College is Stressful: Top 10 Ways To Let Loose

By: Te’Devan Kurzweil

stressed out college student

Around this time of year, if not earlier, many college students find themselves  fed up with all the stress that comes along with school. You have reached that point where you can’t bring yourself to start writing another paper, you’re ready to kill one or all of your roommates (and their significant others who have unofficially moved in). You can’t muster the effort to show up for another class of an uninspiring professor who reads to you from the textbook, and you definitely can’t handle another exam. College isn’t going anywhere though, so ask yourself this: what are you gonna do about it? Stop bitching and complaining, and frickin revolt. Well…at the very least blow off some steam. Below are a few suggestions that I found very useful for some very much needed college relaxation.

1 – Meditation. There is a reason why you keep hearing so much about this word.  Meditation isn’t just for middle-aged trend chasers. It can make you more relaxed and even more focused. You don’t have to join a religion or anything. Just merely focus on your breathing and allow your mind to slow down. I know, slow down…revolutionary concept.


2 – Karaoke Madness! It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad. Just go all out and the crowd will love you. I recommend cranking this routine up during midterms and finals. It’ll help you get the lead out, and can help your confidence too. Just stay away from “Don’t Stop Believing” and/or “With or Without You.” There’s enough of that.

3 – Staring at people on display at restaurants or gyms. I know it sounds crazy, but it can be just as relaxing as watching people on television. It’s interactive too, so try busting out interpretative dance moves, or just wiling out. You’re going to have to trust me on this one.

forrest gump running

4 – Go for a long walk, but one without any thought, or any care about where you’re walking or why. Just put one foot in front of the other.  Once in a while it’s good to have nothing propelling you but your feet and your will to move. The stress is only in your mind, and the best thing to do to forget about it is something purely physical, no mental effort involved. I have made quite a few friends during such walkabouts too.

5 – Streak through campus naked with a few of your friends. It might seem weird at first, but trust me, there is nothing better. Note: I recommend doing it completely sober, but most people have been known to do it a little bit drunk. Just be extra careful not to trip and fall. I’ll leave that one to the imagination.

6 – Throw a “Tear The Roof Off” house party! Make sure to remove almost all of your furniture so people have to dance, and turn down the lights so they can all just let loose. I also recommend a costume theme of sorts, ideally one that will lend itself to grand levels of absurdity. Come as your favorite cartoon character for instance.


7 – Insist on doing handstands before and immediately after class. I don’t give a stuff what you’re wearing. Just do it! You’ll thank me later.  Reason: sometimes it helps to just change your viewpoint, and the most literal way to do that is to physically turn your world upside down. See how you feel after.

8 – Spontaneous mid-day dance parties in the middle of  your college campus! You’ll look like a complete weirdo at first, but as long as you stay the course, people will get involved. Do it between classes while everyone is walking around for the most-desired effect. You can skip those classes where the professors just recite the textbook too.

soap box

9 – Giving speeches in the middle of your college campus about random stuff. Just whatever comes out of your mouth, and give others permission to do the same. You’d be surprised what comes off your chest during an impromptu public address. It will feel good to purge your thoughts, and hopefully everyone will appreciate it, and want to do the same.

10 – If all else fails, take a week off, and go on a road-trip. Get out into the woods, go hiking, water rafting, meet strange people in strange places, and take a few pictures, just to remind you that the world is a lot bigger than your College Campus. If you don’t have a car, I highly recommend Craigslist Rideshare. Pack lightly, and book a few couches along the way.

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