Darrell Hammond’s 7 Best Crack-Induced Impersonations

By now I’m sure you heard that the great impersonator and 14-year SNL cast member Darrell Hammond has released a tell-all memoir that addresses his chronic alcoholism, his desire to cut himself just to feel the pain of being alive, and best of all – his battle with crack addiction. Random, I know. But we support Darrell, if not only because he does the best impressions ever. Here are 7 of his greatest.


Bill Clinton

The obvious first choice here is Hammond’s spot-on impersonation of Bill Clinton. Hell, the guy even played Clinton alongside Clinton at the 1997 Radio-TV Correspondents Dinner. Darrell joine SNL in 1995, giving him 5 good years of in-office parodying, sexual scandals, saxophone playing, and a few extra years to imitate him while Hillary Clinton was still a big deal.


Donald Trump

Let’s be honest – The Donald is cannon fodder for comedians. Every comedian and satirist has their own version, but no one trumps Hammond’s Trump (no pun intended). The wig is flawlessly retarded, the eyebrows are all thick and serious, and he even has the weird duck-style lip movements down pat.


John McCain

Hammond does the McCain mannerisms so well that he can single-handedly carry all of those 2004 election skits without the help of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Don’t get me wrong, Tina does an amazing Palin, but you can tell that Darrell studied the fuck out of McCain. I laugh just watching him move his arms like a robot.


Dick Cheney

Since Darrell did McCain, it only makes sense that he’d do Cheney, too. Actually, isn’t it strange that Darrell Hammond can basically play any politician or pundit? Most of this list consists of those types of folks, so I think it’s safe to assume that’s his specialty…that and crack cocaine. Too soon? He does the creepiest Cheney, though.


Chris Matthews

See what I mean? Political pundit and CNN Crossfire host Chris Matthews was another one of Hammond’s star characters. He yelled nonsense at all of his guests and it became a great vehicle for satirizing the liberal media (don’t get me wrong, SNL parodies the right wing just as much, if not more).


Jesse Jackson

Ahhh yes, the single most offensive impersonation that Darrell Hammond has ever done, and quite possibly the most completely tasteless parody that has ever been on Saturday Night Live…ever. And that’s probably why I love it so much. Besides, if Kenan approves then it must be okay.


Sean Connery

Like you really thought I’d do this list without putting Darrell Hammond’s most famous character on here? Celebrity Jeopardy’s Sean Connery is easily the most quoted SNL character ever. He fucks with Trebek, purposely messes up category names, and ruins final jeopardy every time, without fail. I could put every last Celebrity Jeopardy on here (there’s maybe one time that the skit didn’t star Hammond’s Connery), but that’d take too long…look them up yourself.

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