osama bin laden

Usually with good news comes fun celebrations. Great news brings parties…like graduations, for example. And terrorist deaths just fall under a whole different category that makes great news look like poop. But the deaths still should be a huge reason to react in celebratory actions. Last night, every major news source, the non-major news sources and president Obama announced something all Americans have been waiting to hear since September 11, 2001. Osama Bin Laden has been killed. KILLED. as in DEAD. No longer living, breathing, ruining lives.

People everywhere went nuts – at the University of Delaware alone, hundreds of students rallied at our fountain. Yet even though the good news came last night and today is a new day, it doesn’t make this awful man’s death any less of a reason to show your American pride and celebrate your country all day.

Here are some ways to celebrate:

With Music

Before you leave for class, work, the gym, wherever you’re going today, Google patriotic songs, download them – not the corny ones like America, the Beautiful, but I guess that’s appropriate to put on your playlist at this point – but like Toby Keith’s “American Ride,” and songs like that. Just Google – I bet a TON will pop up. Then make a playlist and call it “America, Fuck Yeah” because that song should be on it like seven times and it’s just an insanely patriotic, appropriate title. Blast that playlist wherever you go. People will love it.

With Clothes

Simple. Only wear red, white and blue today. But don’t do jeans and a red or white shirt because that is so boring and you’ll just look normal. Be proud, people, be obnoxious. Use bandanas. Use face paint if you’re a bold one. Maybe make your shorts red and then do the other colors as shirts and accessories. Just go crazy – pretend it’s the Fourth of July and you’re in a contest to see who can dress the most patriotic…and want to win.

With Food

Go to the grocery store or drug store and buy food dye in red and blue. Instead of eating out today, cook all light colored foods like eggs and cupcakes and dye them the colors of America. Proudly eat your patriotic food, and of course, it’d be so much more enjoyable if you shared/did this with friends, family or roommates.

With a Celebration

HAVE A PARTY! Duh, Socialites! This is obviously what we all do best. Throw down last minute and mass text your phone book. Simply text saying the name of your party, which is obviously “America, Fuck Yeah,” and the time and address. No more details should be necessary. If that text said day drink starting at 2 p.m., by 2:30 your house should be filled with red, white and blue drunkies. You can even incorporate your America playlist, obviously the clothes and if you’re feeling extra hospitable, the red, white and blue food can come to the party.

Wave a flag, put up a Facebook status or tweet something. Anything. Show you’re American. It’s just like after 9/11 when everyone felt connected from east to west coast by patriotism. Bring it back – we’ve got a reason to celebrate!

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