College Keggers: Understanding The Full Scope Of Host Liability

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For the majority of college students, parties are just another staple of life.  Every weekend, there is a kegger to be conquered, and most attendees think nothing of the possible negative consequences.  

When you choose to host a party, you automatically assume a long list of responsibilities.  The average college student has no idea of the possible consequences of hosting a party gone wrong.  

Though partying is a seemingly essential part of young life, there are safer ways to congregate.  Take a second to check out just what could happen if your celebratory kegger ends badly.  

Social host liability laws

Social host liability laws vary from state to state, but some states hold the host of a party liable for a whole slew of possible circumstances.  It is safer to understand the full scope of responsibility before you assume the role of host.  

In some states, if an intoxicated person leaves a party and kills someone, then the host of the party could be held liable for the wrongful death of that individual.  You could face some very serious charges.  

Spend time researching the social host liability laws in your state.  Educate yourself on what COULD happen, and avoid possibly making a life-altering mistake.

Supplying alcohol to minors

It is safe to assume that supplying alcohol to minors in any situation could lead to some negative legal consequences.  Just because you did not buy the beer specifically for a minor, the fact that they are allowed to drink under your hosting makes you liable for their actions.  

People tend to forget that college students are still underage for most of their college career if they are attending straight out of high school.  Checking IDs at the door is the best way to rule out any underage consumption penalties.

Your lease, landlord, and neighbors

Before the law ever gets involved with a party, there are an array of concerns to consider.  You should consider the rules and regulations laid out in your lease agreement before choosing to host a party.  Your landlord and your neighbors may not appreciate the noise and commotion stirred up by a bunch of drunk college students.  

A long list of possible charges

Here is just a short-long list of possible charges you could accrue if your celebratory kegger gets out of control.  

  • Noise violations can draw charges.
  • Disorderly conduct may apply if there is fighting.
  • Underage consumption and possession can be charged to the host.
  • DUI and other criminal charges could be filed if someone is involved in an accident after leaving your party.  
  • Civil lawsuits may arise if someone is injured at your party.

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