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Gym commitment

With the new year comes new year’s resolutions – college students across the country are setting goals for themselves in a desperate attempt to create a positive change in their lives. Some are vowing to study more, some to party more, some to hold out for love, some to get laid on a weekly/daily basis. The eternal optimists are resolving to become better versions of themselves by going to the gym and getting in great shape for Spring Break (in turn, guaranteeing they will fulfill their goal of getting laid more as well). Well, there are a few things you should know, eternal optimists. Going to the gym once every few weeks isn’t going to do much more than burn off that CPK Pizza you just devoured. It takes commitment. Getting in shape is going to take time and effort on your part. If you want to get fit, consider yourself “in a relationship” with your gym.


Get to Know it Before You Expect it to Put Out

You aren’t going to see your desired results instantaneously. Give your relationship with the gym a little time before you start expecting things from it. Allow for some experimentation – try every machine out and see which ones work best for you. Some machines won’t feel right, some will. Just be open minded and give everything a shot.

You Have to Invest Time into the Relationship

You wouldn’t reserve a mere 30 minutes every other day for your significant other, would you? Sure, things can get done in 30 minutes… twice, in some cases… but that’s hardly satisfying. Try to spend quality time with your gym. You may think you’re too busy, but most college gyms stay open late. Don’t try to blame your busy TV schedule – you can always find your shows online the next day. And no one has classes for 12 straight hours. There are no good excuses.

Try Not to be the Jealous Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Accept that you do have to share the gym with a large quantity of your peers. Sure, the gym may be better to them than it is to you – some may see results faster than you. Don’t get discouraged. Focus on your connection with the gym. It will put as much into the relationship as you do. Just give it time, and you will see results.

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Don’t be Afraid to Seek Couple’s Counseling

If you find yourself putting in the time and effort and the gym still isn’t putting out as much as you had hoped, don’t be afraid to seek guidance. Bringing a third member into the relationship can be an exciting change. Find a trainer, or maybe bring a gym buddy who can help push you farther. A little ménage a trios may be exactly what you need to spice things up.


Considering yourself in a committed relationship with your gym can help make your optimistic new year’s resolutions become a reality. Just be prepared; once you have your sexy new gym body, there’ll be lines of people hoping to do a little late-night cardio with you. Embrace the change… the gym won’t mind if you cheat every once in a while.

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