Ancient Interview with Mark Zuckerberg, Keg Cup in Hand (Video)


We all know Mark Zuckerberg is a fucking  boss, but he’s been boss material even before Facebook became the world’s largest social network.  The Huffington Post published a 2005 interview of Zuckerberg in his college-like Palo Alto office. Facebook, just 15 months old, had its three millionth users, and it was cause for a celebration as the founders commemorated the achievement with a keg of Heineken. Sounds like the Campus Socialite Media team.

The short video is from a 40-minute interview for  a documentary about millennials,  filmed by Ray Hafner and Derek Franzese. Barefoot and sitting by a Pulp Fiction poster and a lava lamp, Zuckerberg reveals his vision for Facebook as “an online directory for colleges.” Uh yea … such a general statement to describe a social network that has over 750 million users, offices in 15 countries and  is worth $50 billion.

“I still don’t know if we have something,” Zuckerberg said. “Whether we have something that will last for a really long time or is just a cool toy for people to play with now, we’ll see. I think it’s actually useful and not necessarily just a fad.”

At the time, MySpace was the number two social network and has just been bought for $580 million. Zuckerberg had turned down a $750 million buyout, and the world thought he had lost his mind turning down all that money. The company’s goals was to expand to all 2,000 U.S. schools, which was seen as a small, short-sighted goal.

When asked what the plan was after reaching 2,000, Zuckerberg replied, ”There doesn’t necessarily have to be more. A lot of people are focused on taking over the world or doing the biggest thing and getting the most users … There’s a level of service that we can provide when we’re a college network that we wouldn’t be able to provide if we went to other types of things.”

Despite his naivete, Zuckerberg shows he was always a boss!


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Top 10 iPhone Autocorrect Fails


The iPhone has countless exciting and revolutionary features – sadly, autocorrect definitely isn’t one of them. You’d think after seeing an entire website devoted to autocorrect nightmares (props to Apple would get the hint and either tweak it or eliminate it altogether. Or maybe they get some sick enjoyment out of the whole thing. I’ll bet the entire staff has a designated hour every week where they all sit down and go on to laugh at their customers’ misfortune.

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Ibiza Hotel Lets You Check into Facebook Without Cellphone or Laptop

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The Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel uses bracelets enabled with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to let guests check in, update statuses and likes via pillars stationed around the hotel’s hottest locations. Guests can even take a picture on the station and upload that to their Facebook wall. The cool part about the service is that it all happens through a bracelet, which means no hassle trying to hold a drink and update with your cellphone at the same time. Check the video below to see how cool Ibiza Hotel’s new feature is.


Facebook integration Ushuaïa Beach Hotel from Dorst & Lesser // Social Media on Vimeo

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New iPhone App TaskRabbit Lets You Buy Laziness


taskrabbitCollege students have busier schedules than anyone. With all the drinking, being hungover from drinking, smoking, keeping up with your slam-pieces, and class once in a while, who has time to do laundry. Sure you can get a pledge to do those things, but when that’s not an option, now you have TaskRabbit. You’ll have to pay, but you can have any medial task done, any time.

task rabbit

TaskRabbit has existed in physical form for a while, but now it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons on your iPhone. With the new App, all you have to do is click a few buttons and you can have anything you need done at any time. You punch in the task and expenses, the app checks your location, and then you tell users what you’re willing to pay. Users can browse tasks in their area, commit to doing them and make some quick cash.

When assigning tasks, or browsing them, users get to pick from categories such as cleaning, donations, food delivery, and wait for it, “something else.” I could say something crude here, but i’ll let you use those college imaginations instead. Let’s just say if you type “BJ? $20?” you might be pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t expect Melanie Iglesias to be the one who shows up though.

task rabbit 2

TaskRabbit currently has about 3000 tasks posted at an average of $30 each. $30 bucks might be a lot to have someone pick you up a cheeseburger, but sometimes you’re just that stoned. You can actually check the pricing history on repeated tasks so you never have to worry about over-estimating the market. You can also assign the tasks to specific people, allowing you to streamline your Pledgemaster duties. Example: “Task: 20 Pushups, I’ll Pay: Nothing.” Good work TaskRabbit. Being a lazy college student with way too much of Mommy and Daddy’s money to spend just got a hell of a lot easier.

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Wu Tang Clan is Looking for a Social Media Intern. You Game?


wu-tang clan

We all know Wu-Tan Clan aint nothing to fuck with, but apparently the 90’s Rap Group hasn’t adjusted all that well to good old 2011. As of today’s post on Craigslist, they are now looking for a Management Intern that will specialize in Social Media. According to the post, they need someone who could do research on online music blogs, expand their online fan base, and do all that other stuff us Social Media gurus have mastered. I will say this, Ol Dirty Bastard would have been perfect for Twitter. Such a shame. Check out the Craigslist Post and the transcription below. Then start applying ASAP. Because who wouldn’t want to work for Method Man and crew?

wu tang


Wu-Tang Management Internship

About the Company:
Wu-Tang Management is a multi-faceted independent management company that was established in 1993 with our headquarters in Staten Island New York. After the tremendous international success of the first group released, the famed Wu-Tang Clan, we have gone down in history as the only management company to manage the entire Wu-Tang Clan, and in doing so, brought them from being a local group to international super stars. We have a very active schedule so there are numerous opportunities to be involved in. Duties vary greatly according to current priorities. The below listed tasks describe possible duties for open positions in Marketing and Promotions department; we also have a video production department and a radio station. We’re only looking for serious, hardworking and ambitious candidates who work well with others and have a love for music or the entertainment industry in general.

What we are looking for:
Excellent written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse audiences
Interest in the music/entertainment industry
Professional demeanor
Experience with social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Blogspot, etc.)
Well organized with attention to detail and ability to carry out tasks independently
Ability to meet deadlines

Roles and Responsibility:
online research of music blogs and social networking
expansion of online fan base
composing correspondence
Maintenance of companies social networks (, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
tracking progress of promotion campaigns
telephone marketing and radio promotions
posting of content (, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.)
data mining and organization of content
e-mail blasting

Wu-Tang Management (Staten Island Office)
Contact Amar: 508-373-6262 or 718-887-9562

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5 Types of People You Come Across on Twitter

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Social media is annoyingly awesome. Apart from the networking, you get to see what people are really like inside their heads. A study from Rutgers University placed social media users into two categories: those who inform (informers), and those who post updates on their everyday lives (meformers). Amid the meformers and informers are a bunch of users who, if I had my way, would be banned for life from social media. Here are five annoying ass people you come across on Twitter. They’re even worse than the Facebook variety.

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The Complete Best of the “College Freshman” Meme


This meme just got fired up and it’s already all over the web, but you won’t find a more comprehensive collection of funny photos than right here. Right on time for the start of the semester. Sorry incoming freshmen, but you need to learn a lesson or two before you start thinking you’re masters of the college lifestyle. Look at this kid and don’t be him.

Starting to get annoying, isn’t it?

You’re halfway there, bro!

Do you wanna punch this kid in the face yet? I do.

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MyBlock NYC: A Video Map of New York City

MyBlockNYC is a new media platform of video mapping that fits right in with Facebook and YouTube. Launched nearly 2 weeks ago, MyBlock has already generated quite a fan base.  It provides a way to connect more than to just people; it allows you to connect to a group or a place.  To learn more about this incredible media map, click here.

The idea was created by Alex Kalman and developed by himself and Alex Rickard.  Both are filmmakers and Bard College graduates.  Straight from Alex and Alex, “The goal of MyBlock NYC is to unify and harness the creative potential of our city’s occupants and visitors to give a better understanding of their own environment and then share this knowledge with others around the world.”  I suppose the best way to describe MyBlock is as a mix of YouTube and MapQuest.

My Block Logo

Today, more people have access to the tools necessary for video recording.  They have Flip cameras and iPhones, and an interest in filmmaking or going viral.  The makers of MyBlock have given the map a new perspective by using integrating videos continuously from New Yorkers.  The site creates a platform for an intimate NYC.  Every search is an adventure, through filtering by filmmaker age and location.  I think that what is most exciting for a first-time user, is the unique experience of contribution.  There’s also a lack of commercialism which lends to a more intimate experience.

Check out this hilarious example below:

MyBlock is NYC- it is an adventure or exploration, it is unique, spontaneous, and has something great to offer everyone.  The map is uniquely defined by the culture of the community.  When asked how many user MyBlock can expect by the end of the year, Kalman responded that, “All we can do is continue to provide a service to people.”  Uploading your videos adds voice to the map and defines the city.   Media, news, and film can only go so far.

New Yorkers have a responsibility to represent their cities.  And once you’ve left the city, you can always reconnect back to MyBlockNYC.  Each block is a creative adventure through NYC from the perspective of true New Yorkers.  Currently, 1,000 of NYC’s 90,000 blocks have been explored and have a clip attached to it.  I’m sure that number is about to explode.  I would not even be surprised to see a MyBlock Paris, ShangHai, or Los Angeles soon.

You can also look for an upcoming exhibit in MoMA’s upcoming show “Talk to Me: Design and Communication Between People and Objects,” opened July 24.  Senior design curator, Paola Antonelli, created an exhibit displaying MyBlock’s videos on a 40-inch touch-screen kiosk. If you’re a true New Yorker, MyBlock is a must.

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Got Tablet Woes? Enter the Lenovo ThinkPad


By Nick Matthews

thinkpad-tabletListen up, haters. It’s time to get eye-raped with useful consumer knowledge. I’m talkin’ to you $600 iPad sitting at a Starbucks checking your blog traffic bi-hourly. I’m even talking to you Windows-tablet wielding super-hipster that doesn’t want to go with the corporate flow of Apple… so you go with Microsoft. Hell, I might as well even be talking to you Mr. Blackberry Playbook with your decent flash integration and respectable loading times. We got a new player on the market and he’s out for blood. It’s ThinkPad time.

Oh shit. He done changed the game. The first thing that is glaringly obvious ’bout this freak is the stylus. Those e-pens have sort of gone out of style… but we bringin’ it back.


The stylus offers an increased versatility and allows for real-time graphic overlays, handwriting to text writing capabilities, and increased productivity. I am not going to lie, this is a working man’s tablet. It is made for those people who need to get shit done. It has the games, it has the movies, but it’s real purpose is seamless integration into your work life. Take the USB ports and SD card, for example. These are here so you can have compatibility with pretty much every mobile device possible. Throw a Powerpoint presentation onto the SD card, toss it to your bro, he throws it on his Droid X and HDMI’s that bitch into a projection screen so you can sweep those VC pricks off of their feet.

That isn’t even the best part though. This tablet is sweet. Honeycomb sweet.


Yeah man. Honeycomb. This looks so good I would eat it. So let’s play it out. The key word here is multi. Multitasking, multi-desktop, multi-everything. To fit with the ThinkPad workhorse theme, this is like the CEO’s and Tennis Ho’s mobile platform. In fact, Google Chief Engineer Mike Cleron was quoted saying, “It shows you what you can do with an OS designed from the ground up for multitasking.”

So what does that mean for the average college bro? It means you can check your social media while watching a video lecture from your professor while writing an essay while watching YouPorn. Goodbye GPA, hello carpal tunnel. Seriously though, this tablet is a game changer. It weighs in as the next heavy hitter with a sleek no-frills design and a price tag comparable to most of the other tablet PCs on the market right now.

So, now that you are in the know, what do you think? Are you going to stick with your iPad (which still sounds like a feminine hygiene product to me) or are you gonna get in touch with the FUTURE?

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Help One of Our Readers Win $10K (And She’ll Show You Her Amazing Rack)



One of readers, Sarah Helen from Stanford, CA, has entered a viral video contest being run by Blu Electronic Cigarettes. If her video gets enough votes to win, she’ll get $10,000, and you’ll all get to see an encore of this YouTube video, ending with a topless shot. As you can see, Sarah is incredibly blessed in the chesticle region, so get to voting, socialites! If politicians bribed me with tits, I’d probably vote for them.


And check out Sarah’s completely enthralling video below (SPOILER: You’re not gonna remember the song at all):

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