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Always ones to know a good thing when we see it, The Campus Socialite has recently partnered up with the fine people over at The Man Registry to provide all you college dudes with items to make your lives easier, funnier, and generally more pleasant.  The Man Registry is the online warehouse for all-things-man including electronics, barbecue grills and accessories, bar supplies, tools and outdoors gear and items from favorite sports teams. Founded by two brothers in 2007, The Man Registry knows exactly what makes us guys tick and they work tirelessly to make our world a little more man-friendly with each of their exclusive products.  Today we will take a look at a Man Registry favorite of The Campus Socialite, the chalkboard beer mug.

Shout if you’ve heard this (or said this) one before: “Wow I can’t believe I brought that home last night, were we at a bar or on an African safari?  I have never woken up next to such a heinous wildebeest!”

Ok maybe, their phrasing wasn’t quite as eloquent, however we all have a roommate or fraternity brother who, in a moment of weakness, has jumped on a grenade and taken on more shrapnel than Peter Weller in the opening scene of Robocop. Now that your boy is already traumatized from bumping uglies with the love child of Roseanne Barr and Sloth, there is no better time than the present to kick him while he is down.

Since this isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to insulting a downtrodden friend, you know damn well that in this particular scenario actions speak much louder than words.  Sure, you can call your buddy a chubby chaser or a hog tyer, but wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to offer up your abuse in gift form?

Say hello to the 25 oz. chalkboard beer mug, courtesy of the innovators at The Man Registry.  Why settle for the run of the mill verbal assault when you can cripple your pal’s self-esteem by plastering the phrase “Forrest Plump” or “Gravy Boat Captain” on the side of his favorite beer mug?  It’s all in good fun and if your friend takes it too seriously, he can always erase your writing with a simple hand washing of the chalkboard.

Who’s to say that your chalkboard beer mug needs to be profane?  You can be a much better and classier person than I am by removing your mind from the gutter and writing something inspirational on your mug.  Wouldn’t it be nice to set some goals on your drinking glass with a message of hope that reads “I will not rest until I finish 8 more beers.”  Hell, with the easy erase chalkboard, you can tally each beer that you drink as your night of debauchery goes on.

Whatever the message you wish to write on the beer mug is up to you – however one thing is for sure, you will be the life of the party with your own personalized drinking buddy from The Man Registry.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to make the booze-filled college experience even more fun (and harder to remember) with the 25 oz. chalkboard beer mug, available now at The Man Registry for just $19.95.

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