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By: Tim Owen (PSU)

Strap on those dance shoes, chug a case of 5-hour energy drinks, and smash the piggy banks open!  It’s time for THON-2010! Beginning today, February 19, at 6 pm, Penn State will present the world’s largest student-organized fundraiser.  Hosts of the event anticipate an encore of 2009’s record-setting mark of $7.49 million!

THON (Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance Marathon), a 46-hour dance marthon, is not your normal “run-of-the-mill” charity event.  Forget selling candy bars door-to door or those useless coupon books.  They can’t compare.

The only comparison to be made is if those bell-ringing Santa Clauses strapped on a pair of John Travolta platforms and smacked a few hits of “X.”  And that still won’t match the passion.

These Penn Staters aren’t relying on disco biscuits to keep on dancing.  Just the sheer satisfaction of helping the kids is enough.  All proceeds of this fundraiser are donated to The Four Diamonds Fund, a charity for pediatric cancer.

THON, which began in 1973, will last all weekend long – concluding at 4 pm on Sunday, February 21.  Dancers are expected to boogie – without sleep – the entire time.  Various bands, motivational speakers, and other energetic forms of entertainment will be available to complement the participants.

Show your support this weekend; stop by the Bryce Jordan Center any time!  The party never stops!  Donations can be made on site or at

For all the other Campus Socialites, check out the website and help out!  It’s all for a great cause!  Updates on this year’s iconic milestones will also be available on the Campus Socialite once the weekend sounds off.  Let’s get it started!

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