The 100 Greatest “Shut Ups” In Film History (Video)

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You know when you hear a word so many times it starts to lose its meaning? Well, that’s happening to me now. All it took was 10 minutes of “shut up.” But seriously, these are some amazing “shut ups.” I don’t wanna ruin #1 for you but I was able to guess it by 10 in.

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Campus Socialite Presents: Hottest Month Of The Year FINAL Leaderboard


This is the last leaderboard of the Hottest Month of the Year, and like the temperature, the competition is heating up. Here is a the leader board as of August 26th. The competition will be ending on August 30 and the winner will be announced on September 1.

Haven’t voted yet? It’s four simple steps:

  1. Like The Campus Socialite on Facebook.
  2. Click the Photo tab.
  3. Next click the Album Named “Hottest Month of The Year.
  4. Then click “Like” On Your Favorite Girls Photo.

Check out the current leaders and all the hotness right below:

Brooke R. University of Arizona- 128 Likes

Mindy G. Nassau Community College- 71 Likes

Amy H. University of Northern Iowa- 70 Likes

Julia P. University of Philadelphia- 58 Likes

Devin M. SUNY New Paltz- 51 Likes

Regina A. Arizona State University- 48 Likes

Stacey P. University of Arizona- 44 Likes

Alyssa R. University of Rhode Island- 28 Likes

Mar H. Arizona State University- 27 Likes

Marie R-Sanford-Brown Institute- 27 Likes

May S. SUNY Albany- 17 Likes

Nikki N- University of Miami- 16 Likes

Rachael M. Indiana University- 16 Likes

Sylvana and Gabi G. SUNY Albany- 13 Likes

Kylie K. University of Miami- 13 Likes

Mariela D. SUNY Buffalo- 11 Likes

Nicki A. University of Miami- 11 Likes

Chaz L. University of Massachusetts (Amherst)- 9 Likes

Jordan H. SUNY Buffalo- 7 Likes

Christina D. Stony Brook University- 5 Likes

Karli M. College of Mount St Vincent- 5 Likes

Lianne B. Tulane University- 5 Likes

Alexa G. Marymount Manhattan College- 5 Likes

Mahtab F. University of Miami- 5 Likes



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The Sexiest Music Video Ever: You’re Welcome

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I don’t even remember what it sounds like, but I’m pretty sure Dan Balan‘s Chica Bomb is my new favorite song. It’s perfect background noise for some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen dancing erotically in all sorts of situations. If you don’t peep this video, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

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Campus Diva Presents: An RA’s Guide To Surviving The Dorms


dorm room

Freshman year was scandalous to say the least. I loved living on my own with my friends, going shopping whenever I wanted and going out. However, I learned fast that there are challenges and consequences with the things that you do. Yeah, it’s all fun but you will learn fast that Mom and Dad are suddenly your best friends. Here are some things you think you know about, but really have no idea, you little innocent incoming freshmen.


poor college student

When I went to college I had about a grand saved up so I thought I was hot shit. Fact of the matter is no matter how much money you have, somehow and somewhere you will spend it. I bought a new wardrobe, books and items for my room. Inconveniently, there is a mall near my school…meaning my money didn’t last very long. For the past three years I’ve been in school, I had to continually ask my parents for money. Why? Same reason you’ll have to…because I overspend and then, of course there are bills to pay (forgot about those, right?).



Have you ever heard the phrase “freedom comes at a price?” Well, to some extent that might be true. Even though you don’t have to answer to your parents as often as before, you’re not fully in the clear from authority. Take me as an example. As an RA it is my job to enforce the rules and make sure everyone is safe. If someone oversteps the boundaries, they have to answer to me…then the building supervisor…and eventually it comes back down to your parents anyway. It’s a circle, people. Sometimes it is painful to be free of the rents but it’s not so bad if you get really good at not getting in trouble…or just not getting caught. Believe me, I know.

You’re not actually living on your own

the roomate

To this day, I consider being at school living on my own. But the fact is, we really aren’t living on our own. We still need help from our parents, we still go home every break and financially it isn’t possible to live away. I think sometimes we all forget that while we are on our way to a strong career, we haven’t graduated yet. The day that I officially move out of my parents’ house will be the day I consider myself independent. Just remember, you still need your parents…even if it’s just for their roof and money.

There are still consequences

campus police

Well I guess you can say that I learned this the hard way, but not matter what stupid thing you do, the consequences are harsher when you’re in college. In high school if you did something stupid, your parents were there for you. In college you can get anything from a slap on the wrist to put behind bars (I promise I wasn’t arrested, it’s just an example). I have seen some crazy things, and since you are all above the age of 18, you’re on your own in the eyes of punishment. In most cases, these are the situations that help us grow and mature. My advice would be to acknowledge there are consequences for everything you do, but don’t let these realizations stop you from living your life.

It’s College


I admit it. I was the freshman who walked in there thinking I knew it all..and, well, by the end of my first floor meeting I realized I really knew nothing. Don’t hate on your school for dumb things; there’s a reason for everything – I promise. Freshmen, don’t act like you know how it goes because you haven’t learned the ropes yet. College is the next chapter of your life and until you get there and experience it, you are no expert. You think that college is all about parties and fun…and it is, but you’ve got to realize all these other things as well.

A final piece offering I have is to take it slow and learn the ropes before you really grow up and move because believe you me, it will better prepare you. Oh, and so you know… and living away from your parents will actually make you closer to them!

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Your Dad is on YouTube Again: 55-Year-Old Rapper (Video)


When you’re close to 60 years old, you imagine yourself as a newly grey-haired old man surrounded by tons of money and skinny blonde bitches. If acting like Hugh Hefner fails, you’d probably move on to bigger and better endeavors like traveling to St. Tropez or some pretentious shit like that. What you probably won’t do is try to start a rap career. Meet A. Samuels, an executive with too much time and money on his hands. He recently created a rap video where he’s spittin’ bars like Shaquille O’Neil. Yes, that was a legit comparison. He’s equally wack. Someone come and get your father from YouTube.

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Campus Diva Presents: 5 Epic Smore Recipes for National Smores Day



Happy Smores Day! Chocolate and Marshmallows, say no more. For those of you who have been living under a rock, a smore is a graham sandwich of a roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate. The original Smore is generally associated with camping and for some reason is a staple when it comes to sleeping in the wilderness with bears while not showering. However since the days of our prehistoric ancestors who had to rub sticks together for heat, the Smore has come a long way. Here’s some 5 new ways to make smores that will have you begging for S’more.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Smore
pbj smore

Let’s start with an old school favorite…the Peanut Butter and Jelly Smore. Replace the chocolate with pb and J for a kindergarten twist to this classic Boy Scout snack. I don’t know how I feel about the warm jelly but anything with chocolate and peanut butter is a yes in my book.

The Elvis Smore

elvis smore

Since The King lived (or died) off peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwiches, why not make it into a smore?  Take some graham crackers, peanut butter cups, marshmellows, and a banana (maybe bacon too if you’re feeling aggressive). We’ll dedicate this one to The King.

The Mexican Smore

mexican smore

Feeling Spicy. You’ve seen a Choco Taco, but how bout the Mexican Smore. Take your basic smore and add on some cinnamon and nutmeg. Salsa anyone? No? Yeah, that would have been weird.

Smore Pops

smore pops

Smore on the go? Sure, try a Smores Pop!  Take a marshmallow on a stick, dip it into some melted chocolate and then roll it around in crushed up Graham Crackers. Great for a mid-day chocolate fix, or an appetizer to the next Smore Concoction. Beware.

The Smore-a-Palooza


If you’re really a Smore fanatic go big or go home: The S’more-a-palooza…stacks on stacks on stacks of Smores. Don’t try this at home Divas. For best results, hit the gym before and after.

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Hot Girls Human Smores Contest is the “Sweetest” Thing You’ll See Today (Video)



It’s National Smores Day, Socialites. Why it’s National Smores Day, I have no idea, but it’s cool because we just found this video. We’ll let the Campus Divas handle the Smores Recipes and we’ll handle the Hot Girls. Everyone’s mixed some whip cream into their bedroom activity, maybe even some chocolate. These girls take it a step further with Marshmallow, Chocolate, Graham Crackers in fierce competition to be the hottest Human Smore in the room. Who wins? Everyone.

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Campus Diva’s Playlist of the Week: Best of Kanye and Jay-Z

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Jay-Z and Kanye West

Ever since Jay-Z and Kanye West announced they were releasing an album together, Watch The Throne, they’ve been all over the entertainment news…whether it be about them having problems as friends, how their new single (number 5 on this playlist) is ranked on the charts, or news about their upcoming tour. I think this would be a great time to go through the old school sounds of Jay-Z and Kanye, picking out my personal favorites, to make a little playlist for the ride to buy their dynamic duo album.

1. Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay-Z


Such a classic. You have to remember these are my favorite Jay and Kanye songs. I don’t know why I think this song is so great, but it’s just one of those songs that when it comes on random on my iPod, I get excited and everyone is capable of singing/rapping(?) along.

2. Gold Digger – Kanye West


Now maybe I like this one so much because I picture my dad literally rapping every single word to this song whenever it comes on no matter where we are, or maybe I just like it because it’s awesome. The way Kanye references other musicians (something lots of rappers do that always grabs my attention), is so creative. Love this song.

3. Jigga What, Jigga Who – Jay-Z


So sometimes Jay-Z is referred to as Jigga. That proves this song is one of his favorites of his music. It’s such a legit Jay-Z song, and if you don’t like it, or you’re questioning why I added it to this list, you probably don’t like Jay as much as the typical fan.

4. Stronger – Kanye West


Great song. Between the beat and the energy of the song, there’s really not much to say. Everyone knows and recognizes this song, and I truly believe I’ve never met a person (that likes Kanye’s music) who would change this song if it came on the radio. It’s also a great song to work out to…just something to keep in mind.

5. Otis – Kanye West and Jay-Z


And the new, leaked single. Let us know what you think in comments below!

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