Relax Everyone! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Facebook


 zuckerberg conference

We understand that the last 24 hours have been very stressful for everyone. Facebook looks completely different, there’s new windows, there’s new colors and nobody knows what to do with themselves. Take our word though, this is not a time for uproar and hatred. I just sat through the entire Mark Zuckerberg conference, and the only verdict to make is that Facebook is doing some really, really amazing things. Overwhelmed? Allow us to explain everything.

The Newsfeed

yo dawg

This was the first thing everyone saw when they logged in and realized that Facebook had once again turned our lives upside down. Don’t worry if it’s confusing. Facebook says this is the biggest change they’ve made to the platform since they came up with the idea, so if it looks like one giant cluster-fuck of shit right now, it’s only because it’s very very new.

The first thing that needs explanation is that random box that has appeared in your upper-right hand corner. The biggest complaint i’ve seen (on my news feed ironically) is that Facebook has cluttered your screen with 2 News Feeds instead of 1. That would be useless and annoying. But as it turns out, useless and annoying is exactly what Facebook is now trying to prevent.

facebook ticker

Remember when every time some girl you know commented “awww” on some other girl you know’s “I love you” on her tool Boyfriend’s wall. Instead of all that clogging up your Newsfeed, it’s now been reduced to a tiny little box in the right hand corner. There if you need it, but not taking up valuable real estate. Your Newsfeed will now only be the meat: article shares, pictures, and status updates. Now you can comment on 30 different people’s walls and not annoy your friends, and nobody will annoy you with useless activity either.


facebook subscriptions

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you already understand the concept of following someone’s updates without necessarily following them back. I follow Katy Perry on Twitter. Does she follow me back? Not yet she doesn’t. But anything she has to say, or more importantly, any hot picture she decides to Tweet, I get to see. Subscriptions are Facebook’s answer to this concept.

Instead of only being able to follow the lives of people who would call you friends, you can now follow the updates of anyone with a Facebook. All they have to do is select “Public” on something they post. For instance, if Katy Perry wants to post something about her new Youtube video, she’s gonna want me (the public) to hear about it. But if Katy Perry is heading out to the Taco Bell down the road from her house at 1:00 AM, chances are she’s only gonna want her friends to know, if anyone. In this case she’ll just hit “Friends” and it will be just like a normal Facebook post. I’ll just hope she hits “Public” by accident.

katy perry

It doesn’t have to be just limited to “Public” and “Friends” either. You will now be able to separate your friends into lists and you will be able to decide which pieces of information reach which lists. Those who dabbled in Google+ for that one week where it was almost cool will think this sounds familiar to “Circles.” Exactly. The one thing that Google had over Facebook has officially been undercut. You can have a family list, a co-worker list, a random skank list. Whatever degrees of separation you need. You can lead 5 different online lives at the touch of a button.

Social Sharing Apps

Facebook Apps have been around for years, yet somehow have managed to serve no relevant purpose what-so-ever. After today though, it is safe to assume that everything was always heading towards this point. Say goodbye to Farmville and Mafia Wars and say hello to Open Graph Apps. It used to be that when you downloaded an app, you were presented with this makeshift digital contract, essentially stating that if you access this app you had to sign away your soul. From now on Facebook will be integrating apps that you’ll actually want to use, apps that will provide relative information to your friends, and apps that will allow you to determine what is shared.

The apps currently being explored are fucking revolutionary, and we’re on what, day 3? Picture this Spotify fans: that friend you have who knows every band in the world integrates his Spotify with Facebook. He throws on a dope track and he just dug out of that magical dope track mine he has in his backyard, and it will post directly to your ticker. Then all you have to do is click it and it will play for you instantly, through Spotify, directly on your Facebook. It will even aggregate a summary of his activity into accesible information: most played songs, most recent played songs, etc.

spotify facebook

The same thing goes for articles and games. You will be able to see what people are currently reading, what they have read recently, what games they are currently playing, and where they are on those games. You can even listen to songs or play games at the same time with friends and interact socially while you do so. Gizmodo says “It’s like having the world’s largest headphone wire.” Basically, everything you do online can now be integrated socially, and shared with your friends and subscribers, on your own terms.

Stay Tuned for More

This is just the beginning. Everything is changing, and some of the already existing changes haven’t even been implemented yet. Check out this video below to find out about the coming soon Personal Timeline changes. More explanation will follow. As soon as I understand it.


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Text and Walk With TransparenTXT for Windows Phone (Video)

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 6.31.56 PM


Finally, a new way to observe the beauty of the sidewalk while sexting your ladyfriend! This cool new app for the Windows Phone uses your camera to show you what’s in front of you while you text your life away. So next time you can look like the idiot walking with his phone in front of his face, instead of just being that guy who looks down and walks.

At least you won’t be as embarrassed as the mall fountain lady:


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Need Your Homework Done ASAP? Comes Through in The Clutch


does that make sense

A real Socialite never lets the party end, but somehow in the end, against all odds, he manages to get his shit done too. Regardless, sitting in a dorm room deciphering Shakespeare for two hours when you could be at the bar for 25 cent wings and $1 shots is something nobody wants to do. Textbooks have to get read though, nothing you can do about that, but with the revolutionary service, all you need to do is “Ask A Nerd”:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and just by clicking a button.

Does That Make Sense is a fairly new service but it’s already being used at top schools like University of Maryland, University of Michigan and University of Arizona. Have you seen the girls at University of Arizona? Nobody there is doing papers on a Friday night. It doesn’t matter where you go to school though, or where you live, or what your Major is, because DTMS has a “Nerd” waiting on call to help you with whatever ridiculous homework assignment, or million page paper you’re having trouble with…or just don’t feel like putting a whole lot of time into. No judgements here.

i love nerds

Here’s how it works: DTMS gathered up teachers, principals, and the dorky kids in class who would give their professor a foot-massage for an A, from all around the country, and they are all on stand by waiting to tutor you. So rather than have to find your campus tutoring center on a map, or worse, admit to your professor that you spend class playing Angry Birds, all you have to do is click the button, pay a very reasonable sum of money (more below), and you will be directly connected with a Pro-Nerd. Check out the site’s demo video below.



DTMS has had users for a little while now, but just recently, they released the most revolutionary aspect of the service: Reverse Auctioning. Think of it like Ebay for your homework. You submit a help request with material and deadline, the Nerds bid on how much they are willing to assist you for, and you personally select which Nerd you want. They have re-introduced themselves as a full-service, academic tutoring company that sets you up with the tutor you want for what you are willing to pay. Beat that Help Center.

does that make sense

If you’re thinking that this service is the best thing to happen to college since Natty Light, we are on the same page. They’ll read your textbook for you and teach you the contents, help you write and edit your paper and answer any academic-related question you can think of. They will specifically design the tutoring method to your needs as well, something professors will almost always refuse to do. They can even turn the notes into an MP3 so you can study on the go. So if you legitimately need help (very real possibility) or just really don’t feel like wasting 3 hours reading a textbook (more likely possibility), check out Never let the college part of college drag down your swagger again. is one of the lead sponsors on The Campus Socialite’s Blitz & Beatz Tour. Check out pictures from The University of Michigan invasion, and the DTMS Sexy Nerd Ambassadors, right below.





does that make sense

does that make sense

does that make sense

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The Campus Socialite and Dreamstime Are Giving Away An iPad 2!


iPad app store

You heard me correctly. We’re teaming up with Dreamstime, a leading player in the stock photography industry, to give one incredibly lucky student an iPad this Wednesday, September 14th. Find out more after the jump!


At 1 PM EST on Wednesday we’ll be hosting a caption contest with a picture provided from Dreamstime’s immense archive of stock photos. The contest will take place on The Campus Socialite’s Facebook fanpage. Why am I telling you this now? Well, an iPad 2 is a big, big prize, and we thought you should as much information as possible so you can be ready to participate and WIN.

As always, the caption with the MOST LIKES will win…but that’s not all – If you’re interested in pumping up your chances, Dreamstime is giving you another opportunity to win by registering on the site and referring your friends at


Through October 6th, Dreamstime is also offering 25% off all images for students. If you’re in a frat, you can find images to throw on flyers for your next rager. If you’re a blogger then get something to spice up your creative nonsense. Or if you just wanna convince your parents that you made nice, respectable-looking friends up at school, grab a photo of some college students and Photoshop yourself right on in there.


So get your best one-liners ready for Wednesday afternoon, and get your friends to sign up for Dreamstime to increase your chance of winning!

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The Campus Tycoon: Groupon Offering College Tuition Deal and My Ideas for Future Group Buying Deals



Here is a deal to bring home to mom and dad. College students that are looking to go on to grad school to become a teacher, National Louis University will offer would-be teachers a Groupon Deal for nearly 60% off tuition of an entry-level graduate teaching course. The deal, set to go live Tuesday, will discount the cost for the three-credit introductory course from $2,232 to $950. The offer is open to as many as 25 buyers, who must possess an undergraduate degree to participate. Students will need to complete another 33 credits at full price to earn a graduate degree. Now I know what most of you are saying, “what the fuck is a National Louis University, I damn sure never seen them play on ESPN.” But that’s really not the point here. What makes this deal interesting is that it opens up an entirely new potential platform for Group Buying Deals, college tuition, as well as a huge financial discount for students looking to attend grad schools. The purpose of this deal is for prospective teachers to get a taste for the work load and what they will entail by embarking on a graduate degreee, without spending a boatload of cash.

With this unique expansion of the Group Buying model, it got me thinking of other things that I would like to see receive the Groupon treatment…

Anything Apple

Not that Apple needs to discount anything, but it would be awesome to see the iPads, iPhones, iPods, & Mac laptops get discounted if you and your friends bought them at a certain time.  Even if they did this with old models it could still be cool.  Here’s my thought, as you expand into more and more apple products, and you recruit friends to do the same, you receive discounts as you move forward.  So if you have owned three types of iPods, two versions of iPhones, both iPads, and a Macbook Pro, your next apple product should receive a substantial discount.  It would build brand loyalism with Apple even further, and increase the rate of expansion of the brand.



Nothing deserves a discount more than gas.  If it was up to me anyone who comes to a Blitz and Beatz event from out of town or a different campus would receive a group buying opportunity to get discounted gas.  I’m gonna write a strongly worded letter to Groupon to see if I can get this one passed.

Expensive Yankee Tickets

Yankee Seats Empty

The most disturbing sight is seeing those crazy expensive Yankee tickets in the front rows have nobody sitting in them.  Groupon should have an instant deals alert, and only offer it to true Yankee fans.  They can determine the Yankee fans by tracking how often people talk about the Yankees on their various social networks.  It’s like Yankee Klout.

Sports Betting


This concept is off the cuff, but hear me out.  Let’s say you use (free plug) like myself.  I think something that would be cool is that if you can get 5 other people to bet on the same game as you, it would lower your spread by 2 pts.  Every 5 people that you get to bet on your game lowers the spread for the entire group by an additional two points.  This would be beneficial to Sportsbook as it would increase people recruiting their friends to bet, it would make sports betting a more social activity, and it would give the people making the bets a better opportunity to win money; which they will ultimately lose back to Sportsbook at one time or another anyways.

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This Mildly Attractive Girl Will Be Your Facebook Girlfriend for $5


facebook girl


Surprisingly enough, being in a relationship on Facebook is one of the biggest chick magnets money can (apparently) buy. Girls like a guy with status, and having a girl who can stand you enough to want to publicly display her love for you says a whole lot. The above girl  has capitalized on this idea, and will now take your hard-earned $5 to be your Facebook Girlfriend for one week. Any takers?

This is Natalia’s exact quote on her ad: “I will change my “relationship status” to ‘in a relationship with__(enter your name here)___’ for an entire week (7 days.) I will also comment on your facebook wall to make your ex and all your friends jealous.” I have a feeling that’s the best picture she’s ever taken in her life and that it took her 10 minutes to pick it out. Still though, nice smile, nice cleavage, cool looking room. Not bad.

From one social media guru to another, much respect Natalia. Just make sure you stick to your original offer. The problems arise when you realize you can charge $10 if you throw in a kiss or $50 if you throw in a handjob. It’s all downhill from there. At the very most you can charge a couple of extra 5’s for using the words “sexy” or “so wet” in said Facebook comments.   Hope all goes well, Natalia. Your semi-whoredom should be an inspiration to women everywhere.

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In a Band? Check out and Find Promoters ASAP



Everyone who owns a guitar and took a months worth of lessons thinks they are a legit musician. If you’ve ever been to the dive bar in your college town with the stage, you know that most college bands legitimately suck. The most unfortunate thing is there are those college bands that are actually pretty good, but the get lost in the sea of the bad ones. In New Paltz there were one or two that were actually really good, but the sad truth is those bands have just as much of a chance of getting introduced to the right people as the shitty ones. That’s where, the social platform for bands, promoters and licensers is here to help.

The way it works is simple: If you are a band, you sign up as a band and upload your music, pictures, links to your website and any other applicable information. If you are a promoter, you can go into the backend and search for bands based on whatever criteria you are looking for. Once you’ve found a band, you can get in touch with them and book them easily for whatever show or festival you are trying to promote. One of the biggest gaps in the entertainment industry, unknown bands and promoters, has finally been bridged.


If you are a local band with a decent following, trying to come up in the world, or you’re a local promoter on campus trying to take things to the next level, this is an absolute must. Or lets say your just a simple civilian trying to throw a sick party and want to add a little live music, you can book a band in as much time as it takes you to find a hot girl to stalk on Facebook.

According to Sonic Bids themselves, they are trying to empower an “Artistic Middle Class.” As weird as that may sound, if you think about it for a second it makes a ton of sense and it’s actually really admirable. The CEO, who goes by the name of Panos, claims he worked as an agent for years and was just too overwhelmed with bands wanting booking to be able to give all of them the proper attention it would require to introduce them to promoters. So one day he quit his job, and maxed out his credit cards starting, streamlining the whole booking process and cutting out the middle-man position that he once occupied.


The truth is i’ve had about 5 people come up to me over the last couple of years, all aspiring musicians, and pitch me this same exact idea, and every single time I thought it was awesome. In the age of Web 2.o, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get in touch with anyone, for any purpose. Props to Panos for going out and getting that shit done. Socialite Approved.

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TicketMaster Teams Up with Facebook To Tell You Where Everyone’s Sitting



TicketMaster, the ticketing giant that we’ve all grown up depending on for all our event going needs (before StubHub) is taking the next logical step into digital media: merging with Facebook. Rather than create their own social platform, TicketMaster is using Facebook’s API to allow you to check into your seats at a show, and allow you to see where all your Facebook friends are sitting at the same show. No more lying to your friends about floor seats when you were in the nosebleeds.


If you ever checked the FourSquare Map to see just how far away the bar your friend is having  “The Best Night of His Life” at is, you kinda already know how this works. The App will display a Facebook infused map, with the seating chart and little Facebook flags and avatars where all your friends are sitting. TicketMaster says that this will take event goers back to pre-web ticket buying. I’m not really sure how it does that, but hey, it definitely beats jumping up and down and waving at your friends during an intermission.

I can think of a bunch of reasons as to why this is awesome. First off, before you even buy tickets to a show, you can see where people you know are sitting. Maybe your really good friends, maybe someone you’ve lost touch with, or maybe just some girl who you’ve been waiting for a shot with. But say none of your friends are going! Sucks, right? Well with the new App, you can actually see who’s sitting in the seats next to you, even if you aren’t already friends. I think you know where to go from there. If you’re seeing the same show, it’s safe to say you already have something in common, so roll with it. Making friends with people you don’t know is the new way of the world. Just don’t try to lock them in your trunk after the show or anything.

9,ooo shows and venues are already using the technology. I have no idea if that is a big number or not but definitely exciting. The App also allows you to purchas tickets from nearby venues, post your seats on Facebook, and nudge friends to buy tickets too. Is it bad that my first thought was whether or not I could walk by a luxury box at Yankee stadium and check into it? Not that Facebook doesn’t already know I’m a big deal. In any case, congrats Ticketmaster. This is totally worth the Surcharges.

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Top Earthquake Tweets of The Last 20 Minutes



Holy Shit! All of New York just fucking shook. We’re hearing that the Great East Coast EarthQuake of 2011 stretched all the way from Virginia to Toronto. And everyone’s first reaction: Tweet! World events make the best Tweets ever and Campus Socialite is bringing you the best of them. Enjoy, Socialites, and make sure you’re not above the 2nd floor of any tall building.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/pattonoswalt/status/106064781236125697″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/TheOnion/status/106062982051676161″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/hodgman/status/106070125706346496″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/GlenAllenWalken/status/106066463378513920″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/funnyordie/status/106066302396936193″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/michaelianblack/status/106088294533697536″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/JudahWorldChamp/status/106063889233489920″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/mikebarish/status/106067921356328961″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/JennyJohnsonHi5/status/106064509113860096″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/katz/status/106064499076894720″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/RolfeWinkler/status/106071721064398848″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/bronk/status/106072663818121216″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/DannyZuker/status/106066466377449472″]

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