You’ve got 99 problems and College is…97 of them.  We know the feeling and we’ve learned one thing from all our mistakes in College – laughing about them helps, and sometimes it’s the only thing you can do!  Here is a list of special problems one can only encounter in College:

Someone dumber than you peer edits your paper and makes “corrections.”  You now have to spend time un-doing the stupid.


You forgot to bring snacks to class on your day to bring snacks.


No one around you has an extra pen for you to borrow.


You didn’t save your paper, and your crappy computer has to shut down.


Your internet cuts out while you’re taking an important Test.  You’re now locked out of the Test.  It’s due in an hour.


You thought you had more money than you do and it’s time to pay for your sandwich.  The cashier is shooting daggers at your face.


You can’t find an answer for your project that ALL the students before you were able to find.


Your paper is too short and you have nothing else to say.


You made up a fact for a paper.  When you present it, your Professor gives you a weird look and says, “really!?”


You’re the only one who shouts out the wrong Test answer while your class is grading aloud together.


You’re in class.  You really have to fart.


You’re in class.  You really have to poo.


You’re in class.  You really have to shart.


The store ran out of your favorite flavored ramen noodles.


You got stuck with the class idiot for a big project.


The class idiot now wants to be your best friend.


You show someone a picture on your phone…they keep scrolling…to the most embarrassing pictures of you at last week’s party.


You’re getting ready for the night at your friend’s house and forgot your make up.  You now have to use your friend’s dollar store make up.


You don’t have enough quarters for your favorite vending machine coffee because you spent it all on laundry.


Class got out early.  You have nothing to do for an hour.


You got severely inebriated and bonded hardcore with a guy/girl.  You don’t remember, but they sure do and your best f*cking friends now.


You remember a guy/girl from a class you had together or party you went to, you smile and say “hi!” when you see them, they give you the awkward straight-line grin like “I have no clue who you are and am offended you’re greeting me.”


People are getting it on in the same bed you’re on/your bed.


Your friend wants to wear the same shirt you wanted to wear tonight.


You just pooped in a public bathroom; someone is waiting for your stall.  You walk out and try to wash your hands quickly to leave but they’re already out of the stall.  You now have to pretend you don’t both know what horror just happened.


You buy all your friend’s drinks because they’re broke and they say they’ll get yours “next time.”  It is now “next time,” and they have no intentions of buying you drinks.


You are less drunk than all of your friends and have to be the responsible one.


Your textbook cost an arm and a leg so you think you’ll get a decent amount back.  They can’t buy it back.


Taking a Test and 80% of the questions were not on the study guide.


In Math class, you’ve got everything down except for oooone formula.  Your final is like…all questions involving that formula.


You live too close to Campus to drive, but are too unmotivated to walk.


Buying a textbook for class you open ONCE.

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