Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like a Home

dorm interior

Those who have gone through the whole college dorm room experience understand just how uncomfortable it can be. While there is something to be said for the sense of community that the atmosphere brings, it can get pretty obnoxious to be in such close quarters with everybody at all hours of the day. Not to mention, you also have to share a bathroom with a lot of people.

What makes it even more uncomfortable is the confined space you do have in your room, and your unability to make the space you’ll be living in for at least a year-sometimes even the full 4 years you’re at a school, unable to be personalized by you.

This means no paint, sometimes no holes in the walls…no large, comfortable beds, and very little room to store your crap. All colleges will have different dorm rules, but usually students are left in these sort of situations. Luckily for you, there are ways to get around the dullness of a college dorm room. To start making your dorm feel more like a home, try out some of these tips.

Set the Mood With a Statement Rug

Chances are good that the carpeting in your dorm room is no less than stained and disgusting. If you’re luckily enough to have hardwood, well, you’re lucky, but for the rest of the college population, a statement rug is more of a necessity than you even realize.

A rug will immediately give your room a unique flavor from which to build off of. You can choose something that is a solid color, meant only to bring comfort and cover up the ugliness that is around, or you can choose a rug that has a fun design or graphic. Whatever your preference, a statement rug is a must have in a dorm room to bring life and personality to an otherwise boring space.

Do Something on the Walls

Many colleges don’t allow you to paint walls, but they might allow you to pin things up, or install mounts or shelving as long as you repair it before you move out. If this is the case, you have all the power you need. Paint doesn’t have to be the end all.

To spice up your walls without using paint, take to using some temporary wallpaper, hanging up mirrors and pieces of artwork, or using tapestries or curtains to add splashes of color and design to your otherwise drab room.

It’s pretty simple to transform a room into something that feels like home. All it takes is a little education. In addition to using rugs and tapestries or other wall hangings, add colorful accents to your bed, your workspace or your ceiling. Think of the room as an empty canvas. You’ve got freedom to do whatever it is you want, you just have to keep it within the wooden borders.

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Cool Resources to Utilize to Help You Get Through College Life

Female college student

College isn’t a walk in the park. Though many say that it is and was the best time of their lives, it’s also a time filled with monumental stress, late hours, deadlines, cramped quarters, lots of caffeine, and a fair amount of alcohol and partying. Okay. Maybe there’s a very large amount of alcohol and partying.

It’s a blast, and you tend to meet the people you’ll spend a large portion of your life with. To help you get through all the different aspects that college life brings, here are some resources you can be utilizing to help you get through the craziness of college life.

Know When Things are Open

A big hurdle of college life can be the late hours you spend finishing projects, writing papers, and rehearsing the big musical that opens in a week. Often enough, colleges tend to be in little towns where there isn’t much around. This puts you in a bind when you just need to go to the store to buy glue there isn’t anything open.

When you’re up late, or busy doing something important, you tend to forget to do things. To help you during this time, you need to get the app on your phone that tells you the hours for every establishment around you. Don’t waste valuable time driving from place to place to find what you need so desperately, open the app and it will tell you what is currently open and where it is located. This will save your butt every day of your college career.

Never Forget When Homework is Due Again

Sometimes it is such a drag to remember everything that is due and when it is due. Who wants to go scrambling through syllabuses trying to find the midterm date? To help you never forget when something is due and to also help you organize your time, download the app iHomework. It’s available on every apple device and allows you to input tasks, important information, deadlines and homework assignments.

Study Apps

Study apps are the most useful thing on the planet. How did college students survive without them? There is an app called BenchPrep that has all the study guide material you could ever dream of. It includes practice problems, flashcards, about a million study lessons as well as other things.

If you find this resource doesn’t work for you, try StudyBlue flashcards, Wolfram Alpha, the Self Control app and a whole lot more where that came from. Pick your poison-or rather the resource that is going to help you pass college! Everyone wants you to succeed. Be a person who knows what resources are around you. They’ll make it a whole lot easier for you to work smarter instead of harder.

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5 Ways To Learn Medical Knowledge Outside of Typical College Classrooms



In general, medical professionals have to go through a serious amount of college-level education to get their respective degrees. The journey through medical school for doctors, nurses, surgeons, and all other medical practitioners is long and protracted, to say the least, and also very costly.

But, there are definitely ways to legitimately learn medical knowledge outside of the typical college system, including going to HIPAA webinars, using YouTube resources, volunteering at hospitals, interviewing people already in the medical field, and checking out digital libraries that are available.

HIPAA Webinars

By taking the time to attend HIPAA seminars, you’ll get to learn about the privacy and cybersecurity aspect of medical law. Whereas this doesn’t have to do with cutting people open or getting rid of their diseases, it’s still one of the most important aspects of keeping medical propriety intact. Without compliance to HIPAA regulations, personal medical information would be flying around like the Wild West of data flow, and entire livelihoods could be ruined with the press of a few buttons. It’s definitely a part of your medical lexicon that you should pay attention to as early as possible.

YouTube Resources

Though you’re always going to want to fact check, using YouTube to look up medical terms is one thing that many college students have found helpful. Because the format isn’t quite so rigid in terms of learning, that additional resources of video and audio can be a lifesaver if other methods of learning with the teacher in the classroom concept not hitting the total target.


Another great way to gain medical knowledge outside the college realm, but for the college purposes, is to volunteer at hospitals. This way you get a firsthand look at how doctors and nurses operate, and even if you’re just tasked with menial things, or even if you’re just meant to keep patient happy, distracted, or occupied, you’ll gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from each experience, without necessarily being responsible for a whole lot either.

Interviewing Medical Practitioners

For people interested in the medical profession from a journalistic standpoint, there’s always the classic interview route as well. Simply by asking anyone in the field if they’d be willing to sit down with you for a half hour some time to tell their story is a fantastic way to get insider information that there’s no way you could get otherwise.

Digital Libraries

And finally, there are a number of digital lending libraries out there that deal with explicit topics like medical education. These aren’t necessarily the same resources that you would get through your college channels, so they’re worth a look to see how others approach similar topics and methods.

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Old Fashioned Promotions for the Current College Student

student online business

student online business

You can do most of your promotional work online these days, no matter what size your “business” is, but there is still something great about the classic ways of promoting. If you are simply working on promoting your band to get shows, promoting your lawn mowing business to make some summer cash, or you are a start up crafting business looking to sell your handmade items, you may get far more use out of promoting local than online.

You should definitely still be online, and make sure that you share that online presence on your promotional items. However you can really have some fun with these promotional ideas, and maybe even make some new friends and fans as you hand them out. If you ever do trade shows, business expos, or even sell your wares at the local farmer’s market, they are great for handing out at these places as well.

Get Promotional Stickers And Buttons

Personalized or custom stickers are a great way to show off your name or brand. Bands can even make some money selling them on their merch tables at their shows. Stickers and buttons are probably a couple of the most popular promotional items at trade shows, along with pens and t-shirts.

These types of promotional items are definitely an investment, and since you will be giving most of them out for free you can only hope that they attract people to your website, products, or shows in order to make some money in sales. But, that is, in essence, the idea behind these items anyway.

Create A Brochure

If there is a lot to your business and you have some things to say to or show your potential customers, a brochure is a must. You can opt for a simple single sheet brochure that has info on both sides, or if you have more they need to know you can pick the tri-fold kind. Brochures allow you to show your craft, give people info about your business, and sell them without even seeing them.

Brochures are easy to place around at stores and they stack neatly on tables when you do business trade shows. A brochure is kind of like a business card, but it allows you to get across more things than a business card could ever do. It is a sales pitch, instead of just a offer to contact you, like a business card essentially is.

Flyers Get Around

Have you ever walked out to your car after work to find the menu for a restaurant on your windshield, or left a concert to find a bands flyer there? This is a great way to promote yourself and ensure that people see it, although you need to look into the ordinances in the area you live in on whether or not this type of promoting is legal.

You can hang flyers around town in businesses, or even stand outside and directly hand them to people. It all depends on how hands on you want to be and, of course, the laws. Flyers are one sheet advertisements, so make sure you quickly say what you need to on them, and don’t put too much info to make them hard to read in passing!

The Importance Of Business Cards

While business cards are smaller and hold less info, they are no less important when it comes to promoting yourself or your business. They are easy to carry around with you, in a pocket, wallet, or in a purse, and easy to hand out to anyone. Meet someone at the club, “here’s my card.” You can use them for personal or professional business.

Make sure that your card consists of all of the info people need to remember who you are and why they would want to contact you, as well as how they can contact you. Include your name, business name, who you are in the business, your phone number, email, and your website info. That may seem like a lot of info, but it will fit, even if you have to use both sides of the card. If you have a logo you may want to consider having that on it as well.

Remember, the only way these promotional items will work is if you get out there and give them out to people. Be proactive, it will get you the business and attention you want!

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3 Easy Ways To Make Money While Going to School Full-Time

Student With Files Looking Away On University Campus

As a college student, life can get pretty stressful. Between classes, homework and social life, it can be challenging to find the right balance in order to be successful on all fronts. However, all these problems get compounded when you’re having issues just making ends meet for yourself. Having a full-time job as a full-time college student can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you have any other demands on your time as well. For this reason, here’s three ways to make money while going to school full-time without having to work every second you’re not in class.

Offer Limited SEO Services

If you’re Internet savvy and have access to a computer, you may consider setting yourself up as a consultant that offers limited SEO services to small businesses or even other students in your area. Because SEO involves so many facets of internet marketing, you can easily pick and choose which areas you want to focus on and which areas wouldn’t be as interesting or lucrative.

The great thing about this option is that there is tons of information out there for you to teach yourself how to complete the type of work you’re interested in. For example, if you love marketing, you could only offer conversion rate optimization services for websites; if you are interested in advertising, you could work primarily with Google AdWords and advertise for businesses exclusively. Find what you enjoy about digital marketing and offer those specific services that will help businesses grow and help your portfolio grow as well.

Open An Etsy Shop

This option may not be for everyone, but if you have a creative bone in your body, you may want to consider opening up an Etsy shop to sell your creations. If you’re unfamiliar with Etsy, it’s like a farmer’s market but everything takes place online.

While you may think that selling your products or services on Etsy would be extremely simple, shares that you really have to think about it as a legitimate business in order to find financial success. This includes creating a business plan and marketing yourself just like you would with a traditional business. But if you love crafting or creating items, this could be a perfect way for you to participate in your hobby while making money, too.

Become an Amateur Photographer

Being a poor college student, you understand what it’s like to not be able to afford expensive things. However, there are times where you really need something yet can’t bring yourself to pay a premium price for it. For most college students, one of those things is photography.

Whether you’re throwing an event, hitting a big life milestone, or just in the mood for some glamour shots, there’s always a reason for someone to hire a photographer. So if you have a decent camera and access to photo editing tools, why not take advantage of this opportunity by offering inexpensive amateur photography? However, Jeff Meyer of warns that taking portraits can be much more difficult than you expect, so make sure you know some basic tips and tricks for snagging amazing photos.

If you have a skill and are able to think creatively about how others might need to use your skill, you can come up with a great idea for working seasonally or part-time while also being a full-time student. Use the tips above to help make your college life a bit more financially secure.

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5 Essentials for Every College Freshman


Congratulations on your graduation! While high school may have felt like an eternity, it was really a stepping stone to bigger and better things. College life is an exciting time for every young teenager, and preparing to leave home can prove thrilling and terrifying simultaneously. Packing up to set up a new life may be overwhelming, but there are a few basics every freshman should include. Included here are the essentials for incoming college freshman leaving home behind for the first time.


If first impressions were important in high school, they are doubly so in the big leagues of college life. You are going to be meeting friends, future colleagues, professors and potential employers. Make sure you are presenting yourself as a confident, capable young person. While style can vary widely by individual and campus, you should always be hygienic and in tidy-looking clothes.

School Supplies

While elementary school may have demanded nothing more of you than crayons and notebooks, college is going to be a bit more spendy. You will likely need a personal laptop, as well as calculators and textbooks. Depending on your major, you may need even more expensive supplies as your college career progresses. Try to begin your college life with as many of these necessities as possible, to save yourself the stress of securing them later.

Creature Comforts

Dorm life is nothing like living at home. Say goodbye to hot home-cooked meals and folded laundry, the only person responsible for you is you. On some campuses, you may be able to have a mini fridge in your dorm as well as a hot plate for cooking. This can help ease the food expenses you face at college.

Other campuses may have completely unfurnished dorm rooms, meaning you will need to supply the bed, desk and office chair as well as any extra lamps or rugs. Make sure you have enough bedding sets and towels that you don’t have to run laundry too often.


If you have a mini fridge, you should be set to supply your own food, and prepare it. Many campuses have a meal plan that will allow you to eat in the cafeteria for 3 meals a day. However, meal plans can be extremely pricey, a few thousand per quarter in some colleges, and you will need to be prepared to foot the bill.


The most important thing any incoming freshman will need is a strong support system. This can come from good friends, loving family members or a significant other. College is certainly a shock to the system for young teens and should be buffered with plenty of loving support. Be sure you have someone you can call when the going gets tough, and know that dropping some classes to stay afloat is always an option.

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3 Tips For Better Financial Management As A College Student

As you all know, getting a collegiate education is expensive. From living on your own to paying for books and class fees to tuition itself, a lot of college students feel that coming out of school with money to their name is even more difficult than obtaining a degree. But while college is a great time to learn how to live off little to nothing, there are certain things you can do to have better control over your money and your financial freedom. To help you see how, here are three tips for better financial management as a college student.

Take Advantage of Personal Finance Tools

Even if all your money is going out and none is coming in, it can still be super beneficial to use personal finance tools to see where you’re spending all your cash. To get a handle on your money, think of your personal finances like business finances: you must track everything. However, tracking your personal finances is a little simpler than tracking business financials.

To help on this front, Alan Henry, a contributor to, shares five of the best personal finance tools available today. Depending on how detailed you want your tracking to be or what other financial features you’re looking for, one of these five tools may be the perfect financial fit for you. They can all help you to be knowledgeable about your accounts, see how your money is moving, and understand where your spending is going.

Create a Workable Budget Based Off Wants and Needs

While creating a budget doesn’t sound like a ton of fun, it’s exactly what you need to do if your funds seem to be getting out of control, or even if you’d just like to have better control over your spending. But the key to creating a budget that you can actually work with and stick to is understanding what your wants and needs are.

According to Scott Halliwell of, a person’s “needs” include the basic food, clothing and shelter, but they also include things like insurance, phone, personal care items, transportation and utilities. Almost everything that falls outside these few items should be considered a “want”. With needs, you have to spend your money. With wants, spending money is not necessary. When creating your budget, make sure you have all your needs accounted for before you even begin thinking about your wants—like getting those Hunter boots or pre-ordering Star Wars tickets for you and all your friends.

Use Credit Cards Wisely

When money is nowhere to be seen, credit cards can appear like your knight in shining armor, offering you access to all your wildest dreams. But when the time comes to pay your credit card bill, you can be hit with a wave of regret that could bring even the strongest to tears. In fact, according to, 60 percent of college students say they’re surprised at how high their credit card bills have reached and 45 percent say they experience high anxiety about paying the money back.

To avoid from being in this situation, use credit cards wisely. Try to pay off as much of your balance as possible each month to avoid fees and other charges. And whenever possible, try to either spend money you know you have or go without. You’re already going to have a lot of debt from going to school, there’s no use in adding to it with significant, yet unnecessary credit card debt.

The financial habits you set up for yourself in college will stay with you for the rest of your life. To have the most secure financial future possible, consider implementing the tips mentioned above to better manage your finances today.

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A Guide To Being A Good College Renter

You’re in college and dorms just aren’t your thing, so you decide to rent an apartment, or a room in a house with some other college students. It’s this time in your life, your first time living out on your own, that you need to start learning the true meaning of responsibility. Your rental record with even this first home or apartment can affect whether or not you can find a decent rental in the future, and it can also affect your overall credit.

It’s really not that difficult to be a good renter. Some rental places will refuse to rent to college students, thinking they will have parties and leave the place trashed when they move out. You just need to make sure you do the following things.

Always Pay Your Rent On Time

Paying rent on time shows that you are a responsible adult. Even if they money that is paying your rent is coming from your parents, making sure it is in on time is key to being a great renter and getting a good reference from your landlord when you are ready to move into a new place after school is done.

If you don’t pay your rent on time you risk getting evicted, which could mean a trip to court and you may still owe all of the rent due on your entire lease. If you don’t pay it, it can end up on your credit record and make it difficult to get loans, credit cards, and more.

Leave The Place Cleaner Than When You Moved In

When it is time for you to move out, make sure you clean the place well. Don’t leave anything behind that you brought in and don’t take anything with you that was there when you moved in. The best rule to leave by is to leave it cleaner when you move out that it was when you moved it.

That means sweeping, vacuuming, maybe event having the carpet professionally cleaned. Clean the inside and outside of the stove, and make sure to clean the walls. If you were given permission to paint the walls, but told you needed to paint them back to the original color, don’t forget to do it!

Never Break A Lease

Last, but not least, if you want to have a good rental history, never break a lease, for any reason. If you need to move, find out if you are allowed to find a subleaser. Otherwise you are very likely to find yourself in court owing the rest of your lease and you will lose having a good rental reference, which will make it difficult to get another renter to trust you.

College students are wise to search out rental places with short term leases, rather than signing on for a whole year. You don’t want to be stuck in a place in a town you don’t want to stay in after graduation, just because you have a lease and want to stay in the good graces of the rental universe.

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Top Three Careers For Compassionate People



When you’re in college, it can be difficult to know what career path you should be on, especially if you have multiple interests that span the gamut. Even after being in school for two years and taking numerous classes, you may still feel like you have no idea what type of career is best suited for you. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to look more at your personality and who you are rather than just what interests you.

For those who have a dominantly compassionate personality, there are hundreds of different career paths you can go down that will result in you having a life of happiness and accomplishment. So if you feel best when you’re helping someone else, consider going into one of the three following careers while obtaining your college education.


Because many people love their pets just as much or more than they love the humans in their lives, vets have to be compassionate toward both their patients and owners. This amount of compassion requires a level of care and attention that many can’t handle. This is especially true in difficult situations where the prognosis doesn’t look good. But if you can muster up the compassion to treat your patients with kindness and their owners with gentleness and respect, a vet may be the perfect job for you.

According to, most vets also make between $70,000 and $90,000 a year, making this a relatively lucrative career option. And with job prospects looking like they’ll only increase in the coming years, becoming a vet can appeal to anyone with a compassionate personality and a love for animals.


Therapists spend the majority of their time listening to others and attempting to help them either solve or come to terms with their problems. And luckily for those who feel the compassion to help others make a better life for themselves, there are plenty of career options even within the therapy umbrella.

According to Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, contributor to the Huffington Post, therapy can include counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling and more. If you’re a compassionate college student who enjoys listening to others and helping them navigate their life, becoming a therapist may be just right for you.

Medical Assistant

While the above two career options have a little more emotion tied to them, medical assisting can be great for those who feel the compassion to help those around them yet may find some aspects too emotional to deal with on a regular basis. As a career in the healthcare industry, being a medical assistant is perfect for those who have a desire to heal the bodies, hearts, and minds of others.

According to, the job growth rate for medical assistants is at 31 percent, meaning that there is a growing demand for people who can accomplish medical assisting tasks. This could be the perfect career for someone who wants to be in the field of medicine, helping other members of society, but doesn’t want to spend ten or more years going to school.

If you have a compassionate personality, there are many jobs that could fit your way of life and temperament. Consider trying one of the above careers to find a place in this world that will help you to make a difference while making yourself a better person.

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Avoiding The “Freshman Fifteen” – Stay Fit In College


Everyone’s heard of the dreaded “freshman fifteen” – the weight college students supposedly put on after the first few months of all you can eat cafeteria food for every meal. That’s in addition to the cheap beer and late night Xbox sessions!

It’s possible to stay fit in college, but it takes discipline and hard work. If you’ve got what it takes, these tips will help you stay in shape while you’re in college. What’s more, the self control you will learn by keeping a regular exercise schedule will help you to stay on top of homework and other college obligations.

Eat Right

The campus dining hall is dangerous – unlimited pizza, chicken wings, and desserts as far as the eye can see! Often, students who are away from Mom’s cooking for the first time will spring for these items, stuffing themselves on fatty, greasy food and avoiding the vegetables entirely.

It’s true that most cafeterias don’t offer great vegetables. Cooking for yourself on occasion is a great solution to this. You may find you prefer your own cooking to what’s available in the dining hall.

Look at your portions when taking food. Vegetables should cover about half your plate. If meat takes up more than a third of your meal, put it down. Try to alternate your proteins – fish, nuts, and eggs all contain protein, and it’s healthier than eating red meat all the time.

Find Your Community

Your campus might have a gym, but if it doesn’t, a college student can’t be expected to pay for an expensive membership at a local gym. Try doing simple exercises instead. Running is a free way to get exercise. You can also do bodyweight exercises like pushups in your dorm.

Finding other people who are interested in working out can help to keep you motivated. Find a running buddy who will get you up in the morning even on days you don’t want to go. Or consider joining a club at your school – most colleges offer free yoga and other classes after hours, and anyone can go.

Track Your Progress

Keep track of your progress so that you can see how far you’ve come! It can be very motivating to see the time it takes you to run a mile dwindle down, or to realize that you can now do twenty pushups when before you could barely do one.

Find a fitness tracker, such as the popular FitBit, that will track your cardio and report how much exercise you get per month on a calendar. These trackers can even monitor your sleep and help you understand why you don’t feel rested in the morning.

Feel Great!

Follow these simple tips and you won’t be gaining the freshman fifteen – you’ll be getting stronger. Good, honest exercise feels great, and by staying fit, you’ll be more able to fight off college problems like the dreaded “dorm flu”. College is a time to try new things, so use this opportunity to turn daily exercise into a lifetime habit.

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