College Student Ninja Kills Burglar With Sword

A Johns Hopkins University student from New Jersey killed a suspected burglar early Wednesday after the man allegedly broke into his off-campus apartment in Baltimore.  Police responded to the scene on East University Parkway around 1:20 a.m. and found the suspect with a severed hand and a severe cut to his upper body. Upon an initial investigation, police found the man was killed with one strike of the sword.

John Pontolillo – an undergraduate student from Wall, N.J. – said he heard suspicious noises and went downstairs armed with a sword to investigate. Pontiollio said when he found the man in his garage and threatened to call police the suspect lunged at him and threw him against the wall.

So in defense, Pontollio claims to have whipped out the sword and strike the suspect. According to police, the 49-year-old suspect whose hand was nearly cut off, died at the scene.

His neighbors are saying this story is like a scene out of Kill Bill.

I think we can all learn a couple important lessons in this from this experience.

1. Don’t get in a sword fight without a sword

2. Don’t rob ninjas.

The culprit/victims sister was interviewed and is trying to press charges on the John Hopkins student.  People are divided, some saying that he used excessive force in defense, some people say it was simply self-defense and he protected himelf.  Personally I say, if you’re gangster enough to bust out a sword to protect yourself, then good for you.  Just be fair, and put a “beware of ninja wielding sword” sign in your window.

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