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By: Kevin Plaza

What a pick up for your playoff push. Michael Jordan aka Air Jordan aka the greatest basketball player ever.  He can’t play in any games, but he will be there watching, yelling and owning, yea I said it, owning the Charlotte Bobcats. Recently Michael Jordan bought majority share of the Bobcats and is now the man behind everything and anything related to Charlotte Bobcat basketball.

Do I really have to go through all of MJ’s game winning shots, scoring titles, MVPs, championships and NBA titles? I didn’t think so. We all know what this magician did on the basketball court, now we get a shot to see what he can do in the front office. For a team that has not done much winning or anything of that nature, this might be the best thing to happen to a struggling franchise. But with Michael owning just part of the team, they have hired Larry Brown as coach, traded for Tyson Chandler, Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas and the are in the playoff hunt.  Now with Jordan as the majority owner, who knows how far this team can go?

With Michael already stating that he will be more of a Mark Cuban type owner then anything else, can you imagine as a official, getting yelled at by Michael Jordan, yea Michael freaking Jordan, good luck trying to make a bad call against the Bobcats.

And if he can do this…

Then who says he can’t win a title as a owner?

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