Cinco De Mayo! Epic Meal Time Does Tequila Taco Night (Video)

Epic Meal Time Taco

In Mexico, Cinco De Mayo commemorates an unlikely victory in an epic battle against the French. Here in America though, it’s just like any other holiday: an excuse to drink enough beer and eat enough food to kill a small animal. There’s nothing more we love in college than an acceptable excuse to party on a Thursday, so The Campus Socialite is all Mexican, all day. We’ll get to the beer and the booze later, because what’s a good Margarita with a side of Corona without some great Mexican Grub. Luckily, our good friends at Epic Meal Time have Tequila Taco Night to show you how to do Mexican right. Ever see a Taco with a Bacon shell? How bout a quesadilla with 1,710 grams of  pure, delicious fat? Yeah, I know fans, it’s not their newest video. But if you want this Cinco De Mayo to be Epic, then shut up and watch. Just make sure to pick up some ground beef and bacon first.

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