of the new content as soon as possible with a prepared guild.

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How Titanfall Will Change Online Gaming Forever


Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella recently told his audience via Twitter that Titanfall is going to have a maximum of twelve players during online multiplayer. This decision by Redspawn Entertainment makes each match of the much-anticipated game a six versus sex scenario, which left some gamers disappointed and others glad they weren’t a part of preorder sales.

Numbers Matter… Most of the Time

Whether it’s player count, RAM, processor speed, number of cores, controller buttons or data transfer rates, the video game community is naturally predisposed to look for the highest numbers possible, and that’s the problem at the heart of Zampella’s announcement. Especially in the case of a game like Titanfall where there’s an emphasis on online gaming, limiting the number of players to six per team seems like a bad decision when compared to the likes of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 where matches are 24- to 64-player slugfests. Nevertheless, Zampella and Redspawn Entertainment are vehemently defending the multiplayer cap. That being said, Titanfall is going to change the face of online gaming forever, and the max six versus six will play a huge factor in this idea.

Less People, More Fun

One thing many game developers seem to have forgotten is the notion that not everyone has seven, eleven or thirty-one friends to call on to get a premade team going. On the other hand, Titanfall will allow gamers with a small, tightknit group of friends easily fill a full team. Gathering four people to cover your back is notably less cumbersome than attempting to fill a twelve-man team to run around shooting people in the face.

Currently, the most-played video game in the world is League of Legends and it is only five versus five, at most. However, people still flock to, play and enjoy LoL thoroughly, even with the player cap set at ten total. With this in mind, it might be better for those who’re accustomed to LoL to think of the AI-controlled soldiers in Titanfall as minions rather than other players as their presence is only to push objectives.
Still, as the overall majority of online gaming now takes place over consoles rather than computers, Titanfall’s presence in the gaming world will have a notably more substantial impact than a PC- and Mac-only game like League.

The Titans are Insane

As seen through Titanfall multiplayer gameplay demos, the game –and the titans– look absolutely insane. They are going to be one of the most impactful additions to online first person shooters since the original Modern Warfare added changeable perks. Unlike CoD’s now-common perks, titans introduce an element to the traditional FPS formula that is brilliantly and completely genre changing –on-the-fly gameplay modifiers that don’t render any specific player overpowered.

This doesn’t mean every FPS coming out after Titanfall will have mech suits for every player to harness, but game competing game developers will be forced to deliver a much more dynamic online experience than they’re used to building, and that’s something every online gamer should be applauding.

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Why Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Will Be The Best Game of 2014


The Plants vs. Zombies franchise has been a hit since it first came to mobile devices. Now, the team over at PopCap Games and EA have created the next game in the franchise, adding to an already insanely fun game. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare will be the best game of 2014, and it should be on your list of games that you must play during the year. Here is a look at what to expect in the new Garden Warfare game and why you can expect it to be so good.

Same Game, Different Look

In the originally Plants vs. Zombies games, players had to fend off hordes of zombies with plants and fungi in a 2D setting. However, in Garden Warfare, players will now be able to play from a third-person view. This will be the first game in the series that approaches the game from third-person, which will give players a closer look at the zombies they are fending off. Also, by playing in third-person, you get a completely new approach on a game, which makes for better game play and interaction between the player and the incoming brainless attackers.

Multiplayer Mode

That’s right, Plants vs. Zombies is no longer only about playing solo missions on your handheld device. Now, you get to play the madness with all of your friends with multiplayer mode. No matter what time of day or night it is, you can hope online and start fighting hordes of zombies with your buddies. This adds a completely new element to a game that you already enjoy, and makes it better because you get to experience it with your friends. Also part of the online game play is the ability to play with up to three other players in co-op mode. Now you can fight zombie bosses together, as you take on increasingly challenging levels of the game.


Unlike in any other previous version of Plants vs. Zombies, Garden Warfare lets you customize the way you play the game. That means you can change certain elements of the plants and the zombies, making for a completely unique experience for every single player. This option also makes it easier for you to pop back into a game, and have all of your current settings adjusted to your liking.


The original Plants vs. Zombies did the most that it could with the graphics and screen size that it had for handheld devices. However, Garden Warfare takes things to the next level with beautifully designed 3D models and graphics. These graphics make for more hilarious looking zombies, more beautiful environments, and better all-around game play.

Plants vs. Zombies made a huge impact on the way mobile games were played. And the series certainly belongs in the conversation of most influential games ever created. However, Garden Warfare is going to take this game to the next level of fun and entertainment. After winning 10 awards at E3, including best of E3 and Best Shooter, you can bet that Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is going to be the best game of 2014 and certainly one that all of your friends will be talking about.

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Xbox One sales Outpace PS4


Since the release of the original Xbox in 2001, the console wars have come to be dominated by two big names: Sony and Microsoft. With each generation, these two industry leaders have pushed the limits of hardware and constantly struck new ground in an effort to get the upper hand on each other. It was anyone’s game as the holiday season approached, and when the dust cleared, Microsoft had sold 908,000 Xbox Ones in December, along with 643,000 Xbox 360s, leading the Playstation 4 in sales that month.

The Hardware

With both consoles neck and neck in terms of top ten titles, the division seems to have come down to product availability and bundled hardware and social features. While both consoles allow for sharing screenshots and gameplay clips as well as recording and streaming content over the internet, only the Xbox One comes bundled with a camera, making it the simpler solution for holiday shoppers excited about this new direction in console gaming as well as the only option for accessing Microsoft’s Kinect technology.

While Sony’s PS4 is certainly a worthy competitor, product availability has been a major problem for Sony, leaving many Playstation loyalists high and dry. While such issues are common during launch season, things haven’t gotten much better for Sony since moving into the new year. It’s certainly easier to find a PS4 than it was three weeks ago, but production still seems to be lagging behind demand.

As Venturebeat’s Jeffrey Grubb reports, there’s another aspect working in Microsoft’s favor: the price difference. “With its $499.99 price point, the Xbox One led annual hardware sales on a dollars basis,” says NPD analyst Liam Callahan. While sales have proven that the difference in price is little impediment to consumers, the gamble has worked out in Microsoft’s favor, bringing in more money for each console sold.

The Software

Microsoft can expect its strong sales to continue through 2014 with the help of strong exclusive titles from both old franchises and new, with such exciting products on the horizon as Fable Legends, Quantum Break, and Sunset Overdrive. Xbox One players will additionally have an easier time taking advantage of the online features of any shared-platform releases, and with the top ten titles now consistently dominated by online games, it’s expected that the Xbox One’s advantage in this field will remain a continued attraction.

The Xbox 360 proved to be a fertile ground for indie titles, with Microsoft’s online marketplace providing a haven for small developers to release games that, owing to the lessened financial risk involved, are often able to break new ground and innovate in ways that larger developers may balk at. With a similar system in place for the Xbox One, fans of the quirky sort of games one often finds just off the beaten path will find a familiar place to congregate and explore the unpredictable world of indie gaming.

Now on its third console generation, Microsoft has a proven track record in sales and innovation. From its first iteration, the Xbox series has led the way in online gaming and social media integration. Already outpacing the PS4 in sales, it’s no surprise that Microsoft’s new console has enjoyed such success.

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