Cherkees: Beef Jerky Potato Chips For The Win!

Before you even think it: No, they aren’t beef jerky flavored potato chips. But they also aren’t just crunchy beef jerky. Somehow, Cherkees accomplish an incredible feat – being potato chips and beef jerky at the same time. Don’t understand? Neither do I, but let’s theorize together.


From what I understand, little bits of beef jerky are baked (not fried, my apologies to all the fans of fat out there – I’m with you) right into the chips. So if you love the taste of jerky but don’t like the chewiness, then these crispy bad boys are definitely for you. Too bad they aren’t available in stores. Right now you can only get them on the homepage of their parent company, Rowan Lane. So if you’re that curious, you’ll just have to order them online.


Right now the jerky chips come in two flavors: cracked pepper and hot pepper, but the company is already working on the release of their Teriyaki and Smokehouse flavors. Each bag has over a quarter pound of lean beef, so they’re low in fat and high in protein, in case you really give a shit about that sorta stuff. MEAT. Time to get your snack on hardcore – go order yourself a bag today.

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