Getting Serious about Your Skin Care on a College Budget

teen skin care

teen skin care

College students generally have to tighten the belt on their budgets, cut out excess purchases, and focus on their studies. However, it’s still possible to prioritize beauty and skin care while earning your degree.

You’ll need to modify your purchasing and daily upkeep behavior, but you’ll soon hit your stride. Here are three ways to manage your skin-care regimen even as you grapple with the cost of college tuition.

Everyday ingredients

You can make some of your own skin-care products using simple ingredients from the grocery store. Instead of splurging on an expensive facial at the spa, invest in avocado, cucumber, yogurt, and other natural ingredients.

You can recreate the facial experience at home with some relaxing music and a few basic items. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to take care of the basics.

Natural ingredients can also be used to create your own exfoliants and cleansers. Don’t be afraid to get creative with these inexpensive tools.

Regular upkeep

Budget-conscious students have to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of their health and beauty products.

Healthy skin relies on continual upkeep. If you forget to cleanse your face for a few days, then you’ll need to deal with the potential after-effects of oil buildup and acne.

Get into the habit of using your skin-care products on a regular basis, so you’ll achieve and maintain a certain level of cleanliness. Your products will lose their effectiveness if you use them only once in a while.

On the other hand, you don’t want to take it to the far in the other direction with overuse. Drying out your skin by using cleansers and toners too often can cause problems too, plus you’ll need to replenish your supplies more often.

Refer to the instructions on your skin-care products to see what the ideal level of use should be.

All-natural products

You might notice that natural products are far more effective at treating blemishes and oily skin then cheap chemical-based items. Even if the up-front costs of natural beauty products are higher, these purchases can be worth it in the long run, because they can resolve your skin issues more quickly.

Test different natural products and avoid the cheapest offerings on the shelf, since they may do more harm than good.

Maintaining a balanced daily skin-care regimen can pretty challenging when you’re a college student. Making quality product purchases, creating your own beauty products, and committing to regular upkeep can save you time and money.

Here’s to healthy skin throughout your academic career!

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Practical Skin Care Routines for Busy College Students



Life at college is an exciting, fast-paced environment where priorities can turn upside down at a moment’s notice. Students deal with the pressures of assignment due dates and exams as well as challenges in lifestyle, from cramped quarters to eating on the run.

All these activities can cause you higher levels of stress, making it more likely for you to experience skin problems while you knock skin care down or off the to-do list.

To avoid ignoring the largest organ system in your body, you should attend to some basic skin care practices that every college student can incorporate into daily life. They’ll provide a foundation for beginning or maintaining healthy skin.

The way you treat your skin now will have a major effect on how it may look years down the road.

Daily skin care for coed on the go

The best skin care routines are simple. Follow common-sense practices that will keep your skin in good shape. These are quick, easy solutions that will help you looking fresh even life is a constant mad dash.

Study these suggestions that professionals and beauty experts recommend and see if you can’t incorporate them into your hectic college schedule:

  • Do drink water. Water hydrates the body from the inside out, and promotes more rapid skin cell turnover for healthier skin. Hint: Pick up a refillable water bottle and keep it with you during the day for quick sips during lectures and around campus.

  • Do give your face a fresh start each day by washing your skin to create a smooth canvas for moisturizers to sink in and makeup to look great. In the evenings, wash that makeup off so it doesn’t settle into your skin and create areas where bacteria can cause problems. Hint: If you’re pressed for time, use one of the many facial wipes on the market for a convenient, quick way to clean your face.

  • Do use products that are good for your skin. Whether self-tanners, skin lighteners, or acne creams, choose ones have some form of sun protection and are gentle on the skin. Hint: Try products that use natural ingredients that won’t clog pores.

  • Do avoid excessive alcohol use and cigarettes. Both can dry out your skin and age it much faster with repeated use. Hint: Avoid environments with second-hand smoke.

  • Do use a carry-all or caddy to store your toiletries and makeup. College dorm rooms and apartments can be cramped for space and portable containers offer storage and flexibility. For smaller items, such as lip balms or spot treatments, keep a small makeup bag that fits in your backpack or purse. Hint: Keep your products in a hanging makeup bag that can be easily folded and packed in a moment’s notice.

  • Do clean your cell phone; yes, your cell phone! Held up against your skin repeatedly and for long periods, it may spread bacteria and dirt that will cause breakouts. Wipe down your favorite communicator daily to lessen the odds of blemishes. Hint: Use an earpiece to avoid direct contact between the phone and your skin.

There’s no need to let the demands of college life interfere with a daily skin care routine. By following these practical approaches, you’ll enjoy the benefits of healthier skin now and in the years to come.

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Secret Service Hooker Revealed


A photo of one of the girls at the center of the Secret Service hooker scandal named Tania has been leaked by the New York Daily News. Apparently she charges up to $800 for her escort services. The Colombian prostitute/mother of a 9 year old, got upset when one of the bodyguards only paid her $30. She along with approximately 20 other hookers may be responsible for the dismissal of up to 11 Secret Service agents and 9 military servicemen. On the bright side of this whole scandal, at least she has a nice rack. The only thing more demeaning for the Secret Service would have been another ugly broad getting mixed up into a political scandal. I’m looking at you Monica Lewinsky.

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20 Sexy Photos of Rihanna

rihanna 8

Photo’s of Rihanna on the cover of Elle Magazine have leaked. Of course we wanted to keep you in the loop, so we put together a photo gallery of the best pictures one can find by surfing the internet. Included are some new pics from the May edition of Elle Magazine where she opens up about her breakup with Chris Brown, backlash from the media, potential of having kids… blah blah blah. What you’re really interested in are these photos of Rihanna in her most kinkiest positions. After all, we know whips and chains excite her just like this gallery will excite you. Enjoy!

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Bar Refaeli Looking Smokin’ Hot On The Tennis Court

barbig tennis


Thank you Bar Refaeli and for releasing this new promotional underwear commercial. The Israeli supermodel looks stunning in this throwback black and white video. The one time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl attempts some athletics by playing tennis (which we really aren’t too interested in.) When asked about her new designer underwear Refaeli stated, “I feel I look my best when I’m comfortable.” We most certainly agree that she looks her absolute best. While watching this clip, Billy Madison summed up our thoughts perfectly. “So hot, want to touch the heiney. Arrroooooooo!”

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15 Sexy And Stunning Girls For The Start Of Spring


Spring is now underway which means warm weather, sundresses, and yes spring break. In honor of the first day of spring, we wanted to celebrate by showing you a gallery of 15 sexy women in the grass looking pretty. It’s ok to rock out to some Guns and Roses while viewing these attractive girls. Enjoy Paradise City and the start of spring.

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Playboy Bunnies In Space


With the announcement that Playboy wants to start a Playboy Club out in space only one question needs to be asked. Are you fucking kidding me? I know Newt Gingrich during a presidential debate talked about starting a moon colony, but that didn’t mean people had to take him seriously. Playboy bunnies in space seems absolutely absurd, but apparently this is not some dumb blond joke. Billionaire Richard Branson and his company Virgin Galactic are attempting to launch the first passenger space liner service for $200,000 a seat. Playboy feels this is the future of entertainment and actually wants to take you along with their ladies to a galaxy far, far away…

They are attempting to create an atmosophere featuring a zero gravity dance club, and a casino with “human roulette.” They want you to feel like you’ll be on a cruise ship. Look if this actually occurred I would be the first one to join the party. Hooking up with hot naked chicks in space is every man’s fantasy. Until this happens for real though, I’ll keep on dreaming.



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15 Hot Girls Of Mardi Gras


Tuesdays after 3-day weekends might as well be Monday. In other words, I’d rather be home nursing a hangover than sitting in an office. The great thing about this Tuesday however is it’s Fat Tuesday, maybe the greatest Tuesday of the year since it’s the official start of Mardi Gras. And we all know what that means.

Mardi Gras is infamous for being the only festival that turns nice girls with high morals into exhibitionist maniacs. Out here in New York, things don’t get as crazy as in New Orleans, so we’re going to help you celebrate vicariously with all the Mardi Gras Hotness you can handle. Hope you brought your beads.

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