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Cesar Chavez Day Is Here…Boycott Grapes, Drink Beer!

By: Tyler R. Spaulding

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Campus Socialites- gather around the keg while I tell you the tale of old Cesar Chavez, the man who boycotted grapes to ensure better working conditions for farm workers. Chavez was a civil rights activist by day who founded the National Farm Workers Association and by night slayed all Sorority girls against not putting out on the first night. Ok I exaggerated a little bit on that one, but schools in California have off tomorrow because of Chavez’s Grape Boycott and the spot to party is Chico State. If you’re not familiar with Chico State, it’s a mid sized school (around 17,000) out in Cali that epitomizes one of the biggest shit-show party scenes you will ever see. If you’re down with all night ragers, weekly bonfires thanks to couches from house parties, and more access to liquor in a 2 mile radius than any other spot in the country, Chico State is the spot to be this week. Check out some videos from Chico after the jump.

The Campus Socialite wants to know, why will Chico State be the spot to be on Cesar Chavez Day? We know about all the house parties going down on Hazel St, 4th Ave and 5th Ave, but over the course of having two random days off for a civil rights campaign that went down decades ago some wild shit should be going down on campus. All you CSU students let’s hear it- why will tomorrow be one of the best parties in the nation, and why Chico should still be considered one of the top party schools?

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