Today Is Officially Steve Jobs Day. Has This Gotten Out of Hand?


steve jobs

Usually days are named for people like Presidents, discoverers of America, war heroes, Saints, something of that nature. People who have done a whole lot of good for the world. Today was officially named however, by decree of California Governor Jerry Brown, Steve Jobs Day, for a dude who happens to have convinced America that owning one particular computer makes you more special than owning another. The iPhone is pretty cool but has this gotten out of hand?

To be fair, it’s only Steve Jobs day in California, for now. California is of course world famous for legendary Silicon Valley, where Facebook, Apple and Google all have headquarters. Essentially, it’s where all the magic happens, and in the personal electronics space, Steve Jobs has managed to rule over it with an iron fist. He’s had a great amount of influence over the tech whole, unmeasurable influence in fact, and his legacy should be remembered.

steve jobs cartoon

But his own Holiday? Holiday is of course a shortened version of Holy Day, and while all Holidays don’t have religious connotation, isn’t it pretty fitting that this would be the next step given the kind of hysteria going on the last week. I went to my local Apple store a few days after the event in question, and there were people sobbing and sticking hand-written Post-It notes on the window. The city store was even worse.

Come on people! This guy sold electronics. Sure they were good quality electronics but does selling a computer for $2,000 in a cute fold-out case complete with a Apple decal to stick on a car make you some kind of patron for humanity? Not to mention 80% of the parts in that computer were built by little Chinese children making 80 cents an hour. The only difference between him and Bill Gates was that he has the good sense to put Hipster music in his commercials and call his technicians “Geniuses.” His legacy is equal parts making quality electronics and making electronics cute. Steve Jobs Day? Please California. Please.

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Planet Text: How SMS Messaging Is Changing The World (Infographic)


You don’t have to be a genius to see the impact that text messages have had on the world in the past decade. Even shorter than that. I remember when having a beeper was cool. Ok, maybe having a beeper was never cool. Anyway, I don’t even pick up a call anymore unless I’m absolutely certain this person couldn’t have just as easily texted me. A cigarette and a bottle of Jack leaves no free hand for a phone. Enough talk from me though. This Infographic from sums it all up. Interesting stuff. Text it to your friends.

planet text


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And Now For One of Those Terribly Animated Asian Newsflashes About The Life of Steve Jobs (Video)

Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 2.40.04 PM


You’re probably sitting there wondering “WTF?” But strangely enough, this video sums up Jobs’ life pretty well – aside from obnoxiously fantastical liberties that the animators took with the details. What blows my mind is that this was uploaded on August 25…but Jobs didn’t die until yesterday. Someone in China knows what’s up…

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Steve Jobs, CEO of Inspiration Inc. (Video)


In mourning of the passing of Steve Jobs, watch this video of his Stanford University commencement speech. An inspirational speech from one of the most important entrepreneurs of our time. A Blackberry one day will go back to being just a piece of fruit. The apple won’t have the same fate because of Steve Jobs. #RIP

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Top 20 Laugh Out Loud Tweets from Comedian, Rob Huebel



If you never watched the show “Children’s Hospital” it’s not a Soap-Opera or a Medical Drama. It’s a hysterical show on Adult Swim held down by two of my favorite comedians named Rob: Rob Corddry and today’s Top Tweets star, Rob Huebel (@RobHuebel). I haven’t caught much of Rob’s stand-up, but the next time he swings through New York, I’m there. The dude has 276,000 Followers and has earned every one of them. Don’t believe me? Read on?

Check Out More Top Tweets

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/121323970069921792″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/120233042924154880″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/119841807248003072″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/118796154707251201″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/118131067315171328″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/112660339027488768″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/111921525875159041″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/111587561536897025″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/111513994426187776″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/108642503611260929″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/107881223384334336″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/105747423133044736″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/103895611996258304″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/101367469377204225″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/100043051770195968″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/95642714594480128″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/93765444607033345″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/93394539729002496″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/89361301012353024″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/87335803663032320″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/robhuebel/status/83629474335297537″]

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The iPhone 4S: Everything You Need To Know


iphone 4s

The short version is that Apple announced the iPhone 4S today and it will be available October 14th for purchase. The long version (the one with all the hardware updates, software updates and new features) is well, a bit longer. The iPhone 4S is nothing huge, nobody besides Apple will tell you it is, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome new tweaks and perks that this new contraption had to offer. So if you happen to have an upgrade ready to go, here’s everything worth noting about the iPhone 4S.

Stronger, Faster Insides

iphone 4s

The iPhone 4S looks exactly the same as the 4 on the outside. A little dissapointing but we’ve gotten over it. After all, I have one in my hand and I can’t really think of anything they could do to it physically to make me happier. The insides however are a different story. The first thing mentioned was the battery. The new battery will allow you to talk on a 3G connection for 8 hours straight, 6 for browsing. Next was the processor; 7 times faster than the current 4 model. The data speed will be 2 times as fast and will essentially operate on a 4G system, comprised of two stainless steel antennas that share power. In short, it’s a lot fucking faster and a lot fucking smoother. Damn, I could have just said that.

Snazzy New IOS 5 Operating System

ios 5

This was actually announced a while ago, but the iPhone 4S will fully implement Apple’s new operating system iOS5, hence the OS in iOS. Some of the cooler features are a Notifications Center, iMessage which I imagine will be a better version of Blackberry’s BBM and Twitter Integration. IOS 5 will also feature iCloud which is a Cloud system set up by Apple. For those who don’t know what a Cloud is, it’s basically a system that stores all your data in space and allows you to access it from any device at any time. iOS5 officially launches October 12th.

Shiny New Camera


Apple responded to all the snobby Droid users who go on about the Droid’s superior camera ability, the only way they know how: By making a better fucking camera. Will a phone camera ever replace your digital SLR or even your $99.99 Sony? Maybe, but not today. None the less, the iPhone 4S’s camera blows the competition out of the water with face recognition and 78% more light per pixel. What you’ll get is super clear pictures with special emphasis on every detail of a face, which in a way is both good and bad, depending on who’s sending you a nude shot. The camera has 8 Megapixels and a much faster shutter speed which will make those fly-by pictures of funny billboards a hell of a lot clearer.

The Best for Last: Siri

iphone siri

Forget everything you just read. This is the best and potentially only reason you need to get an iPhone 4S. Siri is a voice recognition system, but not the shitty one you had on your Nokia that seemed to call your ex-girlfriend no matter what you told it. Siri is meant to be like a personal assistant, trained to carry out your will at the sound of your voice, provided your will falls into her list of specific commands.

As an example, Apple Big-Wig, Scott Forstall asked Siri if he needed a rain coat to which Siri responded “Yes, it looks like rain.” No word on whether or not this was true, but i’ll assume it was for Apple’s sake. Siri can set your alarm, schedule appointments, call people, text people, respond to people’s calls or texts. I don’t know about you but i’m picturing a leggy blonde with shoulder length hair and a love of black mini-skirts, but according to Nick Bilton of the New York Times “It sounds like a female Hal who had too many Vodka Tonics.” Precisely my type!



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5 Boss Things Sean Parker Has Done (In The Last 7 Days)


Sean Parker

Some may think that Sean Parker’s awesomeness in the movie The Social Network is due to the everyday swag of JT. They would be wrong. In fact, the reason Aaron Sorkin cast Justin Timberlake, of all people, to play the modern day genius is because only he could conjure up the Badassitude it would take to play Sean Parker. The real Sean Parker. I could give you a whole history of his rise to tech stardom, but just to illustrate my point, I will give you the small sample size of 7 days. Thesis statement: Sean Parker has done more Boss things in the last week than you’ve done in your whole life.


Tipped A Waitress $5,000

five thousand

Those of us who have worked in the hollow pit known as the Restaurant Industry will find this one particularly Boss, but really anyone can appreciate 5,000 clams. Parker and his boys racked up a $6,000 bill at the Beverly Club in West Hollywood which is kinda Boss on its own. When it came time for the tip, Parker said “Hey, $5,000 sounds like a nice even number.” and slapped that shit down on the table in cool $100 bills (I imagine). By my calculations, that is considerably more than 20%, but nothing for the dude who took down the Music Industry single-handedly and was a heavily involved in that Facebook thing. Props for spreading the wealth.


Managed To Sell Off Napster (10 Years After Relevancy)


A younger generation might not remember the time when Napster gave you any song you could possibly want in the world, for free, and took the junk-pushing, money-grubbing Music Industry to town for all its misdoings. Napster changed the face of music forever but ever since the lawsuits and it’s necessary shift to paid subscriptions, it has basically been reduced to a footnote in the history of digital music. So what is CEO, Sean Parker to do? Sell the thing off, for profit, at least 10 years after anyone cared to download it.


Part of being a Boss is knowing when to hold them and knowing when to fold them, and Sean Parker knows all. He found a buyer in Rhapsody during what will inevitably be their last remaining window to legitimately contend with Spotify, and sold Napster at near face value as padding for Rhapsody’s user base. Parker was at the brink of completely losing his 3rd greatest claim to fame (after Facebook and being played by Justin Timberlake) and still walked away a billionaire. Boss.


Started A Twitter

[blackbirdpie url=”!/sparker/status/120932518810755072″]

Sean Parker might hold a heavy stock in Facebook, but that doesn’t mean he can’t flirt with the competition. Yesterday, Sean Parker spit in the face of the company that puts dinner on his table and started a Twitter (@SParker). His first Tweet: Sorry Zuck. He only has that 1 so far but what a Tweet it is. Especially considering that he already has the gloried Blue Check Mark and 24,104 followers (as of this second) patiently waiting for #2. Myself included.


Banged This Girl At Least 7 Times

alexandra lenas

That’s just a low-end estimate, but if Alexandra Lenas (above) was your fiancee, I think it’s safe to assume you would too. Or at least attempt to. You have to remember that with the selling of Napster, and the Forbes Cover (more than 7 days ago), and Facebook continuing to conquer, this dude probably has enough pumps in his junk to fill a swimming pool. Alexandra Lenas is a singer/songwriter who has written many songs, none of which I know the name of. Ironically, she probably loses money on her records because of the free-music culture that Parker created, but that’s yet another reason why he is so Boss. Takes down Music Industry, sleeps with thwarted enemy. Did I mention she’s seriously hot?


Continued Being Sean Parker

sean parker

I know this is a cheap way out, but unarguably the most Boss thing Sean Parker could possibly do is continue to be Sean Parker. He’s currently on the cover of Forbes magazine. He took the over-priced crap the Music Industry was trying to sell us and gave it away for free. He helped start Facebook. He got fired from Facebook for snorting lines at a party and still walked away a billionaire share-holder. If I keep going on, this is going to turn creepy fast, so i’ll stop there. Keep doing what you’re doing Sean Parker. We’ll keep taking notes.


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Campus Tycoon: Amazon Clinches eReader Race, Moves on to Tablets


kindle fire

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, took the stage on Wednesday for what would appear to be a very Apple-esque product announcement. However, the result was anything but. While Steve Jobs notoriously began his keynotes with self congratulatory statistics on growth, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, began his keynote speech with a review of all the Kindle hate. He then revealed a Kindle vs paper book sales graph that resembled the first half of the roller coaster Kingda Ka (a steep incline for those outside the American North East). Apparently, Kindle book sales have topped physical book sales for Amazon, which is a lot to say for one of the world’s largest web retailers.

kindle fire

So, why change anything? The answer is simple, Bezos and the Amazon team know that innovation is key to staying in the lead. Amazon made it clear yesterday that they know that innovation often means defying what has already been proven in the market. With this new technology, they’ve ensured that they are alone on top of the mountain. Especially when it comes to the future which is indisputably, cheaper, easier college textbooks.

This started with the new line of Kindle Touch readers. While being smaller, lighter, and touch screen (no more keyboards), the new product line also sports a number of features that are particularly relevant to college students. The new touch screen makes highlighting much more natural and easy to access and restore via Amazon’s cloud. Students will also rejoice in the fact that each book will now come equipped with Wikipedia entries on key terms. So next time you need to do the Wikipedia brush-up, the college equivalent of actually reading a book, the entries will be available directly on the Kindle, off line.

kindle fire

The new features are great, but what makes the new product line a clincher in the reader race is the price. By leveraging their brilliant and non-intrusive special offers program, Amazon can ship the basic Kindle Touch for $99! The Kindle Fire, Amazon’s answer to the iPad, comes in at just $199. This extremely low price is a further demonstration of Amazon’s policy in everything: get their customers the content they need for the cheapest price possible. Their operating system is clearly designed to stay out of your way and let you get into your class stuff (or your episode of Mad Men) as quickly as possible.

The short summary is: Amazon just introduced the hardware that will conquer its market, and while their market has stiff competition, it is refreshingly content focused. Textbooks may not be available in multitude yet, but expect to be paying a lot less and getting them a lot easier in the very near future. Take that 17th edition of Biology.

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Relax Everyone! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Facebook


 zuckerberg conference

We understand that the last 24 hours have been very stressful for everyone. Facebook looks completely different, there’s new windows, there’s new colors and nobody knows what to do with themselves. Take our word though, this is not a time for uproar and hatred. I just sat through the entire Mark Zuckerberg conference, and the only verdict to make is that Facebook is doing some really, really amazing things. Overwhelmed? Allow us to explain everything.

The Newsfeed

yo dawg

This was the first thing everyone saw when they logged in and realized that Facebook had once again turned our lives upside down. Don’t worry if it’s confusing. Facebook says this is the biggest change they’ve made to the platform since they came up with the idea, so if it looks like one giant cluster-fuck of shit right now, it’s only because it’s very very new.

The first thing that needs explanation is that random box that has appeared in your upper-right hand corner. The biggest complaint i’ve seen (on my news feed ironically) is that Facebook has cluttered your screen with 2 News Feeds instead of 1. That would be useless and annoying. But as it turns out, useless and annoying is exactly what Facebook is now trying to prevent.

facebook ticker

Remember when every time some girl you know commented “awww” on some other girl you know’s “I love you” on her tool Boyfriend’s wall. Instead of all that clogging up your Newsfeed, it’s now been reduced to a tiny little box in the right hand corner. There if you need it, but not taking up valuable real estate. Your Newsfeed will now only be the meat: article shares, pictures, and status updates. Now you can comment on 30 different people’s walls and not annoy your friends, and nobody will annoy you with useless activity either.


facebook subscriptions

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you already understand the concept of following someone’s updates without necessarily following them back. I follow Katy Perry on Twitter. Does she follow me back? Not yet she doesn’t. But anything she has to say, or more importantly, any hot picture she decides to Tweet, I get to see. Subscriptions are Facebook’s answer to this concept.

Instead of only being able to follow the lives of people who would call you friends, you can now follow the updates of anyone with a Facebook. All they have to do is select “Public” on something they post. For instance, if Katy Perry wants to post something about her new Youtube video, she’s gonna want me (the public) to hear about it. But if Katy Perry is heading out to the Taco Bell down the road from her house at 1:00 AM, chances are she’s only gonna want her friends to know, if anyone. In this case she’ll just hit “Friends” and it will be just like a normal Facebook post. I’ll just hope she hits “Public” by accident.

katy perry

It doesn’t have to be just limited to “Public” and “Friends” either. You will now be able to separate your friends into lists and you will be able to decide which pieces of information reach which lists. Those who dabbled in Google+ for that one week where it was almost cool will think this sounds familiar to “Circles.” Exactly. The one thing that Google had over Facebook has officially been undercut. You can have a family list, a co-worker list, a random skank list. Whatever degrees of separation you need. You can lead 5 different online lives at the touch of a button.

Social Sharing Apps

Facebook Apps have been around for years, yet somehow have managed to serve no relevant purpose what-so-ever. After today though, it is safe to assume that everything was always heading towards this point. Say goodbye to Farmville and Mafia Wars and say hello to Open Graph Apps. It used to be that when you downloaded an app, you were presented with this makeshift digital contract, essentially stating that if you access this app you had to sign away your soul. From now on Facebook will be integrating apps that you’ll actually want to use, apps that will provide relative information to your friends, and apps that will allow you to determine what is shared.

The apps currently being explored are fucking revolutionary, and we’re on what, day 3? Picture this Spotify fans: that friend you have who knows every band in the world integrates his Spotify with Facebook. He throws on a dope track and he just dug out of that magical dope track mine he has in his backyard, and it will post directly to your ticker. Then all you have to do is click it and it will play for you instantly, through Spotify, directly on your Facebook. It will even aggregate a summary of his activity into accesible information: most played songs, most recent played songs, etc.

spotify facebook

The same thing goes for articles and games. You will be able to see what people are currently reading, what they have read recently, what games they are currently playing, and where they are on those games. You can even listen to songs or play games at the same time with friends and interact socially while you do so. Gizmodo says “It’s like having the world’s largest headphone wire.” Basically, everything you do online can now be integrated socially, and shared with your friends and subscribers, on your own terms.

Stay Tuned for More

This is just the beginning. Everything is changing, and some of the already existing changes haven’t even been implemented yet. Check out this video below to find out about the coming soon Personal Timeline changes. More explanation will follow. As soon as I understand it.


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Text and Walk With TransparenTXT for Windows Phone (Video)

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 6.31.56 PM


Finally, a new way to observe the beauty of the sidewalk while sexting your ladyfriend! This cool new app for the Windows Phone uses your camera to show you what’s in front of you while you text your life away. So next time you can look like the idiot walking with his phone in front of his face, instead of just being that guy who looks down and walks.

At least you won’t be as embarrassed as the mall fountain lady:


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