Just Because it's Funny

Just Because it's Funny

Hilarious Roommate Hate Notes


Having a roommate can be the most amazing experience ever.  You always have someone to see movies with, eat junk food with, and hold your hair while you’re praying to the porcelain God (throwing up in the toilet).  But let’s face it…most of the time, having a roommate ends up being likened to six months (at least) of constantly wanting to slam your face into a brick wall.  They don’t do their chores, bring loud mouthed friends over while you’re trying to sleep, have louder-than-chimpanzees sex in the room (or curtained off section of the room you’re sharing if you’re super fancy) next to you, and skip out on rent.


Here are some of the web’s most hilarious hate notes left behind by roommates.  Have fun wallowing in someone else’s pain for a few minutes!

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Just Because it's Funny

5 Animals Farting

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I recently came across the Morgan Freeman “Everyone Poops” and was wondering why no one has done the “Everyone Farts” video.  Here at The Campus Socialite we have put together this lovely list of 5 animals letting them rip.  Enjoy.

5. Turtle

4. Hedgehog

3. Horse

2. Giraffe

1. Iguana

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Just Because it's Funny

The Best of the World’s Greatest Human: Chuck Norris (Part II)

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Some little known facts about Chuck Norris:

– Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise.

– Those aren’t credits that roll after Walker, Texas Ranger.  It’s actually a list of fatalities caused by Chuck Norris during the making of the episode.

– Charmin once made a Chuck Norris-branded toilet paper, but there was a problem: it wouldn’t take shit from anybody.

To follow-up on Monday’s Part I, we have agonized over the tall task of narrowing such a comprehensive, bone crunching body of work to Norris’s five supreme accomplishments.  Here is our best effort….

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