Colleges Teaching Programming on a Higher Scale

Hanging around college campuses used to involve jocks, beer and clandestine trips to the sorority house, but now there’s another reason to hang around the college campus: Nerds. Nerds, geeks, and programming gurus are the new face of college campuses, and are considered the new cool. In response, colleges are teaching programming on a higher scale, including how to code for mobile devices like the iPhone, as well as coding for simple everyday tasks, like blogs and contact forms.

Let’s face it. This fad called the internet seems to be here to stay, and if one wants their political viewpoint, business, or lucrative hobby heard, then a web site is a necessity, even outranking social media outlets when it comes to legitimizing one’s passion, even in a world where nearly everyone can have a free blog. A web site or mobile application (app) sets people and businesses apart, and it is a place on the internet where people can directly interface with another business, political group, or individual. And with 46,061,532 websites worldwide (according to Domain Worldwide), there’s a ton of websites out there, and the difference between page views can be the ease of use, visual appeal, as well as good content. Proper programming is fast becoming a staple skill for nearly everyone, and it is worth considering some programming classes at a college. Here are some classes that are in demand for people of all skill levels, and remember, there are many coding classes online.

  1. Building a Simple, Responsive Web Site:

Web sites range from database driven dynamic pages to simple web sites, but no matter what kind of needed web site, it needs to work on several types of devices: Cell Phones, tablets, computers, and many different internet browsers. If a web site does not respond well to the user’s device requirements, then the legitimacy of the information delivered comes into question.

  1. Blogging Software, like WordPress

Extensive CSS and HTML knowledge is desirable, but not a requirement with blog software like WordPress. Coding is easy when there is excellent documentation, and with some of the free software out there, one can get by with some solid coding foundation and concentrate on content.

  1. Mobile Applications with iPhone and Android Devices

Nothing says professional like an application that represents a business or other special interest. Coding an application says that a business is serious about being in business and caters to the millions of mobile devices in use today. “There’s an app for that” has become more than just a glib statement; it has become a unique expression for many businesses, individuals and special interests and sometimes the only way they can reach out to their target audience.

Coding is here to stay, and no matter what is being represented, education keeps pace with what is relevant. Colleges and other learning institutions are keeping pace by offering programming to more people, not just nerds, geeks and gurus.

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