Dexter, what have you gotten yourself into? Now that Lumen is all cleaned up and looking as good as Julia Stiles possibly can, she’s thinking about taking vengeance on her captors and rapists. Dexter, in a strange hypocritical position, tries to tell her that it isn’t a good idea; that she should just go home and try to forget it ever happened. He’s dealt with similar characters enough before to know that turning to murder can become most peoples’ downfalls, and he doesn’t want to be the one who has to kill Lumen. How unusual for him.

He goes back to Boyd’s house (once again in the daylight) to see what he can dig up, and finds out that Lumen was already there, and left plenty of evidence behind. When he stops by her motel room, he finds that she’s been building a conspiracy wall of all possible suspects…just like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind. He stays a step ahead of her just long enough to find out that she’s hunting down an innocent man who used to be Boyd’s cellmate.

After diverting her attempt to kill an innocent pedophile, Dex convinces Lumen to go back to Minnesota. But she freaks out when she gets frisked at the airport, and apparently doesn’t leave, according to the preview for next week’s episode (which shows some potential close calls for both Lumen and Dexter). Unfortunately, even if she does take to murder, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to end up on Dex’s table, because she’s become part of his healing process. It started out that he needed to kill to get over Rita, but now it seems as if he wants to cure Lumen’s pain in an attempt to possibly cure his own. She is the first confidant that represents both parts of Dexter: He had Rita, who not only represented, but also helped to create, the loving father Dexter Morgan. And he had both Lila and Miguel, who both became the personification of his dark passenger, and then paid the price for their inability to balance the evil with some good. He is attempting to keep her from becoming enveloped in the darkness. So fatherly of him.

Deb stumbles across more on the Santa Muerte killings: The kid who got his throat cut drew an all-seeing eye, a symbol that he saw on Fuente’s hand. When she goes to investigate another possible victim, she finds what might have been the two brothers’ (there are supposed to be TWO of them, right?) first kills…right across the street from a nightclub bearing the same symbol. Wow. Like there aren’t a million things that have the all-seeing eye as their symbol? It’s literally one of the most universally understood symbols on the planet. It’s been around for thousands of years. So what’s the chance that she can deduce it down to this one nightclub, and that it was a stamp, not a tattoo. At least in there we got a view of some of most grotesquely rotted bodies we’ve seen so far on Dexter. Maggots…delish!

Last and most definitely least, there’s Batista. The hot-headed Cuban busts in a door, thinking that Maria was cheating, only to find that she was participating in a sting. The whole situation was kind of confusing, though. I thought I heard that they arrested a narcotics officer, which would make sense given his affiliation with Quinn later on. But wouldn’t he know who LaGuerta was? And why would they be busting a corrupt NARC for prostitution? Whatever, I give up on them.

But more about Quinn. In order to dig deeper, he shows up at Dexter’s house to chill with Deb and points out that it’s a little too hot for leather gloves. They’re his driving gloves, dumbass…obviously. Then he enlists the help of that guy who was in the sting to follow the serial killer around. Not a good idea Quinny. That’s a sure way to get the guy killed. And after Dexter finds out who sent him, he’s going to come after you. That can’t happen soon enough. Hopefully Dexter kills someone in the next episode because my dark passenger needs a fix.

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