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Weird Sex Advice

Can’t Stop Watching Porn? 5 Steps to Control Porn Addiction

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Addiction is a scary word. No one wants to become the victim of addiction, and no one wants to find out that a loved one suffers from any form of addiction. While porn addiction might not seem as dangerous or harmful as addiction to alcohol or drugs, it does have its pitfalls and it can be dangerous.

Porn addiction can ruin your social life. It can ruin your family life, and it can adversely affect your work life. It can cause you to become reclusive and secretive, and it can force your family to stop trusting you and believing in you. If you think you suffer from porn addiction, it’s imperative for you to find a way to get the help you need to overcome this condition.

Focus on the consequences

The next time you want to indulge in a little pornography, stop and focus on the consequences of your actions. For example, how do you really feel once the initial excitement of looking at porn wears off? More than likely, you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and disgusted with yourself.

Before you turn on the computer or open a magazine, focus on that shame. If you need to, focus on the consequences of your family and friends finding out about your addiction and use that as the motivation you need to walk away and not look at porn.

Argue with yourself

It’s easy to tell yourself that what you’re doing is not dangerous because plenty of other people look at porn. However, what you really need to do is argue with that mentality. Remind yourself that plenty of people use drugs and drive under the influence of alcohol, but that doesn’t make it right.

Sometimes all you need is a reality check to help you remember that just because you’re not the only one doing it, it makes it right. Plenty of people commit property crimes or adultery, and harm themselves in other ways, and that doesn’t make any of it right.

Know your triggers

Take the time to make notes that document when you most feel like looking at pornography. Before long, you will begin to notice a pattern. Once you know your triggers, you can recognize them before they consume you and turn to an alternative method of action to help you deal with your emotions.

For example, if porn is something you want to look at most when you are stressed, then you need to find a new way to deal with the stress. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, do something productive such as heading to the gym or taking a yoga class.

Distract yourself

Instead of watching porn when you’re bored, find something more interesting to do. Go for a walk or call your friends and make a plan to go out. When you distract yourself from the release porn provides, you can find that release elsewhere. Distraction can make you forget that you even needed porn in the first place.

Get professional help

If you can’t break your own addiction, consider seeking professional help to overcome your porn addiction. Much like any other type of professional care, treatment can help you learn more about yourself and about how to overcome your addiction. It could be the catalyst that saves your family or job.

Porn addiction is very real. Just because it won’t kill your brain cells or cause you to lose control behind the wheel of the car due to a slower reaction time doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Porn can ruin your life. If you suffer from addiction to porn, it’s time to make yourself accountable for your actions and get some help.

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