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Running as a sport is pretty lame. Hitting a 100 mph fastball, or sacking an NFL quarterback – Those are things I can’t do. But running around in circles? I used to do that in gym class all the time. So what if you could do it better and faster than I can? Pat yourself on the back. You know how to perform one of the most basic human actions…extra fast. Dean Karnazes however, is sorta the man. Just today, Dean arrived in Manhattan after starting a marathon in Los Angeles. For those who haven’t taken Geography, that’s one side of the United States to the other. Upon arriving, his first order of business was to be interviewed by Regis and Kelly. Why else does anyone come to New York?

dean karnzes on regis and kelly

In case you are wondering, the distance from Los Angeles to Regis and Kelly is 2954.85 miles. According to (A website that’s existence I take no pleasure in knowing of), Dean did it in an impressive 74 days. That’s 73 days longer than if he flew first-class like normal people. 74 days longer than if he was teleported there instantaneously. I’m not sure how long it took Forrest Gump, but Karnazes is the new record holder.

Dean is a whopping 48-years-old, and undoubtedly in a hell of a lot better shape than all you 22-year-olds. His reason for doing the run was to promote fitness for young people. How running across America makes America more fitness-conscious is unclear. After all, we’re all sitting on our chairs reading about him on the internet. It is worth noting though that a man was able to accomplish such a crazy test of endurance. It’s also nice to know you can be a celebrity just by being in ridiculous shape, and having a lot of time on your hands.

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This isn’t Karnazes first taste of glory either. In 2006, Dean embarked on a journey to run 50 different marathons over the course of 50 days, and in 50 different states. The 50th marathon was the most famous, New York City Marathon. Since marathon scheduling is not that convenient, only a few of the marathons were actually ran on the day of the live event. When Karnazes couldn’t actually compete, he would team up with the race director, and complete the certified course on a different day than everyone else. Pretty wild. Afterwards, Dean planned on running home from NYC to San Francisco but decided to stop in Missouri. What a pussy! We won’t hold him against though. Today, 5 years later, Karnazes has finally completed his coast to coast goal.

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