A Collection of Funny Photoshopped Animals

Using Photoshop can be a very tedious task and we have found some of the best Photoshopped animal hybrids.  Ever wonder what a koala and elephant hybrid looked like?  Scroll down to find out and see what other sick creations people have come up with.

Lion and Monkey Animal

Pug Gorilla Photoshopped

Alligator Frog Photoshop

Sea Lion Lion Photoshop

Tiger Polar Bear Photoshop

Duck Horse Photoshop

Elephant Dolphin Photoshop

Dolphin Kangaroo Photoshop

Eagle Dog Photoshop

Elephant Squirrel Photoshop

Rhino Rooster Photoshop

Ostrich Giraffe Photoshop

Koala Elephant Photoshop

Cat Rat Photoshop

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