The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Pre-Screening, Only At Exclusive Theaters

Since The Dark Knight, I’ve been waiting for Dark Knight Rises, and today they’ve come out with something really exciting: there’s going to be an advanced screening of the Dark Knight Rises – Prologue. We waited patiently on Operation Early Bird until at 1:00 p.m. today the website changed into a map with the location of certain theaters that are going to have the advanced screening, and to buy tickets for it.

What is this prologue going to be of? It’s going to be the opening of Dark Knight Rises, which is going to be playing at the beginning of Mission Impossible 4. Now that they’re just showing the prologue at a few select theaters though, you won’t have to pay to see Tom Cruise’s newest attempt to stay relevant. Since this is going to be Christopher Nolan’s last installment of his Batman Trilogy, it’s a little bittersweet, but it makes up for all of those nipple-suits in the earlier Batman movies. The only thing I’m hoping that they get rid of? Christian Bale’s Batman voice that sounds like they threw gravel and a cell phone into a blender.


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