Crazy Pictures From The Joe Paterno, Penn State Riot Scene. This Has Gotten Real


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Late last night, the news everyone was expecting finally broke. Joe Paterno, Penn State’s beloved Football coach and pillar personality in State College, PA was fired from a post he’s held for 45 years. Paterno was found to have known about a rape incident involving Jerry Sandusky, back in 2002, and went to his superiors instead of the police, who hid the crime from authorities and are now being indicted. Joe Pa isn’t criminally liable but Penn State has made the decision to let him go, early in the walk year of his contract.

You have to talk to someone at Penn State to really understand how much Joe Pa means to those students. Or better yet, just turn on the news. State College is in full-out riot mode, with thousands of students pouring out into the streets to show support for their coach. If you want my opinion, read my Joe Pa article, but today’s focus is on just how insane things have gotten at Penn State. Below are a few pictures taken by one of our Campus Socialite Ambassadors on campus. Needless to say, Shit Has Gotten Real!

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penn state

penn state

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