By: Ashley-Lynn Goldstein (George Washington University)

We all know finals week is the worst week of the semester. It’s full of stress, anxiety and feelings of just wanting to give up and drop out of school all together. Finally, many universities are catching on and are implementing de-stress programs for their students, and if your school doesn’t have these programs these are things you can even do on your own!

Midnight Breakfasts: I know my school had this. It’s a free breakfast at midnight where students studying late can take a break and refuel. Its something students at my school look forward to and is a nice way to relax a little. School doesn’t do it? What about buying frozen waffles or pancake mix and taking a break with friends at 12 to make your own midnight breakfast?

Yoga Classes: Something else my school offers, free yoga classes for students during finals week. Yoga is a great way to distress and balance. Your School doesn’t do it? Log onto itunes and download a free yoga podcast and do it in your room.

Midnight Scream: Davidson College does an event where every student screams out of their window at a particular time. Personally, I think that sounds awesome and just what I need during Finals Week.

Now for the best off all. UNC’s Flash Rave! Take a look: