College 101: Everything I Learned My Freshman Year

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Freshman year of college reminds alot of students of their first sexual encounter – it was short, meaningful, a little blurry, and unforgettable.  Yeah just like you weren”t a stallion your first time in the sack, you have to learn to crawl before you could walk in your first year of college.  Sure enough, after the first few weeks on campus, you are crawling to bars, running to class, and walking everywhere in between.  The move from the familiar confines of your hometown into the great unknown of your new campus involves a whirlwind of new academic, social, and personal endeavors, or in layman’s terms – class, partying, booze, and sex.  It’s certainly not all fun and games, but one thing is for sure – you learn a helluva lot in the months of your freshman year.  Fortunately for all you coeds, College Candy breaks down the key lessons from Freshman year with seven nuggets of priceless knowledge

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