Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

In the past, E3 has often boasted the release of new video game consoles, but with no new consoles currently on the market, this year was a bit of a different event. Yes, there were plenty of new games to hear about and look forward to, but what was really the talk of E3 2016 was virtual reality. And yes, it seems that E3 has established that VR is the future of the gaming industry.

Gamers are always looking to try the next big thing. That’s why they’re so quick to buy the newest consoles and invest in the expensive computers made for the gaming experience. Heck, they’ll even pay extra just to be one of the first ones to get a game on the day it’s released.

Therefore, gamers should be psyched about virtual reality becoming more and more popular in the gaming industry.

How Did They Do It?

Well, if you were lucky enough to attend E3 2016, then you saw all of the VR games that are currently in the works. Many of them are big names in the gaming industry. This includes Resident Evil, Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Final Fantasy, and Doom.

Virtual reality is so popular because players feel like they are actually part of the game.

Just imagine being inside the Millennium Falcon. Then, pretend that you’re actually battling the zombies in Raccoon City. It’s a more intense gaming scenario, and people love it.

The Future

This year, many people wondered if E3 was even relevant or important to the gaming industry. Furthermore, they wondered if the conference could shine some light on the future. Questions about relevance were due to a number of missing game companies, as the conference focused on hosting larger companies.

Overall, the gaming industry needs companies that will put out high quality games that people love. Competition is high, and stepping into the future of VR may help small businesses/gaming companies in the coming years.

Until these new games and VR systems hit the shelves, there’s really no way to know how the general public will respond. However, it seems that the gaming companies are banking on VR being wildly successful.

It certainly helps that big names like Resident Evil, Fallout, and Final Fantasy are hopping on the bandwagon.

Will you?

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