College: The Last Time Life Is Like A Movie

With finals right around the corner and summer on the horizon, it may be time to take a minute and appreciate the cinematic and cyclical quality of life as a college student. High school and college classics like American Pie, Road Trip and Old School all generally have the same theme; a rising action that takes place during the regular semester/term, intensify in a social or academic manner (or both) as the end approaches and finally reach a climax that coincides with the unlikely guy getting the hot girl at prom. The underachiever also pulls off an upset to pass his finals and manages to stay in school, or some combination of both. These idealized versions of our high school and collegiate experiences may manage to tie up all lose ends in a tidy fashion. (unless there is a sequel) When you take a moment to think about it, they are actually not that far off.

Just like our Hollywood counterparts, the end of a reality-based semester forces us to confront some pressing questions and come to a resolution in one way or another. The Southern Belle that you were pursuing for months through prolonged and agonizing corporate finance study sessions is going back home to Atlanta for the summer….do or die time. The aforementioned corporate finance class stands between you, a solid GPA and better potential job or internship. Can you squeak out an 84 on the final, be the man and shove it in your loathed professor’s face? What about the kid who was mean-mugging you at the local bar all semester? Will shit hit the fan or will the beef be minced?

It is easy to see the parallels between life and art and we should really carve out a few minutes to understand this phenomenon. College is the last time our chapters are written for us as well as the last time our problems are contained within the confines of a quad, classroom or party. The real world is much different. There are no pre-determined vacations or breaks. You will soon see that the days, weeks, months and years seem to melt together without a hint of a rising action, climax or grand finale. This is a good or bad thing depending on who you ask. Anyway, take the time to reflect and savor the exciting collegiate lifestyle now because once summer and the beyond become a reality, we know the scene has wrapped.