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It’s been almost one month since our fiery red-headed friend succeeded Jay Leno’s Tonight Show throne, and things don’t really seem to be going his way. Last week, David Letterman’s The Late Show, drew more viewers than The Tonight Show for the first time in five years. Letterman commanded the attention of approximately 3.5 million viewers, while 3.3 million tuned in to Conan. Below, we weigh the pros and cons of each comic in an effort to determine who really deserves to be crowned the king of late-night TV.


Conan O’Brien


–  Consistently mocks his own paleness

–  Works nightly with hilarious, overweight sidekick Andy Richter

–  Got wasted on live television with Martha Stewart on St. Patrick’s Day

–  Featured Will Ferrell as first Tonight Show guest and Ferrell entered on a throne carried by four half-naked Egyptian dudes.

–  Schedules regular appearances by Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, he Interrupter, The Masturbating Bear, and his own Spanish alter-ego Conando

–  Has had everyone from Snoop Dogg to Alec Baldwin contribute to his “In the Year 2000” sketch

–  Consistently delivers Classic segments including a tribute to old time baseball and his coverage of the 2005 transit strike.


Transit Strike:


–  Overly dramatic facial expressions and poofy hair

–  Resemblance to Wendy, the freckled, redheaded face of the fast food conglomerate

–  Still new to the 11:30 pm late night scene, so he is adjusting to a steep learning curve

David Letterman


–  Shows little remorse for calling Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin a slut

–  Video montages like “Great Moments in Presidential Speeches”

–  Cute, little, bald Paul Shaffer as a sidekick

–  Stupid Pet Tricks/Stupid Human Tricks

–  16-year feud with Oprah

Stupid Pet Tricks:


–  Tendency to make corny jokes

–  Painfully unfunny Top 10 Lists

–  Gets flack for going off on political rants

–  Enough of the Rupert Jee Hello-Deli segment

–  As adorable as Paul Schaffer may be, his voice tends to give listeners a rash if exposed to for lengthy periods of time

–  Semi-distracting Michael Strahan-esque gap between his teeth, seriously the dude could floss with sailboat rope

So there you have it, but our list is not exhaustive and this issue is certainly a matter of opinion.  Tune into the late night war between Conan and Letterman and let us know on the poll post at the top of the article which funnyman has earned the right to be the last face you see before you call it a night.

– Lindsay Silberman

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