So by now I’m sure you’ve seen all of those Nike commercials with LeBron James. He asks a bunch of rhetorical questions that he doesn’t really expect you to answer, questions that, at least in my case, don’t pertain to what I think about him. Now, the commercial makes sense: He was actually asking these inquiries to very specific group of people – Clevelanders. I still wonder why they play the commercial in all 50 states if it’s actually directed at only one medium-sized city in Ohio, but that isn’t the point.

Now, the whole city of Cleveland has come together to respond to James’ questions. Thanks Clevelanders, for making sense of this whole advertising campaign for me: Cleveland hates LeBron, so buy Nike products. Duh, it was so simple. Check out what Clevelanders think of the basketball star after the jump.

And for shits and giggles here’s South Parks version of the New Lebron James Nike Commercial:

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