Dennis Rodman Throws His Hat Into The Women’s Topless Basketball Ring

Batman vs. the Joker, Happy Gilmore vs. Shooter Mcgavin, Stone Cold vs. the Rock and Dexter vs. the Trinity Killer are just a few examples of classic rivals facing off in our life time. Get ready to add another to the list; Dennis Rodman vs. Rick Cabaret. Dennis Rodman will be selecting strippers from the Headquarters Gentleman Club in New York City to form a team to compete against Rick Cabaret’s strip joint. Though this is not just any team he is organizing. He is creating a squad consisting of topless strippers to play 5 on 5 in a charity basketball game. This probably is not what you had in mind in terms of epic showdowns, but nevertheless, it should be highly entertaining. Like the Jersey Shore you will tune in, you will watch, and then judgmentally stare at your reflection in the mirror.

It may surprise you that Rodman has never been known for his class and this one sure isn’t helping his image. But do you really think at this point in his career Rodman cares anymore what people think of him than when he was putting leopard spots in his hair for NBA games? Let’s at least give him some credit for being an entrepreneur, glorified pimp, and yes, head coach.

While disturbing, it’s to be expected from none other than Dennis Rodman. If any other athlete was holding tryouts for a topless basketball team we would frown or be disgusted. Rodman though is in his own league in terms of weirdness. This is the same man also known for wearing a wedding dress, hairstyles with more colors than a Crayola Box, and having more body piercings than the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (very good movie by the way if you haven’t seen it.)

If Dennis Rodman is actually going through with this idea, which we highly endorse if for no reason other than pure amusement, we have a couple of suggestions to spice this event up even more:

  1. If the girls would like a familiar face in the crowd, invite porn star Ron Jeremy. If he can’t make the event, settle for Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy.
  2. If Lebron James is in attendance, the girls can only play for 3 quarters because Lebron won’t show up for a 4th.
  3. Kim Kardashian can definitely arrive with any man of her choosing, but if Kris Humphries shows up, he better be prepared for boos.
  4. Lastly Walt Clyde Frazier should announce the telecast calling the girls prolific, effervescent, and of course, moving and grooving.

We were starting to miss hearing Dennis Rodman’s name in the news, so it’s nice to have him back in the ex-athlete soap opera. Stories involving crazy athletes such as Mike Tyson, Metta World Peace (the artist formerly known as Ron Artest) and of course Dennis Rodman are headlines here at Campus Socialite we dream of coming up with and cannot avoid discussing. For that we are eternally grateful and hopefully you are too.

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