Cosmic Opera and Axwell Deliver at Hammerstein in NYC

cosmic opera

 cosmic opera

Frequent Campus Socialite visitor? Then you may have heard us clamoring on about brand new Electro show and sensory experience, Cosmic Opera. Cosmic Opera premiered last night at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, and the entirety of Campus Socialite Media was in attendance. Spoiler alert: they killed it.

For those unfamiliar with the concept behind the show, check out this Cosmic Opera article from a few months ago. Just to brush you up, the event is meant to be a mix of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and an actual Opera. This means huge Electro performers like Axwell of Swedish House Mafia, a circus style performance troupe of dancers and acrobats, all set in acts. The concept is revolutionary and is meant to change the face of the EDM experience, now that the movement has truly become mainstream. An homage perhaps to the festivals of the 60’s, back when music was something to see and feel.


As planned, the show premiered last night at legendary Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City to a crowd in the thousands. No I.D. and German DJ, Deniz Koyu  opened up for Axwell as the two mysterious opening acts that Cosmic Opera had alluded to. No I.D. took the 1st act and Koyu took the 2nd. Clearly however, the focus was on Axwell, one of the biggest names in Electro and Cosmic Opera’s ace in the hole. After Koyu’s performance faded out, Axwell was revealed in a DJ booth modeled after a pipe organ for the 3rd act. The crowd went wild.

Axwell’s performance lasted a good 2 hours, and neither he or the crowd ever seemed to lose even a little bit of steam. The performance artists went into the crowd, dancing with audience members and even made conversation about the performance. Personally, I think this took away from the larger-than-life aesthetic nature of the performance, but it was a nice touch, especially for a first show. Axwell even performed Swedish House Mafia’s unreleased “Greyhound,” sending vetaran audience members into a frenzy. Video below.


The thing I’ll say honestly about the performance is that it left me wanting more. That is not to say it wasn’t great. The music was amazing and the crowd was going crazy, the two most important elements of any EDM performance. As for the glitz and the glam, it felt less like the sensory explosion I was promised and more like a work in progress. However, what was immediately apparent is that Cosmic Opera is nowhere near its maximum potential, and the possibilities for what this show can do are endless. Getting it perfect may take some time, but if I had to make a bet, I’d say 6 months from now people are walking out of the arena, barely able to stand. The word “more” won’t even be in the backs of their throats.

swedish house

Fans have another chance to see Cosmic Opera tonight; same place, same time. Unfortunately, the show is sold out, but for all of our local readers who know how to spot a good thing, we know you got your tickets months ago. Hope Axwell got some beauty sleep because topping last night will be tough. As for Cosmic Opera, we predict tonight will be even more polished. Same for next performance and the performance after. Keep killing it.



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