College Solutions: What to Do With All Your Stuff


College is a time of little personal space. As if being squeezed with another human being into a tiny dorm isn’t enough, you’re forced to share a bathroom with an entire house and you’re hardly ever alone. Despite the lack of personal space, college is a time filled with great fun. There is also a large dose of stress in there, but if you manage well and don’t procrastinate, everything should turn out fine and you’ll enjoy your time at university immensely.

During the years away at college, you learn to become a problem solver. You get yourself into a few too many predicaments that mean you have to think your way out creatively. Figuring out what to do with all of your stuff is no exception. When you have little room and a lot of stuff, here are some things you can consider doing:

Sell Everything

You may or may not have a lot of stuff going into college. It depends on how old you are and the life you’ve lived. If you do find that you’ve got a lot of belongings and no room to put anything in your tiny little dorm, you could consider selling everything that isn’t necessary to your life on campus for the next four years.

Maybe that means you sell your car. If you’re going to college in a tropical town, maybe that means you sell all of your snow gear. It will free up space and it will also put money into your pocketbook. If you think about, selling it now at a good price means that you’ll be able to buy something new later and it’s guaranteed to be in style.

Pack it Away

Most dorms come complete with a bed and a dresser for you to conveniently use. This means you don’t have to bring yours from home. Most dorms max out with beds and dressers so you obviously won’t have any space for your sofa or your wicked papasan. If this is the case and you don’t want to sell all of your stuff, just stick it in a safe place, like a storage unit. It might be cheaper than starting over a couple years down the road when you’ve graduated and have moved into a new place.

Force Others to Hold Onto It

If you have a nice bed, washer dryer system, sofa, or car that you aren’t willing to sell or put in storage, you could always offload it onto other people for the time being. If your parents are relatively close, force them to store it for you in their now empty house. You also might have friends that would be more than willing to take in your couch for a couple years.

Just make them promise to take good care of it…you could even lease your belongings to them for a little extra cash. You get the couch for $50 dollars a year, or something like that. It’s worth a shot, anyway.


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