Check-In With A Condom? Planned Parenthood’s New Campaign


Here’s a new one you couldn’t make up if you tried. Now you can check into Foursquare using your smartphone, through your Condom. Planned Parenthood has decided to give away 55,000 condoms with QR codes on the box. This is a part of their new marketing campaign called Where Did You Wear It for National Condom Week (yes, this is apparently a real thing).

The jokes one could make about this are endless, so I will leave it up to your imagination. While you think of some good Twitter statuses relating to the topic, here are the five most embarrassing places one could be caught having sex while checking in.

5. Behind a Dumpster

Real classy bro. Using FourSquare to announce you just used your condom behind the back ally where the garbabge is sounds like the tagline from a Law and Order SVU episode. This can’t be the type of girl you want to show off to your friends. Or even worse, parents.

4. McDonalds Drive-Thru

Even classier. How does this story play out? First we went to McDonalds and ordered some Big Macs. One thing led to another and in conclusion, no good can come from hooking up in front of Ronald McDonald.

3. Planned Parenthood

The circumstances of screwing someone at a Planned Parenthood would either be the result of a scavenger hunt hazing event or one hell of a cruel joke. Either way you don’t want to be known among your circle of friends as the guy who told the rest of the world on Foursquare you were fucking around in a Planned Parenthood. Do you?

2. Farm

If any animals from Farmville could have potentially taken a shit on the location you just had sex in, then that’s probably a pretty terrible call on your part. Plus, if your friends think you got lucky with a beast (and I’m not talking about your girl), what does that really say about your standards?

1. Jail

First off, scanning in your QR code from jail is sad enough, and I highly doubt it is even allowed. Knowing the reason though is even worse. Nobody should ever brag about getting it in with an inmate. If one does, you probably deserved to go to jail in the first place.


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