Breaking News: Axwell Is DJing Cosmic Opera. Huge As Promised

cosmic opera

The whole web has been buzzing since last week about Cosmic Opera, what’s being touted as the next big thing in music experience. Nobody knows anything really, but as of just now, we know a little piece of information you may not. They promised a huge DJ and they delivered because the New York Times and Rolling Stone just announced that Axwell of Swedish House Mafia will be the DJ at Hammerstein Ballroom. Wouldn’t expect any less.


If you don’t know Axwell or Swedish House Mafia, it’s time to get educated. You can’t walk into a club these days and not hear “Save The World Tonight” before your 2nd Jack and coke. Axwell is one of the biggest acts in the business, and by attaching his name, and paying his price,  Cosmic Opera is staking a claim as one of the biggest events of the DJ era.

Come back for updates because we have a feeling they’re going to be rolling out all day and check out the Cosmic Opera trailer right below. Get your popcorn ready. Tickets on sale Tuesday at 10 AM. It’s going to be huge.


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