I have attended many concerts while here in Austin ((and even before that), but after watching Cage the Elephant at Austin City Limits this past weekend, I realize there is a lot to effort involved in actually coming out of a concert without being hurt. From crowd surfers, to people pushing, and mosh-pits, things can get dangerous if you don’t know how to handle yourself.  These are just a few tips to enjoy a concert to its full potential.

1. Concert Survival: Dress Comfortably

Dressing the part of a good audience member is a big part of it. Girls, you don’t want to wear a dress if you plan on going to a rock concert because chances are you will get felt up by some drunk. Also don’t go wearing sandals. This is the mistake I made when I went to see Cage the Elephant. Throughout the weekend everyone was pretty chill about just enjoying the sets, but this band brought out the animals in the audience, leaving my feet, along with many others’ feet, bruised. It is as easy as a T-shirt, shorts and canvas shoes.

2. Concert Survival: Stay Hydrated

concert hydration

This is a big one. If you fully want to enjoy a concert you might not want to be that audience member that passes out before a headliner even goes on. Most venues provide free water, so you might as well take advantage of it. Jack Daniels and Coke in your water bottle doesn’t exactly count as staying hydrated either.

3. Concert Survival: Don’t Be Pissed That You Aren’t Closer


If you want to be in the front for a concert get there early. No one likes to hear the people saying how this is their favorite band and they will die if they don’t see them. Everyone else paid for their tickets too, so that means they probably want to be as close to the stage as you do. These people don’t know you so they won’t feel any sympathy for you. Camp out before, and entertain yourself while you wait, or just accept the place you have.

4. Concert Survival: Don’t Bring Friend That Complains About Everything

It will definitely hinder your good time at the concert because that is all you will be hearing the whole time. “It smells like sweat,” “I am getting pushed,” and “I can’t see” are the top three things you will hear throughout the night. If you came to a concert, and expected to not get pushed, then it must be your first concert.

5. Concert Survival: Keep Your Head Up…Literally

concert 3

If the concert you go to gets rowdy enough, crowd surfing will happen. This is when paying too much attention to the band could end with you having a headache for the rest of the night. If you are in the middle or the front then it is important that you keep an eye out for these people. Also keep on the lookout for emerging mosh pits. These happen on the drop of a dime, so if you don’t look out for them then you will get caught in one.

If you follow these tips, then you are sure to have great concert experience.

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