5 Crazy Pranks For The Trickster College Student


Construing the perfect college prank is one of the highlights of the college experience.  It’s exciting to catch your friends off guard and pull a fast one on them. Pranks are a long-lived tradition of college life.  

As long as you keep your pranks within the boundaries of somewhat decency, you’ll find that you can build some pretty unforgettable memories.  Check out a brief look at some practical prank suggestions, and start planning your next move today.

The anatomy of a good prank

For a prank to be a good one, you have to assure a few things don’t happen in the process.  You don’t want to put anyone in true danger, but you do want to scare them.

Don’t plan a prank while someone is driving.  It could cause a car accident, and lead to some stiff legal penalties.  It’s not funny to play with people’s lives.  Keep your pranks tame enough to instill fear or humility without breaking the law of the land.  

Move your friend’s car to a different spot

Let’s get right down to the first example of excellence.  You all have that one friend that never locks their vehicle or always leaves their keys within grabbing range.  

During one of the many raging college parties you experience with your friend, jack their keys.  Move their car to a spot just out of sight, and enjoy watching the panic unfold.

The key to pulling this off successfully is to not be drunk when you move their car, and make sure you’re there to stop the prank before your friend calls to file a stolen vehicle report with the police.  

Some oldies but goodies

We all love bubbles, and putting soap in the campus fountain is a classic college prank.  It’s a pain in the ass to clean up, and the students love it. Don’t get caught soaping up the fountain, as you could face some uncomfortable penalties for messing around.  

Another classic college prank is to fill your friend’s dorm room with cups.  Place empty cups all over everything in an orderly fashion. It hurts no one and brings plenty of smiles.  

Fun with mannequins

There’s plenty of fun to be had if you can get your hands on a convincing mannequin doll.  A random “person” popping up in random places builds a perfect equation for panic.  

Try placing a mannequin doll in your friend’s bed while they’re sleeping, and set up a camera to capture their response when they awaken.  You’ll laugh for hours, and your friend will eventually recover from their PTSD.

Switch their dorm room around

You may also want to shake things up for your friend by switching around all the furniture in their dorm room.  Try flipping the layout in an exact mirror style.

When your friend returns to their room, act like nothing is different.  You will make your friend question their sanity, and get a good belly laugh from the punchline.

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3 Ways to Get Away With Having A Pet In College


College is a time that is often stressful, but it’s also one of the greatest time periods of your life. You learn so much because it’s the first time you really individuate from your family, and you learn what it’s like to be an adult and hold down a job, as well as make payments on bills, get your coursework done, and maintain social time with your friends. There are moments you don’t think you’ll survive through, and there are others that turn out to define you.

When you go off to college, there are big adjustments being made. You can’t really cook for yourself if you’re in a dorm, you have to prioritize, and you end up disconnecting from friends and family you’ve been close to for years. One such family member you’ll probably find it hard to disconnect from if your family pet from childhood. Dorms don’t usually allow pets, so the option to bring your baby along isn’t available. However, if you want to get away with having a bet in college you can try out these 3 things:

Get Your Own Place

Sometimes not having a pet isn’t an option. If this is you, you might have to get your own place when you go off to college. An apartment or a house close to campus could be a great option for you. Of course, if you bring your pet along, you’ll have to assume all responsibilities, i.e. feeding them, giving them water, loving them, covering their pet insurance, but these are all tasks that are worth it when you can come home after a long day of classes and get a big, wet kiss from your furry companion.

Settle For Betta

When option A doesn’t work, you just might have to settle for option B, which is a Betta fish in this case. Fish are low maintenance, your dorm advisor probably won’t even realize you have one, and if they have some sort of qualm with the matter, you can kindly explain to them that their rules are ridiculous. So even if you can’t have a cat or a dog or a pig, a fish might be as good at it can get. You’ll still get your fill from Betta. He’s colorful and requires to be fed and have his water changed, so if all you want is to name something and have it there for you when nobody else is, a fish called Betta will do the trick.

Room With A Freshman

If you can’t have a pet, and a fish isn’t allowed either, don’t fret. Just room with a freshman. They’re young, unruly, emotionally dependent, they’ll ask you lots of questions, you’ll have to pick up after them, and you’ll basically be their parent for the whole of the year. That’s basically like having a pet in college. Train them to do tricks, and everybody else will be impressed and knocking at your door. If things take off enough, you could even charge for admission.

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How To Become a Viral Sensation

viral content

Fame is more attainable now than it has ever been. Anyone with a unique talent can use the Internet to become widely known. Though many Internet celebrities have managed to maintain a long-term hold on the public’s interest, most of these people are destined to become short-lived viral sensations.

A viral sensation is born when someone creates a tiny bit of online media, usually in the form of a short video, that is passed around on social media sites and blogs. Though viral sensations involve modern technology, their fame is garnered in a true grassroots way. The tone of these videos is often humorous, which is why so many people send them to their friends. The videos are fun little jokes between friends in the middle of a work day or pulled up on smart phones during social outings. A viral sensation becomes part of the real-life cultural landscape, even if only for a short time.

Becoming a Celebrity

On rare occasions, a viral sensation can become a legitimate celebrity. Kate Upton’s YouTube video of herself doing the Dougie helped her become one of the most successful young models of the past few years. Her rise to fame is significant because she does not have the body type that is typical among fashion models. Her success has been driven purely by consumers; people found her beautiful, and the fashion industry had no choice but to concede if it wanted to stay in touch with current trends.

Jenna Marbles is another young woman who managed to launch a whole career after having a few home-made videos go viral. She maintains her success due to a strong work ethic and a quick wit. She uploads new comedy videos every single week, which allows her to build a rapport with her fans and stay fresh in their minds.

The Importance of Making Goals

Before trying to become a viral sensation, one should think about what his or her ultimate goal is. After all, most viral sensations become popular by accident. To become a viral sensation, one would have to have a very good understanding of pop culture and the sorts of videos that tend to get repeat viewings. Some people just want to be famous for a little while. Others want to become more well-known so they can establish careers for themselves. Someone who falls into the latter category should have a backlog of potential content at the ready, since the only way to maintain viral notoriety is to continue to make popular videos.

Keeping a Blog

In addition to producing videos, an aspiring viral sensation should also have a fully-realized web presence. It is a good idea to start keeping a blog a month or two before launching a video. That way, people who like the video can learn more about the person behind the sensation right away. If the individual has other talents that are evident on the blog or other social media sites, the publicity could lead to work in those fields. If you plan on making this a full-time career, you also need to utilize database solutions to ensure that your videos are safely and efficiently transmitted throughout the internet.

According to Juice Blog, it is possible to become a viral sensation as long as one genuinely has something new and special to offer to the public. It could be a legitimate talent or a point of view that is unique or funny. Some people have natural charisma that makes other people want to know more about them. Though viral videos are little more than tiny blips of humor, the best ones showcase big personalities with a healthy dose of sincerity.

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10 Hairstyles That Won’t Get You Laid


There’s a lot of things in this world that you can do to not get laid.  Having a bad hairstyle is definitely near the top of the list for a lot of people.  Here’s a collection of the worst hairstyles we have come across.

Chris Anderson Hair

Gwen Bad Hairstyle

Bad Hair Day

Pooping Hairstyle

Eraser Head Hairstyle

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6 of the Biggest Website Design Mistakes


In today’s world, you need to have a personal or professional website to be relevant online and find the partnerships and job opportunities you’re looking for.

But there are thousands of websites that make huge design errors that are just eyesores and sink the professional quality of the site. Knowing these common errors will help you avoid making the same mistakes with your own site so you can present yourself in the best way possible online.

Here are six of the biggest design mistakes a website can make.

1. Too many details

As you can see in this website, having too much information on a page — whether text, graphics, or both — makes it impossible to find what you’re looking for. It also increases the download time for the site and looks unprofessional. On your own website, remember that less is more.

2. Graphics aren’t sized to the fit the website

We’ve all seen sites where the images are too large for the page and get cut off or are horribly pixelated. Always preview your posts and resize and rearrange the images so they look good on the actual webpage.

3. Tiled background

Customizing a website leaves you with a lot of options. When you’re adding a custom background, don’t make the mistake this website did by simply tiling an image that doesn’t fit the page.

4. Bright, overwhelming backgrounds

A lot can go wrong with the background on a website, from having light text on a light background which makes all the content hard to read, to going as far as this website does and having moving, multicolored, and just tacky looking graphics for the website’s base.

5. Audio that plays automatically

Having audio on a website is fine … if the visitor gets to decide when it’s played. Including ads that play video and audio automatically, or including a blaring robotic voice like this website has, is annoying to most visitors and won’t encourage them to stay very long.

6. Moving graphics

This website is an extreme example of what’s wrong with having moving images on a webpage.

How to fix these problems

Whether you notice some of these problems on your own site, or are looking to spruce up an old site or build a new one, consulting a professional designer is always a good idea. There is certainly a broad range of designers with various skills and prices in your area; by directing a new set of eyes to your website you’re helping your own online presence, improving the look of your site, and hiring a local artist.

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Delving Into The Psyche Of A Woman


When it comes to understanding what attracts women, guys can be really clueless.
Fortunately, we’ve uncovered exactly what women want based on their searches for
their preferred attributes in a man while online dating. Women find healthy,
active and fit men far more attractive than chain-smoking, overweight
beer-guzzlers. Most women do not want a man with a lot of baggage, as evidenced
by the fact that most women turned away from men who were either married or
separated. This makes sense since women are generally not satisfied with just
casual or short-term relationships. Women mostly want a single man with whom
they can share a serious, meaningful relationship and bond with.

Women desire a stable relationship with a professional, financially secure man. Women
prefer employed or self employed men over unemployed men. As far as the smaller
details are concerned, women tend to prefer blue or brown eyes, as well as
darker hair colors. Women do not generally like white hair or redheads. This
well-designed infographic does an excellent job delving into the psyche of a
woman and uncovering exactly what attributes she wants in a man. This makes this
infographic must-view material for all men worldwide.

Infographic: What Women Want
Women Want
by Free

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Mel Gibson Back At It Again

mel-gibson 2


First off, I would like to apologize by stating that like a sequel, Mel Gibson’s rant isn’t as good as the original. Nonetheless, it’s still fucking ridiculous and hilarious. Gibson is attempting to make a comeback with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas as they work on a new project, The Maccabees. (Oh the irony) What’s next Kim Kardashian appearing in a remake of Runaway Bride? Lindsay Lohan getting the lead part in Clean and Sober? How about Jerry Sandusky staring in Kindergarden Cop 2?

The Eszterhas family was with Mel Gibson in Costa Rica as Joe’s son recorded the audio on his iPhone. I’ll be honest I had to listen more than once just to make out what Gibson actually says. Here’s a transcript of Mel Gibson’s drunk quotes;

“Why don’t I have a first draft of the Maccabees? What the fuck have you been doing?”

“I am earning money for a filthy little cock sucker who takes advantage of me!”

“Who wants to eat? Who the fuck wants to eat? You all want something to eat! Hooray!”



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73 Year Old Grandma Gets Busted In Oklahoma As Drug Kingpin



Darlene Mayes looks like she should be playing Mahjong at a nursing home. Instead the 73 year old grannie just got busted as one of Oklahoma’s largest marijuana suppliers. Her operation went up in smoke (no pun intended) over the weekend when police entered her home. They found 4 pounds of pot, $276,000 in cash, a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver. Wow, Grandma knows how to pack. Her network of pot smokers spanned across 4 states including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our readers out in the midwest most likely just got screwed over with grandma’s arrest. Her weed accounted for 40% of all the weed in the area.

This has to be the coolest grandmother in America. I bet Darlene Mayes makes some mean pot brownies that are way better than your drug dealer’s. Who doesn’t love grandma’s baking? Her son was also arrested while serving as a partner in crime. Family time one would think involves going out for dinner, a trip to the movies or many other bonding activities. Hearing about a grannie and her boy smoking out on the porch while selling their stash of weed to customers as MasterCard would state is…priceless.



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Purple Panda Scares The Crap Out Of Kids



A dude dressed in a purple panda costume attempts to provide joy for a group of children. Instead kids at the daycare center start hysterically crying and running out of the way. Poor Panda, he looks like an utter fool standing in the middle of the room. His outfit brings back memories of Edward Norton in Death to Smoochy or Mr. Mcgibblets from The League. (See below for comparisons) Both of these shows are definitely worth watching by the way. A Barney reference would have also worked, but nobody likes that purple fruitcake. Anyway, enjoy the purple panda attempting to do some work only to learn in a matter of seconds he is the epitome of an #EpicFail.

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Don’t Text And Walk Into A Bear

bear sighting


This man might have shit his pants and frankly who could blame him. Some guy is out texting in the middle of an alleyway in La Crescenta, California. All of a sudden, he runs into something no human should ever have to unexpectedly encounter… A Giant Bear! The dude obviously heads in the opposite direction and he is lucky the bear doesn’t chase after him. Seeing a bear in the middle of a residential area is quite rare, but someone actually within inches of the animal is like watching one of those Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Messin’ with Sasquatch commercials. He was smart enough though to get out of harms way by doing his best Usian Bolt impersonation.

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